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Aaaaaand we're done

I like it. It's got character, it's got style, it's got personality. That's not something a lot of stories have. For that, have an up-vote and a favorite. I look forward to more.

I absolutely love all these starlight and trixie minifics

Whether you should live or die.


To cute, something I havent heard or read in a very long time. And so a Trixie thing she would say.

"I'm no Princess Twilight."

Starlight gulped. "Don't you think I know what?"

Is that intentional or was it meant to be 'that'

 from her pocket. "I want you to try that."


Trixie eating that peanut butter cup was hot stuff.

There was one more thing but alas I cant find it.
This was adorable.

The two bipedal bottles of estrogen

Goddammit skirts.

Anyway, nice work. Cute, sweet, funny.

Comment posted by twidash1993 deleted Oct 8th, 2017

That was adorable!

AWWWWW that was far too adorable! I want more!

Starlight inhaled sharply, eyes tearing. It was all she could do to keep from outright sobbing as her eyes trailed the limp string trailing between her and the collapsed kite.

Nooo, not the kites! :raritydespair:

Heh. Oh, I can't decide; whether you should live or die~

Cute story.
I think there was a name switch here though.

"Hmmmmmmmmm..." Trixie nuzzled her pillow, smiling even more. "Which is cuter."

Definitely a very cute story. Enjoy the up vote and favorite from me.

"I dunno. Sunset said this world's Pinkie Pie could 'show me' sometime. Something to do with needles." 

Y'know, when the entire story is one long parade of adorable, moments like this are even more jarring.

I'm just happy the only mention of Pinkie was in regards to diabetes, not strapping anyone to a table for Cupcakes-style horror.

Because when I saw the story title:


Haven't read it yet, but...
Trixie meets Trixie?
Hopefully that's in there - it'd likely be quite funny.

EDIT: read it, and no Trix-Trix meetings. Aww. Oh well, it's still a touching story, and definitely one I would recommend to Starlight/Trixie fans.

"Slowly!" Starlight insisted, pointing. "Trust me. You'll get knocked out."

Voice of experience?

Okay, with human Pinkie's dietary habits, I really hope she doesn't have diabetes. I have a diabetic uncle who believed that he could eat anything he wanted as long as he upped his insulin dosage to match. Suffice to say, for a while, it looked like I might not have that uncle for much longer, and it's still pretty touch-and-go. :fluttershyouch:

Aside from my concern over Pinkie's pancreas, this was a lovely pile of adorableness. I love seeing more characters visit the other side of the mirror, and Trixie's blend of arrogance and insecurity works perfectly with adapting to a strange new body. Thank you for this.

Author Interviewer

The two bipedal bottles of estrogen

You've stopped being able to identify people as such, haven't you?

This is too much. XD I feel like it was written just for me. Thank you!

"...humans have a really... really unpleasant history with civilizations and 'superiority' complexes.

For more details, visit your local police station. Ask for either the guy in the white pointy sheet or the one with the bald shaved head and weird crisscross-y symbol on his armband. Or just look it up online. Either way, prepare to get REALLY depressed.

"...in desperate need for the fossil fuels that sustain them!" Starlight explained. "Which is why humans are hesitant to switch to a different source of energy!"

"Yes, but if the byproducts are scientifically proven to be warming up their entire globe, then why not switch sooner—?"

Because we're dumb. Dumb, greedy, apathetic, complacent.... I'm gonna stop now.

This was diabetes inducing, and I demand more of it

"Besides..." Starlight tapped her chin. "Humans stand the risk of several cumbersome ailments if they indulge too much. Sunset was trying to explain it to me... something called 'diabetes.'"

"Trixie doesn't like the sound of that. What's it like?"

"I dunno. Sunset said this world's Pinkie Pie could 'show me' sometime. Something to do with needles." Clearing her throat, Starlight looked up. "You see... it's totally okay to be confused."

You know, I'm kinda surprised nobody else has made that joke already.

"Hrmmmfff..." Trixie smiled awkwardly, likewise wriggling to undo the collapsed calamity. "This is what happens when you give monkeys a wrench."

"Hahaha..." Starlight laughed lightly. "Stop calling them monkeys!"

Hm. Racist. Also, monkeys, Trixie? Who are you, Freeza?


You know, I'm kinda surprised nobody else has made that joke already.

Oh, it's been made. If you search 'diabetes' here, there are three pages of results, and the first has 5 stories about Pinkie with diabetes.

:flutterrage: Just kiss already!!!

There's a pretty well-known story called Bittersweet where Pinkie gets diabetes and dies. It was written before FimFiction was a thing.

Haven't seen that one, the only MLP fic I read before Fimfic was the most famous one, which I'm not going to name. Didn't really like it, either.


So Trixie had a nightmare, and then Starlight was having one too?

Dammit Luna! Stop slacking off!

I just randomly clicked this in the featured box and the opening paragraphs made me go "is this author trying to go for a Skirts impersonation?" :rainbowlaugh:

"Maybe this 'Shimmy' friend of yours can teach you how the humans do it?"

"Sunset," Starlight corrected. With a grunt, she stood up, hugging the kite to her chest. "Sunset Shimmer."

No, Trixie is correct.

"Trust me. It blew my mind the first time I tried it!" She reached over and grabbed Trixie's wrist. "Come on! We'll treat it like a science experiment!"


So, with a solid breath, Trixie slowly nibbled into another bite of the cup. The same wave of pleasure evidently rolled through her body, as telegrammed by her eyelids fluttering shut. "Mmmmmmm..." Her free hand clapsed the edge of the table and squeezed until the knuckles darkened. "Mmmmmmmmm... Trixie likes..."

("What the fuck?" Trixie asked. "They sell this to children?" :trixieshiftleft: )

"Humans stand the risk of several cumbersome ailments if they indulge too much. Sunset was trying to explain it to me... something called 'diabetes.'"

"Trixie doesn't like the sound of that. What's it like?"

"I dunno. Sunset said this world's Pinkie Pie could 'show me' sometime. Something to do with needles." 

That sounds kind of... bittersweet. :pinkiesad2:

("Carry Pinkie. To the bridge. And throw her off. Yes.")

Trixie's fingers reached in, brushed feather-softly across Starlight's earlobes,

Skirts is the only one I know who writes stories where humanified ponies get their ears scratched, and it is adorable every time.

("Sunset Shimmy")

"I'm no Princess Twilight."

Starlight gulped. "Don't you think I know that?"

Don't mess with the ship... :twilightoops:

"Hmmm?" Starlight turned to look over her shoulder. "Yeah, Trix?"

Starlight looked at her best friend. One heartbeat. Two. Three. "... ... ...Sweet dreams!" she said with a bright, blue smile.

Unexpected Appledashery. :trollestia:


Luna's filling in for Cadence tonight. Nothing better than a little bad dream to get two ponies into a cuddly mood. It almost worked! :twilightsmile:


This was my first association for the title as well. :pinkiecrazy:

There's too much romantic tension. Too much! At this rate, I'm going to have to pay you to cut through the tension and get the shipping over with, god Dammit. :rainbowlaugh:


That was actually the point where I scrolled back up to look at the author, and went "... of course."

Good news, pony people! Eating sugar doesn't cause diabetes!
It can make you fat though, just like any food, and obesity can increase your risk of diabetes.
...And if you have diabetes, sugar makes it worse.
Hey, I didn't say great news, just good news.

"Hrmmmfff... wished I'd seen it sooner." She clenched her eyes shut in mid-trot, grumbling. "It's a ferris wheel. A ferris wheel. Grnnngh... stupid, unimaginative monkeys..."

...What...? :rainbowhuh: wait... oh.. oh! OH! :rainbowlaugh: Nicely done!

Could you explain it to me, then? 'Cause I don't get it. :applejackconfused:


The great and powerful Trixie doesn't trust wheels.

Is she trying to decide whether Trixie is cuter as a human or as a pony? :trollestia:

Or trying to decide whether Twilight or Trixie is cuter?

No, she doesn't trust wheels... while under the corruptive influence of the Alicorn Amulet.

I was about to give this a thumbs-up... and that stupid, tired joke that's not even funny or even makes sense came up. So, no.

It's the same reason you wouldn't—say—waltz into the changelings' hive just talking willy-nilly about Queen Chrysalis.

Isn't' at this point Chrysalis already run away and plan her horrible revenge?

A bit bland, but I guess not all stories have to make the ground shake to be enjoyable.


One story from Skirts is enough to fill up my hnnnng quota for a day.

" I can't decide " if that was hilarious or unsettling. :derpytongue2:

This was cute. The tension was so thick though... needs a sequel!

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