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Twilight is struggling to adjust to her new duties as the Princess of Friendship, being saddled with mounds of work in an unfamiliar new home. Rarity arrives on routine business at what is perhaps a bad time.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Passion for Fashion contest with the prompt, Faux pas.

Thanks to Stinium_Ruide for editing.

Cover image was made by me with screenshots found on the Friendship is Magic wiki.

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I really liked this story and it really made me feel when I read it during the contest. Your descriptions of Twilight's state are amazing and the awkwardness of the kiss was well written as well. I sure hope Rarity and Twilight can move past this, they are just so cute!

I really enjoyed this story during the contest. The way you used the subtleness of the emotions to truly impact the reader felt fresh and engaging. Let's hope these two friends can move past the awkwardness of what's occurred and be able to move to an even stronger bond between the two. Great work!

Well..... That was abrupt...... :rainbowderp:

Cute beginning! Definitely wish it went on for a little bit longer but that's what EU is for. Great stuff so far, even if it wanders a bit towards the beginning!

This was a really cute thing to read. I absolutely adore the awkwardness that builds between them. Very relatable to anyone who's had a crush I should think.

Reflecting what others have said, the ending was quite abrupt. I found it hard to tell what the story was going for as a result. You did a good job conveying the characters' emotions, though.

I actually really like the way this ends. It leaves it unresolved, but in a very interesting and satisfying way.


One of my fav, rarely-used Rarity phrases.

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