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A well-led life runs into an end. If that was it, it would have been fine, but the forces of the universe were not content, finding another purpose, or perhaps reward, for this being in another world entirely. May she shine gently.

Key words: Human in Equestria, Human to Pony(but it's basically the start point), Transgender

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With life being so messy this past year I'm not doing much reading, but I'll definitely keep an eye on this as per usual for most of the stories you've produced.

Fluttershy's eyes widened anew. "You... know him too, I see... He is quiet usually, but sometimes we can get a little rowdy... He gives me an excuse to let my hair down." Not that her hair was generally in any position but down. "Does that bother you?"

Uh, figuratively, I guess. :twilightsheepish:
No offense to him or Fluttershy, but (I may or may not have mentioned this before) I honestly don't really like Discord much, for about the same reasons DWK doesn't.

"Moving," concluded Diamond, tossing her mane even as she leaned to the side. "And a blank flank." Comforting cringed, worried she was about to be harassed. "But don't worry, it'll come in time. In fact, if that bothers you, I know a set of ponies who specialize in that."

Comforting blinked, but that turned into a renewed smile. Diamond was reformed, and offering her a chance to visit the CMC.

Okay, okay. Still...

Diamond colored red swiftly. "Don't say that! Ugh, that sounds so corny!" She prodded at her friend, huffing in indignity. "I'm learning how to be in charge the right way. That's not the same thing."

Diamond showing humility. The world may yet end. :ajbemused:
I'm sorry, but let's just say that her redemption was a touch too long in coming, if you catch my drift.

A pity the animal in front of her didn't seem to agree, glaring at her with dread import. "Angel Bunny, right?" The rabbit thumped a hind foot on the ground, arms folded as it stared at her. "Um... hi?"

Angel charged at her. She squeaked and practically fell over herself, trying to get away. He was on her, snatching the box away from her confused jaws and dashing away just as quickly, leaving her with no cookies.

A more ironically named critter you would be hard-pressed to find.:twilightangry2:

I am so happy to see the first chapter actually posted in here.

Cute so far looking forward to more ch

It will be released in a flurry to start. I wrote a few chapters while waiting on the cover image.

That is a comment full of uncertainty.

Considering who left it, are you really surprised?

You know it's funny, I played your Pathfinder mod for years (and submitted many an ask to the blog) but I've never read any of your writing.

A fine time to start. Welcome!

I really like how this starts out. Very gentle and heartfelt slice of life, but with hints of much larger lore. Not too much different from how G4 itself started, and in my book, that's a good thing.

I'm enjoying the pacing. Comforting's getting more introductions to mane characters, but not at a rate that's too fast or too slow.

Looking forward to further chapters!

"I'm glad to hear that." Twilight sank down to be more on level with the filly. "Now, a serious question, and no answer you give will bother me. What is 7 times 5?"

what base?:unsuresweetie:

I will take that as a nice compliment, thankee!

She hadn't paid enough attention in the later seasons, which was biting her in her new furry bottom.

Cozy Glow


AA something new!! Looking forward to see where it goes from here 💙💙💙

This is kinda adorable, definitely gonna give this a shot


My pleasure, I look forward to commenting further. :)

Expect a flurry of updates 1/day until I catch up with what I already wrote(It's updating 2/week)

"She knows too much." Starlight sat on her side of her desk, peering at Twilight. "You are way too--"

(Mobster impression) "An' she don't know when ta keep her yap shut."

Gallus fired a wink from across the table. "Don't worry about it. I like a good newspaper once in a while. You're new in town, right?" As soon as she nodded, he went right on, "I'll show you where you can read the paper without even payin' fer it, if you're a fast reader."

I used to as well, mostly for the Sports, the Funnies, and the Crossword/Word-Search.

Yona stuck out her tongue. "Not up to us to 'get'. We help." She set a hoof on Comforting's head. "Help friends."

That's a good attitude.:raritywink:

Actually got a good chuckle out of this. XD

It's interesting to see Starlight being continuing to be well meaning but still feeling very wary of the situation.

It's really too bad Cozy is obviously a manipulative super villain, because Comforting getting a welcome letter like that from almost anypony else would have been fun.

That being said, it seems Comforting is too nice to be easily swayed by Cozy's antics. She may say a couple of unintentionally offensive things by mistake, but she clearly doesn't fear other creatures, let alone hate them.

Wait I'm confused why is cozy glow here, I thought this was after the shows events?

It is confusing is it not? It will come up.

Any magic lesson that the student gets a boop from Twilight before it starts is going to be a good one.

This is a very cute chapter.

"Thank you." She grabbed something. "Now, tell me what the most magic thing in the room is."


Which got Twilight to blink. "Um. Oh, do you read comics? Yes, that analogy works." Fortunately for her, she had been exposed to some of that via Spike. "Imagine you are a pilot of the mecha that is your horn."

Yours is a drill that can pierce the heavens! :rainbowdetermined2:

"Okay!" Comforting began making little mechanical noises, a silly grin on her face. "I'll form the head," she cried, mentally dropping a little imagined Comforting into her own horn. "Lights are green." She swiped at buttons that weren't there. "Target in sight. Let's move!"

Let's go; Voltron Force! :yay:

"I'd love to discuss more, but... There's no point without time to actually practice." She pointed at where the apple had vanished into Comforting. "You let me know when you feel comfortable moving small things around, or if you run into any troubles. I've started you on the path, but I am not abandoning you, promise. You can always come to me."

I have opened the door; You need to walk through it.:coolphoto:

Its a great story so far thank u

I had the same thought about Voltron.

An odd foal for the odd couple, a harbinger of doom sighted, and pony pockets... typos and doodles.

I'm hoping that someone would get those references.:ajsmug:

I have actually seen more Voltron episodes, albeit quite some time ago, than I have Power Rangers. (That is the only other use of a combining mecha that I have seen.)

Don't believe in yourself, believe in the me that believes in you!

Glowing doorknobs for the win.

It's really adorable to see Twilight teaching Comforting in such a gentle, compassionate way, and the boop was a great moment to be sure. :)

It'll be interesting to eventually learn why Comforting can see faint magic that others can't. :)

I loved the mecha driving metaphor for helping with horn training, especially when Comforting said "I'll form the head" just like Keith. :)

Hopefully Comforting does get a change to put a good word in for Diamond and Silver. :)

It's great to see Comforting and Fluttershy's relationship expanded upon. My favorite part was when Comforting told her "you have a willing minion right here," that's some real loyalty right there. :)

I've seen a lot of mecha based... series. Among which are, in no particular order...

Anime - SSSS Gridman (and by extension, Superhero Samurai Syber Squad)
Anime - Knight's and Magic
Anime - Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and SD
Movie - Starbirds (Side note: This one had my All-Time favourite mecha - Dynamo)
... Yes - Zoids
Anime - Mazinger Z/Tranzor Z
Game - Virtual ON
Game - Battle Clash and Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge
Games - Super Robot Wars 3, 4, J, OG and OG2
Game - Pacific Rim - yes, I played the mobile game, but never got the chance to see the movie. :facehoof:
Anime - Vehicle Force Voltron/Lion Force Voltron/Voltron Force
Anime - Gurren Lagann

If i thought about it, I could probably go on.

Like I said, though, If i thought about it I could go on.

Side note: I think MechWarrior (And Battletech, by extension) applies too?

"We really are." She set Angel down carefully. "He watches out for me, and I watch out for him. We're a team."

That brings a different pair...

"Um!" She had forgotten Fluttershy didn't know the specifics. "Never mind. I just mean I want to be a good foal. And good foals get their chores done and hop on their homework. So what are my chores?"

Nice save there, C.S. :ajsmug:
Though, you might need to watch what you say a scosche more carefully in the future.

A glance showed it was still sputtering and weak. "Only exercise will get the engine running at full speed..." Just like any other muscle, really. If somebody wanted to get good at something, they had to practice it, a lot.

True enough; It's said that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to fully master a skill.

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