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Mark always knew he was... well, you know. But what was he supposed to do about it? Nothing, really. It didn't matter anyway. Nothing was ever going to change. Or so he thought, until a portal to Equestria appeared in his house. But with that portal, he'll be forced to acknowledge and confront what he is head on.

Preread by everyone's favorite writer, Starscribe. They've helped make this story ten million times better than it was before.

Cover art by CrimsonWolf360. You can find their work here.

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Great ch so far thank u

Keep up the good work 😃

Cool start, can’t wait for more!

Ooh this story is something I’m excited for! Can’t wait for more!

Another adventure to observe. Nice!

Time for popcorn~!

“Hey guys,” he typed, giving the same greeting he always did every afternoon when he woke up. “It’s me, your girl, Katrina again. How are you all doing this lovely day?”

It is by the Crown of Princess Celestia Daybringer and Princess Luna Nightguard that we must inform you of Equestria’s policy of eminent domain and its effects on your residence. By statute 1003.42.08f, the Crown maintains the legal right to possess your residence for purposes deemed beneficial to the Kingdom and considered just under Article XVII of the Equestrian Constitution.

Wait, what? :rainbowhuh:

Great premise and a strong start. This has got to be the coolest use of eminent domain ever! :twilightsmile:

If Mark/Katrina is unhappy about what they see in the mirror today, will they be happy when they look in the mirror and see a pony?

oh hey! I drew dat. I had no idea who you were on fimfiction lmao. I love a ton of your stories :D

Awwww you're so nice to me! Also, thank you for the art again!

Happy to do it :)
I really loved I am Not Sombra. Haven't started the sequel yet, but I figured once it was done I'd just binge it all in a week or 2 lol

As someone that hasn't read the story, this quote has... interesting implications for what "well, you know" means in the description. And that implication alone is enough to make it worth a read, I think.

... I've been doing just fine,
Gotta', gotta' be damned because I want it all.
It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss!
-Mr. Brightside

This is what I thought when I read the title.

seems like a good story love to see how it turns out :twilightsmile:

You didn't think of this song?

Finally someone let me out of my cage
Now time for me is nothin' 'cos I'm counting no age
Now I couldn't be there now you shouldn't be scared
I'm good at repairs and I'm under each snare
-Clint Eastwood

Huh. Well this is certainly something. Got a nice start, I'll keep my eye on this one.

not entirely sure i understand the story yet but you have my intrest

It wasn’t like any of this was real anyway. People didn’t just get randomly turned into horses. A tiny bit annoying, even given how at peace he felt now that the weight he carried before was gone, but not something that would make him or break him. He still would rather have been a human though.

“There’s no reason to be so happy about this,” he told himself, finally unable to keep the smile off his face. “There’s probably a gas leak in your house that’s making you hallucinate, and you’re standing here giddy about being a purple horse girl. You could be getting brain damage right now. You’re probably in danger or dying or something.”


Spike being a bro is always nice.:raritywink:

basic story line: mark is having a identity crisis with wanting to be female and gets a email saying something about equestria; goes there from a portal in the closet and gets a letter from spike.


Lol, that's a new way to get to Equestria, "all your house are belong to us!"

I feel like I am going to love this story. The themes and clear implications of it mean alot to me and I can't wait for Katrina's journey in this!! Glad to see more works from you!

There was something wrong with what he saw, and he didn’t know what it was.

Of course there was something wrong, he wasn't a horse.

He still would rather have been a human though.


You have my interest :)

Is about a person who is obviously male to female transgender but cannot act on that due to either monetary situation or other reasons that I cannot state (I personally relate to this because I am of the same way but with a different version of transgender)

It's because you started with 'coming out of' instead of 'someone let me out of'.

I know, I'm just being silly c:

Yay! The release schedule got bumped up to daily. :twilightsmile:

Human to pony transformations are my favorite genre, and can't wait to see how you explore the protagonist's transformation and new life in Equestria.

Well that's different.

This is a bit fast but I will stick around for now.

i cant relate to it because i don't like to look in a mirror because i think i'm ugly except when i shave an my oc is female while i'm a guy

“And you go by Katrina, right?” she asked anyway, not stopping to give him a chance to answer. “It’s so nice to finally meet you! I have to admit, I might have been gathering a little bit of information on you, but I wanted to be absolutely careful because this is such a breakthrough in what we know about Equestria! I mean, we can’t just let any creature waltz in, can we? But don’t worry, I trust you. You seem like a nice mare. Anyway, what do you like to do? What’s it like where you’re from? Do you have any friends? What are you favorite—”

"Questions, questions; too many questions!"
Aughra, The Dark Crystal.

You. Know. About. Dark. Crystal!!!!

Also, I feel Kat's pain. Liking the story so far.

Love the worldbuilding. I mean, I love that this story has some. Even the tiniest bit is a step up from the average in recent years. Also, best "subway" so far, keep being creative. I do like the overall quality as well. I still cringe when i read the title, but no biggie.

Just needs more horse. :pinkiecrazy:

I stopped shaving so I can tolerate my face. :moustache:

Oh noes, the poor human-turned-pony forgot to bring their towel!


awww leaving already?

keep up the good work!


I know about the Dark Crystal too, it's a very good movie. Did you know that there is a TV show sequel to it called Age of Resistance?

11073605 I am sooooo fugly.... *goes bald and puts on a yellow jumpsuit and white cape* AH! There we go! :trollestia:

I did not. :pinkiegasp:
You'd think that with the two races made one, the loose ends would've been tied at the end.


"I can't go out like THIS!" (grabs nearby cane) "There. That's better."

Scrooge McDuck, Mickey's Christmas Carol.


"could change your appearance based on the perception you have of yourself.”

so, power armor?

The only issue I have with the logic of this story is that Equestria is trying to sue for imminent domain into another sovereign countries territory. That's the kind of thing that would typically be seen as an act of aggression or war between two nations.

I... almost wish I wasn't reading this. it's TOO accurate. it took a literal decade to get over that stage of my life. And now I *need* to see the tension built in this story resolve.

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