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I got bored and decided to try writing about ponies.


The government recently revealed the existence of peaceful, alien life from a planet known as "Equestria". The natives, which are colorful, talking ponies, have reached a peace treaty with Earth. Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria, and the nations of Earth have made the mutual agreement to send ponies to Earth and humans to Equestria to keep relations peaceful and learn about one another's culture.

Enter the Wallace family. They were just your average, slightly wealthy family of five, who just wanted to enjoy life. One way they do that is by taking in a foreign exchange student each year for the learning experience it provides both the family and the student. But they start to wonder why they were told nothing other than that the student is a very nice girl who wants her identity to be a surprise. The only thing left to do is wait for her to arrive.

Chapters (6)
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What's going to be the main focus of the story?, if it's a spoiler then please tell it to me in a PM I use those to actually get into the story if I'm not sure if I want to read it or not.

Since this is probably without any Villains and stuff like that, I want to know if well Twilight does stuff like keeping the human containted in their magic or doing stuff like transforming them into something else against their will and stuff like that.
I had a story once in which the human was treated as the worst idiot while Twilight kind of going manhandle him with her magic.

While I assume this is a normal boy and Twilight with her impressive magic I must admit that I kind of hope that they can impress her too or that it'S at least not entirely focused on what Twilight can do and what the boy can't do if you know what I mean.

I understand that she is our powerfull Alicorn, but it's more about how good or bad I think the story could be handled.

edit : Ahhh maybe that explains it better, sometimes I'm just not in the mood for how the main char might be shown to be useless and everything while there is someone told to be better all the time. I guess it would be enough for me if he just had qualities she can appreciate.
One easy and extreme example would be that he could cook better than at least half of the ponies living in Equestria.

I love it so far,keep it up! ^^

Interesting concept i like this so far

Sounds fun so far, I'll be reading.

I'm sorry but I have to share my feeling through a Twilight emoji so... :twilightoops: me upon seeing story :twilightsmile: me upon reading this story as a first. I don't often get this intrigued by Twilight stories but you have my attention, I'll be patient for follow up chapters.

Feels kinda rushed to me. Otherwise, can't wait for the next chapter!

Hmm... Interesting.

That cover art is the most adorable thing I've seen since looking at kirin episode screenshots this morning.

Chapter 2 already? Man, you are fast.

I had chapter 2 almost done when I posted chapter 1.:twilightsheepish:

possible romance in this?

Contrary to what Equestria Girls believes Twilight is too old for high school. Where The Apple Lies proves it.

Why choose Twilight? Isn't she too important to be sent off to live with an average family?


She's the princes of friendship and doesn't like being treated differently because of her title.

Wait until they find out shes a princess and lives in a crystal castle lol

I dont know how people in high school will react to twilight

Cant wait

kristy needs friendship.....to the face

She wants to learn more about human culture. If Equestria needs to be saved the other could handle it, or they could bring her back

"Kristy. I don't know how many times I have had to tell you. No phone while we are eating a meal," Michael scolded with a hand out to take the phone.

I’m eating and reading this on my phone. Lol

Twilight should grab the elements of harmony, bring all her friends and use the magical rainbow of death on her

I sure as hell wouldn't let her off easy

Oh, what about Christmas? Maybe Twily-dorbs can celebrate it with the family.

It's interesting that Twilight's smart enough to have a doctorate by Equestrian standards, but is attending high school according to human standards.

I don't get how bacon's not okay but ham is. I mean, Applejack considered eating a ham sandwich!

she would call home or the next nine months.

9 months? thought it was for a year.

Kristy is a 'friendship problem'. Twilight might need some backup.
Starlight Glimmer, your guidance counselor skills are required.

When I said year I meant school year.

This is a gud story, but the only problem is you forgot to include best pony :pinkiesad2: lol jk it is great even without best pony :pinkiehappy:

“You said people don’t go in your room. I’m a pony, not a person. So does that mean I can go in?” Twilight asked, trying not to laugh.

...it's not funny though...

“No, you can’t,” Will said. “And stop laughing!” he shouted to his parents, who were laughing so hard that they couldn’t breathe.

It... It's really not...

“Well played Twilight!” Will shouted from his room.

No, it's not funny! Why are they acting like it's so funny?

"Anyways, who wants to play monopoly?" Lori said as she pulled the game out of the cabinet under the TV.

Why would you play that game? It's a terrible game. It's literally designed to not be a fun game. The entire point of the game is to depict the economic realities of capitalism in the 1930s.

While it’s true that The original intent of Monopoly was to demonstrate how capitalism always ends with one person owning everything with everyone else being bankrupt, you are literally the first person I’ve met that claimed to not like it. It’s the most popular board game on Earth.

But see, when you understand economics and sociology, it's just frustrating and dumb. Also, are you sure people actually like that game? In board game circles, we always talk about how it's one of the worst games ever made...

I don't doubt that there ARE people who hate it, 7 billion people in the world, a few of them are bound to have a different opinion. Just from a pure statistical point it's one of the most popular board games ever made. There are regional and world championships, an estimated $974 million "dollars" of monopoly money printed every year, (more than the U. S. mint prints btw) and a variation of the game for almost any theme you can think of. The only other board game I can think of that has as much of a following and variations is Chess.

I'd like to toss in there that I'm not trying to attack you or come off as a pretentious monopoly fanboy. This was just one of those things I felt oddly compelled to toss my opinion at.

*Edit* And I wasn't misusing the word literally ether. I honestly can't recall ever meeting someone who didn't like the game. :scootangel:

Tournaments? It's a game where most of the skill is fake. The winner is the person who rolls the best combination of dice in the first few rounds. How can you realistically have tournaments of it?

I'm aware that it's unduly popular, it's just a little ridiculous to me... Actually, to say something instructive, I feel like Twilight Sparkle wood pick up on the issues with it, and might be very concerned that it's supposedly based on their economic system. I think you have a missed opportunity here to have her say something about that in the story, maybe talk a little about Equestria's economic system.

I find it amusing how the thing in the story that started an argument was the fact that the characters played Monopoly.:rainbowlaugh:

Yes, but now you can use this in your story. I'm basically handing you fanfic-fodder on a platter...

Comment posted by FlameBow717 deleted Dec 20th, 2018

To watch your family slowly suffer and succumb to your inevitable victory as you pry their dreams of glory from their fingers with tiny, colorful, piece of tender.

The worst part about this was the CLIFFHANGER :(

Thx for update

Every teacher is going to have one hell of a time trying to get their classes attention on day one.

swearing is a crime in equestria? man I wonder what twilights first high school dance would be like......given her dance skills

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