As a bright and promising student entering her senior year at Canterlot High School, Trixie Lulamoon thought she was prepared for many things... the least of which was being magically summoned across dimensions by her equine doppelganger to perform an all-important task. A bit of a warning would have been nice. Some clothes would have been nicer.

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relax ya petty people. it's just a silly joke.

So.... much... Trixie.

Not bad. Could use more Trixie :derpytongue2:

7790898 did it for the jokes.

keep it flowing mate.

best president though.

Flaming Tarantula Dimension


"Greetings, dessert merchant!"

This sounds like something Thor or Vegeta would say

I'm detecting trace amounts of Sunsetrix, Twixie and Glim Glam Sparkx.

Your horsewords bring smiles yet again!

Oh, Skirts. Never change. :rainbowwild:

Isn't there supposed to be a rule that a story can only cross the line from seriousness into absurdity once without first becoming serious again?

I may have to re-evaluate my faith in literary rules. This was absurd. Poor Trixie, victimized by a world that thinks she's far more adorable than she wants to be.

I am going to need... hm. Yes, I am going to need more of this.

7790831 Doing god's work, brother.

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"Pretty soon, all of Equestria will know the show-stopping glory of the Grrr..." Trixie grimaced. "Of the Grrrrr..." She wheezed, swallowing crackery bits. "It's hard to roll one's R's when eating peanut butter."

I died.

Looks like Trixie,


really likes getting off with herself. :raritywink:

Also, dont forget, Ariel was brought up with six older sisters, all of who didnt have to worry about a pelvis getting in the way, in an enviroment where they didnt have to worry about things hanging. :eeyup:

Oh, there are the lemons.
I wonder if human Trixie would try to take over Equestria after seeing how small and fuzzy everypony seems.

This is definitely a skirtian story. And it's amusing as well. Good to see you haven't lost your touch :twilightsmile:

And that ending. Good job, Trixie :rainbowlaugh:

"Eheheh..." Trixie blushed slightly, touching her two hooves together with pensive, pitter-pattering taps. "Uhm..." She looked towards the walls, clearing her throat. "Trixie c-can't seem to get the lid off. It's sealed too tight."

I think the force of my facepalm just killed half my brain cells.

7790831 First to be castrated.


putrid pastel horsehole

This might just be my new favourite way to describe Ponyville

"Fappo!" Pinkie pinballed violently out of the establishment... landing against some bank truck somewhere.



This was very silly. (and a bit shippy)

"I know we're friends, but the next time you're vomiting a spoiled meal of hay-tacos into the toilet—ask Sparkle's pet dragon to hold your mane, not Trixie

How selfish! Trixie can do it telekineticly, while Spike has to get close to do it manually.

A calender featuring raunchily-posed firefighting stallions teetered crookedly off a nail.

There is gotta be a picture of this somewhere in the fandom.

...There isn't, probably because Equestria doesn't have much use for firefighters when the weather team can take care of their trademark job better than they ever could.

"You shouldn't have spent too much time in the Flaming Tarantula Dimension during the transferrence here! So what's your excuse?!"


She grimaced, hugging her pale self and shivering—goosebumps forming until she was a curvy puddle of golf balls. "Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale w-were walking down the hill with extra soap suds... wearing nothing but top hats!"


"Trixie realizes now that she must have botched the ingredients." She pointed. "You materialized with your teats on the opposite end."


"Silence, feline equine, you... you... mmm... boogerhead! You are not the boss of Trixie!"

:rainbowlaugh: x5

"Hmmmf!" The teenager crossed her arms and stood up. "If you think—" Bonk! "OW!" She seethed, squatting low again. "If you think that you can possess the Great and Powerful Trixie, oh small and flaccid quadruped with asinine pipe dreams, then you have another thing coming!"

:rainbowlaugh: x7

"Awwwwwwwww..." The unicorn's eyes sparkled. "Pleeeeeeeease?"

:rainbowlaugh: x10 (I can't breathe)

(Note: Had to take a break or else I would have died laughing)

Not a bad way to go, but still, I decided against it.

If you want Trixie's advice—just stick to card tricks and cups and balls! At least it pays! Especially the latter!"


"Ungggggggh... alright alright alright!!!" The human waved her hands. "If only it will get you to stop whining!"



...what perilous task awaits Trixie, and how might I be able to accomplish that which your entire world of four-legged civilization depends on?"

:facehoof::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss: x100

"Whoah-ho-ho!" Pinkie Pie inexplicably popped up from behind, giggling and pointing up the human's dress. "I'd pay a million bits just to see Princess Luna raise that!"

Shipping time! ♪

The teenager rolled her eyes. "Hey!" She slapped the unicorn upside the head. "Peter S. Beagle's wet dream!"

Oh, ooooooooooooooh.

We all know who that is.

OMG this was such a Great and Powerful piece of work. :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

Got me laughing from beginning to end, and you somehow managed to be both hysterical and adorable at the end, it was adorhilarious!

Alright now we all can look forward to this:



Adorable and slightly absurd. Very nice.

I do love a good human ponidox, and this was very good indeed. Hilariously absurd from start to finish. Thank you for it.

You should send this to Sethisto

The little fuzzy sorceress threw her voice above the rising bedlam of arcane-induced poltergeist. "Cosmogoria permeatronal divinizuth!" Trixie gnashed her teeth, weathering an artificial cyclone of wind as her horn pulsed faster, brighter, redder. Her eyes pulsed with crimson purpose as her voice projected several alien octaves all at once. "Ad HoMiNiDeMm InViCtUs!" She threw her hooves together, producing a clap of righteous thunder. "EqUiPeRsOnA PoNyTrOnUm!"

Ok. Google Translate failed on me for this, so I'm gonna have to ask the author personally exactly what this translates to in English. I maybe got the words "cosmic, hominid and persona," but that's about it.

:fluttercry:7791443 there needs to be more last unicorn x mlp fics

7791213 got a little sexual.

7791104 glad i could be a religious disappointment.

Well, at the very least it was just peanut butter, not pickles. That would've been catastrophic!

There's a Supernatural joke in that title somewhere; I'm sure of it...

So the pony to human sizes is this story are something like as in the artwork in your profile?

Toy ponies :trollestia:

A calender featuring raunchily-posed firefighting stallions teetered crookedly off a nail.

calendar as a calender (wiki link) is a machine

The shrieks were high pitched, undeniably sentient, and undeniably annoying.

sapient (thinking; like in "Homo sapiens")
as any-thing/being/animal with any kind of a brain is sentient (feeling ex. pain).

Trixie snorted, brushing her bangs and chest floof straight.

I don't know if Trixie qualify for a "floof" like Fluffle Puff does :)
So maybe just "fluff"?

The creature shrieked once again, having gathered an adequate lung-ful.


Then, with deep breaths to calm herself, the teenager grasped a gold sash from a tiny pony bed and held it to her waste.


If you think that you can possess the Great and Powerful Trixie, oh small and flaccid quadruped with asinine pipe dreams, then you have another thing coming!

think (as the uncorrupted idiom is about that you will have to think again as your first one ("think") is wrong and not that you will get some stuff delivered ;) )

>"Fappo!" Pinkie pinballed violently out of the establishment... landing against some bank truck somewhere.



its half latin half meaningless gibbberish

Trixie summons Trixie to do something for Trixie, because Trixie.

Thus the actual Trixiening ensued.

"Who is Starlight?"

Number one proponent of said event, besides Trixie(s).

7792056 So the half that WASN'T gibberish, di- did I get it right?


as far as I can see, yeah

Correct me if 'm wrong, but isn't that a bannable offense?

So let's see. Trixie and Trixie; tiny adorable horses (too bad they aren't wearing sweaters); offhand hints at SunLight, Trixie being jealous of Sunsets attention; AND Pony!Trixie apperantly having a thing for Starlight? Plus anything I might have missed?

Yep, I think this is just about perfect.

7792690 sure hope not because that's a petty thing to be upset over.

It's more that there used to be a hell of an issue with the first 20 or so comments on stories being nothing but people trying to claim 'first'. Taking a draconian response cleared the issue right up.

7793049 fair enough. i was doing a silly little joke to cheer skirts up, hence why I included the chuckle at the end.

but i guess it didn't come out the way i intended in my head.

oh well. lola.

Keep it flowing mate.

7793056 Flowing is one way to put it. But, then, at this point, there's not much to flow. The issue has already been solved, you two have no lasting hard feelings, and I'm just speaking about what's already happened. Here, have a QotD:

How often do you feel the need to sleep in? How much sleep do you get on average (Within a week)?

If you're a security guard at a Samsung store, does that make you a Guardian of the Galaxy?

*Hits blunt*


7793080 sleep is a waste but i would bang Chris Patt.

keep lighting it up.

7790866 Your avatar made this comment perfect. :derpytongue2:

7792109 first one I have no clue, second sounds like a chant or charge, something from warhammer specifically, last one sounds fairly similar to expecto patronem or whatever the spell Harry Potter uses.

Yo ss&e... What the fuck?:rainbowhuh:
I don't think I'll ever stop asking that of your stories....
You move in mysterious ways:ajsmug:

7791612 Yes. Yes we all should:moustache:

7793235 Why thank you Madam or Miss.... or dude.

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