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Oh no, your help would be very appreciated and if you want, you could help me improve my ideas for the story (that would end up for you getting spoiled tho and it would pretty much come out as as collaborative effort, but that is if you want). Or maybe we'll just make a collaborated story some other time (your choice).

Also thanks for willingly volunteering. It's rare for me to find such people these days xD

Wait MLP Forums? How to write there? (I'm being an ignorant fool right now xD)

Yes I believe you have to give me a password or something like that. I don't know if there's a private chat in this website for us to PM each other (idk... I'm thinking Discord?)

Ill try my best to help but not to influence too much on your story!

Im game! I just posted mine and waiting for approval...i actually wrote it at mlp forums first because...well it's easier there haha. It has 8 short parts and i only just put 3 here so itll have that 1000 limit of words.... I have no idea how to show it to you like should i give you a password or something....

Oh umm... don't mind the title for now. It will reveal itself why it's like that as the story goes on.

Ohhh... That post (okay now I remember). Oh my story got approved the day after I finished the first chapter.

No I think there's like a way for us to collab where I can like give you access to the story before it gets published or something (the settings is like in the story), but I don't exactly know how it works but maybe we can figure it out together or I could just ask some other dudes.

Also thanks for checking my story out and for the favourite!

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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