Minuette and I have got to be the absolute best friends in all of Equestria. Or at least we thought so... before running into Lyra and Bon Bon.

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This is just sugar being thrown into my eyeballs.
The Rarishy one was fluffy and sweet. This is just an never ending run of diabeetus, and I'm not sure I can keep going.
And the reluctant awkward one who keeps staying anyways (Amy here) seems to be an occasional recurring character of yours.

Amethyst should check with Pinkie Pie. I'm not entirely sure that's sugar in the ice cream.

So, how long do Lyra and Bon Bon have to be apart for the withdrawal symptoms to appear?

She smiles, but it is a weak thing, waiting for a support beam, and I'm the only other soul within a giggle's throw.

I really like this line.

But yeah, I can see what Amethyst says. There's a point where you've got to admit that you're not just "best friends" with someone. Wouldn't that otherwise diminish the meaning behind the next step if you keep pushing the boundaries of what friendship is and veer into, uh, higher-relationship territory?

The second I saw them staring at each other over the piano keys in Rainbow Rocks, I knew . . .

It only got better from there.

Well, that's as close to a confession those two are going to get for the time being.

Mystery... mystique... mares in noir fashion.

I'd read it.

Friendship brings a lot of happiness. And sometimes, that's more than enough.

There's no friend quite like a best friend. :raritywink:

I don't know if I can handle these two. Just... urgh, characters not knowing obvious things drives me up the wall. I NEED to tell them.

Quite a swerve the mood took there. Only Skirts can go from straight silly to straight introspective in half a second and hold it all together.

And then Minuette strolled into my life... tossed some sugar into the coffee... brought the kick back.

This line feels sooooo Stephen King to me.

There's a smile on my face... a deliciously heavy thing that tugs me towards the front door, faster and faster. I levitate the umbrella by my side, breaking into a full gallop. At last, I swing the door open...
...and there Minuette stands on the stoop, levitating a metal instrument by her head. "Aaack!" She jumps, lowering her hoof from the doorbell.
"Aaaah!" I jump as well.
There's a dull, thoughtless second, during which we collect our breaths... and our shivers.
"Uhhhhhhhh..." Minuette squirms.
"H-hey! Uhm..." I glance at my umbrella, then hold it towards her. "I was going to bring this back to your place—"
"—I thought you might want to borrow this egg-beater!" She blinks.
I blink. "...figured you left this the last time you visited—"
"'Cuz who doesn't like scrambled eggs at sunrise—" She winces.

This was fucking hilarious. I underestimated this story.

I stare into the night past her. So much emptiness—a familiar shade. I ponder just how long I've been afraid... mortified of dipping into a place even darker... a shadow formed by the collapse of something so precious... something like this.

Just a damn good description of fear of intimacy, platonic or otherwise.

What a strange, intimate little story, with an oddball variety of moods. *shrug* I liked it.

Beeeest frieeeeends foreeeeeverrr :applejackconfused:

I'm fully expecting this to border on NSFW by the end. This is madness.


I guess I can see where both of them are coming from. You can keep calling yourselves best friends but you've got to be aware of what your feelings are...or something.

7182476 Your avatar seems to disagree. :rainbowwild:

Misago #19 · May 3rd, 2016 · · · Duet ·

Hmmmm. I wonder if there is a better word to describe this kind of "best friend happy". Something less often used. Maybe it went out of fashion, but it might have been used to refer to being THIS happy... too bad there isn't such a word to describe these two pairs of best friends and how "happy" they are.

Anyways, it was a really cute story. Only complaint is that it ended too sooooooooon~

I liked that, and I can't wrap my head around why. :derpytongue2:

Holy hell this chapter is sickenly sweet.

~Skeeter The Lurker

An enjoyable blend of sweetness, silliness, and overwhelming denial. Thank you for it.

7182342 Didn't you know? Skirts was born when Stephen King was reading about tulpas for a story, while watching Cinderella. Skirts was born of his mind and Disney princesses. I don't know where the Nietzsche came from.

I liked this. Sweet sweet stuff.

Best friends. :raritywink:

Luna's frozen teats this is sooo sugary sweet!

Lyra says, sitting on the bench weirdly. "That way—when I put it on—it's already warmed up and my teeth don't have to chatter so hard!"

I get it. Just need to philosophize a bit.

This is just so freaking hilarious !

Bonus point for it being so damn clever I could actually see it as an episode (sort off)

Don't feel too bad Amethyst, you're being perfectly reasonable. There may not be such a thing as too happy, but there is such a thing as too intimate. Think about it this way, if you can't get into a serious romantic relationship with another pony without things becoming incredibly complicated, then you are too intimate.

There is a certain amount of intimacy reserved for friends, and totally different level of intimacy reserved for lovers. Those two have completely bypassed the former and are heavily into the latter.

O, to have such a best friend. *sigh* :twilightsmile:

After reading this story, my dentist will finally be able to put in that swimming pool.

Cute, cute stuff.

It would be funny to see a mutual friend suggesting other kind of friendship activities of a more... ah.... intimate nature. Like a joint account or adoption, in a friendly manner, among other things... Surely two best friends who are so close should know how to properly "tickle" one another towards the profoundest of laughs, to take one another to the edge of life and death and cross all boundaries again and again... like friends do, I mean. But no seriously it would be funny for a friend who's fully aware of the undertones to suggest these things like the normal friend activities they clearly are.

This is absolutely beautiful, I definitely want to see more of these two together.:derpytongue2:

100th like, now kiss already!

And that's how you get instant diabetes. :pinkiehappy:

And just who am I to doubt the cunning words of such expert linguists?

Well, that earned the 'sprayed Dr Pepper all over my monitor' award... :rainbowlaugh:

I mightve misread, but did you call Lyra and Bon Bon "the two unicorns"? Cuz last I checked, Bon Bon was an earf pony.

New story by Skirts = put everything IRL on hold and READ IMMEDIATELY!!! :rainbowkiss:

That was almost a complete 180 degree turn in the mood of the story, but I think Amy only pushed the elephant in the room to a later time.

Aw, this is Complete? But I want MORE!

What a tragic ending for the spider. It did serve as an excelent metaphor for their relationship. They moved around the "furniture" in their minds, and some repressed issues sprung up by suprise only to be shooed away by Amy to ensure that Minuette doesn't need to stop experiencing happiness.

I can almost feel the saccharinity oozing off the page.

Alright, I think I see where this is going. It's interesting to see Lyra and Bon Bon gushing their affection so openly while denying the realization of love to one another, if not their own selves. It seems like they're as far as a friendship can be taken without it getting sexual. It's a sickening kind of sweetness Amethyst is clearly aware of, but it also looks like Minuette is aware of it too. This should bring about a critical look at their own relationship.

It seems while Amethyst has an articulate mind, she struggles to express her thoughts when it comes to personal feelings. Whereas Minuette can clearly convey the emotions she feels and her interpretations of others, even non-verbally. That's actually a really interesting dynamic for any pairing.

Amethyst, Queen of Dodges.

These two are stupid together and I love it.

Go to hell, skirts.

I blame Pudge.

Okay but seriously, this was really cute. I like the ambiguity of the ending and how Amethyst, at least, kept to not being able to properly express herself. It suit the character you built and had you gone that route, I have a strong feeling this story would be nearly twice as long and contain a whole bunch of almost-useless drivel. So good on you for showing restraint for once! :rainbowwild:

I'm with Amy...that whole "Platonic Best Friends" thing seems SUSPICIOUS!

This was...

Comfy. Cute, adorable and fluffy to bursting point, but not so dragged out as to appear...desperate. It's a typical Skirts fluff piece, but cut and refined in the fires to emerge a shimmering amethyst, as bright as the brightest star in all of Princess Luna's heavens.

It was quite lovely. :twilightsmile:

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