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  • TDoomsday Begins Here
    Lumina, mother of Luna and Celestia has a terrifying vision and immediately goes to seek advice on its meaning from a somewhat apathetic primordial spirit and see what she should do.
    Ice Star · 1.6k words  ·  29  5 · 737 views
  • EStella Aura
    Twilight Sparkle has an dream about the desert. Or at least she thinks it's a dream... until she starts to hear a voice that claims to be her,
    Ice Star · 1.4k words  ·  40  1 · 799 views

There are three of them, all Alicorns living to the desert land south of the Everfree Kingdom, which is the land that will one day be Equestria. They are a family of three: an elder sister and the younger kin she raised long before Celestia and Luna had even been born.

Elinora of the White Flame rules wisely, alone until the others are of age and get their marks. Hasad is charismatic and an excellent mediator. Stellaura is nervous, paranoid, and wants nothing more to be like her brother and please everyone, including herself by overcoming her inferiority complex. All of them have their own wishes for the world.

Only one of them will have their wish fulfilled.

Major spoilers in the comments and groups! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 22 )

Sithis would be pleased.

For my part, I think a good hitting of the reset button for their entire star system is now necessary. Well done, Hasad, I'm sure your species applauds your ability to become shadow incarnate's greatest puppet.

The number one enemy to any sand builder, rain.

7357729 Don't go to beaches. They have more than just rain, they've got the whole hurricane. :rainbowderp:

So that's what those hairs by the hooves are called!

7357746 Hurricanes are bad. Also yup, those are called feathers.

Little did he know a dragon would find it.

Woah. This is crazy.
This dude has some serious sociopathic tendencies. :pinkiecrazy:Also some evil ones. :trixieshiftright:Like a lot of them. Damn!

There should be way more reads and comments on this story. Yeah, it's short and vague but it's the unique style of the story

7608287 *psychopathic
And thanks for the praise!

Icy, you really do a lot of research, don't cha?

7932982 goddamn it Icy
I cannot describe the feeling the last chapter gave me.

This was super haunting tale, and even though you clearly laid out the bricks of the road the story followed, the story remained an amazingly riveting read. More than once in the final chapters, this chilling presence sat looming around your words. I think the really hard-hitting message about Hassad wanting a name really made this story great; all of that buildup to this chapter had me taking each sentence minute by minute. Definitely one of those slowest reads I've had in a long while, and I believe that should say a lot, considering this story is only a tasty morsel of 20,000 odd words. But what a tasty morsel it is, indeed. Almost as tasty an eldritch horror and its artifacts.

Either way, it was definitely one hell of an opening to the Iceverse's lore.

I'm actually really surprised that you read this one, since most people that have read it only dug into it when it became more relevant in the storyline, and Umbra/Hasad reappears. It was certainly a bizarre story to write and Hasad took a while to work out, but working on the most OC-centric story I've done to date was an experience. It always served as more of a supplement to the lore and 'verse rather than the opening, when I thought of it. Elinora, Stellaura, and the rest of the cast were all a blast to write - a few even appear again - and I'm glad that they were a blast to read too!

Yikes the creation of the Alicorn Amulet..

Yeppers! Things can only go down from here.

Makes me wonder if the artefact that Daring Do finds were created by Hasad.

That was an interesting read. It helps set the foundation of this story universe.

There were some problems though. The chapter synopsis say that of the three immortal alicorns. One will have their inner desire / wish granted.

Later chapters made it clear that it would be Hasad with too many chapters focused on him.

It probably would be better if more chapters were focused on the other two sisters so readers are left in suspense as to which alicorn gets their heart's desire. The elder barely gets any mention other that she's rulling. And Stella is only seen at earlier chapters and at the end.

That was intentional, especially because this was planned as a novella. So it was going to be all plot, no fluff. I never really meant to hide who gets their wish granted, considering how the tags/other bits of the synopsis make it ominous enough.

Thank you for binging this though!

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