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Starvation. Humiliation. Unreasonable discipline. This is Flurry Heart's tale of just how awful her mother, Princess Cadance truly is, the abuses of whom being chronicled in her diary.

Written for the Cadance Is A Terrible Mom contest. Cover art by pabbley.

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Finally a story where Flurry Heart is goth -- I-I mean, uh, thanks for the entry!

I do have to question why Flurry called it Princess Twilight's castle. Shouldn't it be, I don't know, Aunt Twilight's castle? Or some variation of that? Probably overthinking it though.

Love the story though.

She didn't call it that because I'm a silly head who didn't think about Twilight being her aunt Cadance is a terrible mother who wants Flurry Heart to call her aunt the respectful title of Princess.

I'm going with you didn't bother to remember that Twilight is Flurry's aunt. Nothing here said the two of them weren't getting along. So it's not your other reason.

Plus this is the perfect chance for Flurry to really stick it to her mom, by saying Aunt Twilight (or some variation) instead of the dribble Cadance is trying to feed her if that was the case.

Really good, love Flurry being an angsty preteen.

Hope Caddie is ready for the next 4 years of attitude and rudeness. Anyway, great job and keep the good work!

Flurry Heart, you are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded!!! :twilightangry2:

What a brat. Thank God my daughter grew out of this phase. Neither of us would have survived if it had taken any longer.

Flurry definitely has it harder than a donkey living in Clopton who has to dodge the gangs on their way to school and who's mother works three jobs to pay bills and keep food in the kitchen, or the pony living in inner city Detrot, who has to watch the city they grew up in fall apart a little more every day because the corrupt leaders squandered the city's coffers.

Hey, we have the same like/dislike ratio. I'm gonna have to change that as your story is leagues better than mine. Also, hi:heart:

Should have spanked her more as a filly, Cadence.

I thought it was kinda the rebellious teenager thing where you can't call your Mom "Mom" any more, but have to call her by her real name to be more hurtful. Flurry probably even put a huge emphasis on the word Princess to hammer the point home.

Never too late! I'd happily read that story! Tehee. :twilightsmile:

Can't have manure in Detrot

Sending sympathetic energies to this filly. Parents just don't understand. :applejackunsure:

Goth Flurry best Flurry... I mean, thanks for the submission!

All of this is simply pure amazingness and this kinda brings back the memories of how it was to be young! What with being a bit rebellious and overthinking things, ahh this whole fic is spot on genius and funny as all heck! I hope ya didn't mind, bit I simply had to make a reading of this fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/w6QiIfn96bA

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Sounds like Flurry needs to spend some time with Starlight for some tips on how to deal with the Worst Moms Ever.

Before reading this, I gotta say, it's a good thing Cadence isn't in Equestria!

This was so painfull to read, too many Vietnam memories of the puberty

I was really hoping for an odd twist by the end.

I want to meet metalhead Flurry Heart. It'd be nice to be around another teenager that shares my taste.

This is rather typical for kids her age. Thankfully, the only particularely bad parenting here is forcing her to become a ruler eventually.

Damn, Flurry's an asshole. Cadence deserves a fucking medal for putting up with her shit.

Love the story. Creative Nirvana pun.

And here we see another mom who deserves a medal

By the gods, you can feel the teenage cringe emanating from this one :rainbowlaugh:

Not an asshole, just rather standard rebellious teenager. Give it five to ten years and she'll be just as ashamed of what she did as mostly everyone who ever did that is.

This was a fun read, knowing you're the author of a story where Cadance actually is a terrible mother. :trollestia: I'd love to see what The Rulers of Ponies and Menverse Flurry Heart thinks of Cadance when she's older.

Silly Flurry, Nirvana is Grunge, not Metal.

why she talk of Twilight by using the term "princess" ? She is her aunt, and i am pretty sure than both her parents and twilight would like flurry talking of her as "aunt Twilight" or aunty although it wpuld be far less likely.

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