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Love is in the air on Hearts and Hooves Day, and Starlight Glimmers knows exactly who she wants to spend it with. Now if only she can gather enough courage to confess to her best friend.

Cover art by the great and powerful okaces.

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Daww! I've never read this ship before, but I totally agree with it! I felt like this story was well delivered, and the character structure was pretty good. Great job on this dude/dudette! Keep up the good work! Everyone's favorite Derp horse ~:derpyderp2:

Why do I feel that Starlight and Trixie are rough fully making out on the Cutie Map table?

7970657 That's a story for another day, mon ami. :derpytongue2:

You seem to like writing about characters I don't tend to enjoy lol. But this was an enjoyable read. A cute little excursion, interesting seeing Starlight all awkward and unsure of herself and acting like a fool. She usually looks so sure of herself and smug. Interesting to see her like this. Also loved the bits with Spike and Twilight in the beginning. Spike is a little savage, gotta love him for that. Another nice read by you. There were a lot of dialogue interruptions/descriptors. Some of them just felt a little awkward, I'm not sure how to describe it. The descrptions given were nice, but I guess the way they interjected felt a little off. Either way, a nice cute short read.

What a lovely couple those two are.

Loved this story! It was hilariously cute and Starlight fumbling over herself in the confession, she couldn't have done a better job of messing it up. I really enjoyed how you ended this story too. The beautiful failure of a date that they had gone on would have been quite the thing to see. :)

Well that was pretty adorable. I loved extremely nervous Starlight, you wrote her really well, and I could easily imagine her being as awkward as you had her here. Nice job!

Starlight patted Twilight's shoulder with a sympathetic hoof. "Hey, it was my fault our friendship almost got destroyed. I vowed to never even come close to losing her again after that."

How was it her fault?

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