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Millie and Burning Passion have been dating a while. On a cold winter evening, Burning seeks Millie for some comfort and cuddling, airing out some worries and frustrations, all while sipping hot chocolate.

Content Warning: Mildly suggestive language.

Written as a commission for The Red Parade, where he gave me the task of writing something cute and cuddly between two very lovely background ponies!

Thank you to Silver Mint for proof reading!

If you are interested in getting a commission from me, shoot me a DM or check out this post

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this is adorable

This is an adorable story! Warmed my heart reading it.

I have a short attention span, and yet I don't regret at all giving this a shot.
This is beautiful. The only way I think you could improve is setting some highlights and giving important pieces of info and special moments and gestures more build-up and gravity in your writting. Saying something twice and sometimes saying nothing is a good way to do this in the narration.

May your days be void of stress
And your nights be full of rest.

Really nice story! And I see someone was inspired a certain other fic about romance involving a sex worker. With this brief look into the lives of two background ponies, you did a good job depicting their love.

Thank you! Incidentally I think this actually predates me reading Crimson, but it was there in my mind when I was writing.

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