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Lyra Heartstrings loves humans, so much so that she wrote a book about humans. Unfortunately for her, the rest of Equestria doesn't share her enthusiasm. They don't even believe the legendary creatures are real. Luckily for her, she's got the proof, and the proof's name is Archard.

This is a commission. If you'd like your own commission, feel free to PM me, or support me on patreon.
Cover art provided by Ramiras

The Lyra Laws is a companion to this story, which you should read, by Shinigamimirror

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This is too good to leave as a one-chapter tale.

It's going to be multiple chapters

Here's hoping the commissioner has staying power in funding to keep this thing going.

I like this, keep up good work

Ponies aren't mostly water?

Nope, cause ponies count magic as part of a person.

So are they denser and stronger than a Human?

It's why earth ponies are stronger, and unicorns can do magic, and pegasi can fly.

So the average Unicorn is stronger than the average Human?

“If this is what it’s like to be dead, then being dead sucks,” he commented aloud.

Lovely reference there. 😂
"Oh, shit! That's the ceiling! WHERE'S MY HELMET?!"

He got too lucky and the gods struck him down at the same time Lyra summoned him

Comment posted by yakopak deleted May 10th, 2021

Es una referencia a los void memes latinos, son basados en hechos reales

(Princess Celestia clearly raised the sun each day. How could she possibly rotate all of Equus around to see it?)

Moving Equus instead of the sun should actually be a lot easier, if both it and the sun's mass are equal or similar to that of our own.

... of course the human is a brony too
because yes

“Okay, let’s... Wait! I almost forgot!” The mint-colored mane quickly ran off before coming back with a couple of aluminum foil hats, quickly placing one on Twilight’s head, causing her to scowl.

I literally was rolling in my bed laughing it up like a hyena :rainbowlaugh:

And just as she said that, a bolt of lightning struck dead in the center of the pentagram, bringing a human with it in a flash of light.

I fucking died :rainbowlaugh: What timing 👍:pinkiehappy:

Well, it appears ponies don't have editors, that book wouldn't be published otherwise, in another note, it's clearly this is a kind of self insert from the commissioner XD.

I really like the tone of this one, his reaction of "being dead" was pretty funny.
I need to see more

Literally one the absolute worst tropes in all of FiMFiction.

well nice first chapter. i bet next chapter opens with Twilight fainting.

All the dislikes are changelings


Literally one the absolute worst tropes in all of FiMFiction.

You could really say that about any of them. They all have their clichés. Reversed Gender role usually being a juvenile delinquent in a mares world or that RGRE never reaching four chapters in length. The HIE all having the same format and same plot point, in the same order as every other Human in Equestria Story. Or that Rule 63 stories have no other plot than, X turns into a man and bangs anything with a pulse.

These are funny because for the most part, everyone knows that they are true. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be written. To say, "Oh My god, not another one of these." discourages people from writing.... well, another one of these. What you risk are the rare gems. Those Authors who think out side of the box. Those authors who have a different idea, or a different spin on things.

If "Knight Breeze" had thought "Do we really need another "Human In Equestria" story?" We would have never been blessed with What I've Become.

If "Dan_s Comments" had thought "Your Human and You stories" are trash, we would have never gotten I Am Not Spartacus

And then there is "law abiding pony" who wrote Of the Hive and the entire Hive Series, even though Twilight is a changeling stories are over done. He gave us an absolute Gem.

So while I agree that the tropes are dull, you really should give the authors the benefit of a doubt. (unless they use the word "chuckled" in their stories, then report them to a moderator so they can be banned from the site.)

You may be pleasantly surprised what they come up with.

The Monk
“They may have been a pair of idiots, but the true test of intelligence is how you stick the landing!” -The Dimensional Traveler

Haha love the tinfoil hats... :pinkiehappy:

You had me with the absurdity of that summoning ritual. I look forward to seeing where this goes.


Ah, yes. I'm glad the old Anthrophile-Lyra fanworks haven't died out. They've certainly dropped in popularity over time.

This is crazy, I can't wait for more

That is a lovely story with one of my favorite background ponies. And of course, who else but Twilight would buy such a book?


Ponies are mostly sugar from being so sweet, heh... That and eating enough sugar to kill an ordinary human.

“Don’t you say it,” Lyra interrupted. “I know they’re real. I know it . I just have to prove it.” She paused for a moment and turned away from her, continuing, “I know you don’t even believe me.”

I am a human. Hello. You are in a story.


I chuckled reading your comment.

No! Wait! *gets launched into the Pit*

Sheer insanity from the beginning. Welp, time to sit back and see how far this rabbit hole goes.

While Lyra is being quite absurd, Twilight herself coming along to slap down Lyra just makes her look like the villian here. Lyra obviously doesn't have an academic background of any sort so expecting her book to have an orderly format thet Twilight thinks is appropriate is impossible. Not to mention there was no constructive criticism there.

And even if Richard proves humans exist, it still wouldn't prove Lyra right given how insane she seems to be about all of this. There's also the problem of them having magically abducted someone, which I'm betting is illegal in Equestria.

The characters name is Archard, not Richard

10809600 And he banged all the mares, because that is what bronies do! They fornicate with all the mares! :fluttershbad::raritycry::applejackconfused::twilightoops::pinkiesick:

:rainbowwild: Of course Dash is into it.


poor lyra even twilight doesnt seem convinced that humans are real!:fluttercry:
good thing they summoned one!:trollestia::rainbowlaugh::facehoof::pinkiecrazy:

When is the update

Fantastic for a commissioned story! Very glad this won't be the only chapter! :heart:

Huh, so it is. Makes me wonder why that particular name was chosen,nas it doesn't seem like one a person woukd normally have.

Something just occured to me: since he was playing O&O, one could apply DnD rukes to what happened. For ine, since this seems to be a permenant/long-term summoning unless Lyra sends him back her summoning Arxhard would count qs an Evil Act(the capitalization is important). He can't get back on his iwn, was called unwillingly, they don't intend to pay to compensate, and his life is at risk.

Sounds like someone's a speciest...
get em, boys!

“The book said humans were big, but that thing is over six FEET…”

At least you could change to legs, hooves, Celestia wingspaw, or something.
If humans are nonexistent here, then human's units also should be nonexistent.
At least not foot.

Other creatures have hands and feet, like Spike for one. This is another thing Lyra will mainly explain as being a result of humans, like how she tried to say doorknobs were.

well he find himself in season 3/4 and first thing he does is spout something that might happen in the future.. hopefully he can help convince her that Thorax is a good changeling.. but outing him early might have some problems if Chrysalis spies caught wind.

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