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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


The Tree of Harmony loomed large before Gilda.

This was her one shot.

Taking a deep breath, she began her case. "Harmony, I have come to bargain."

Featured 8/19/2021 - 08/23/2021!

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Nice little story, I enjoyed it

Well done! This is a wonderful little character piece. Hopefully, Gilda will have the strenth to do what needs to be done...

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Ah, this begs of a continuation or an epilogue of sorts; but I can understand that sometimes is better to leave the ending open.



Good dialogue exchanges, I can feel how desperate Gilda is, Tree is sufficiently alien

Thank you for this

The real magic is in the bonds we foster between eachother. Solidarity!

Nicely done!
Too bad this idea wasn't incorporated into a canon episode--animating the expression on Gilda's face about "giving her heart" would've been priceless! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Nicely done!

Tugged at the heart strings. Well done!

nice i just got off work this will be a nice thing to think about before going to sleep.:twilightsmile:
such a nice read all the best for gilda and her race!:yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

dude i was also thinking that! the comedic scenario of it while TOH has this poker face like gouging out your own heart is normal like kano from mortal kombat!

Marvelous little story. I loved every word of it. There's just one little problem:

Treelight held completely still, expression pleasantly blank and unchanged. "I am unaware of such circumstances. My senses only reach a fraction of the distance to Griffonstone." If it hadn't been for the spirit's passive face, Gilda might have convinced herself there was a hint of regret in its voice.

In "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone," Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are sent on a Friendship Mission to Griffonstone. Given the connection between Namepending Castle and the Tree of Harmony, I see no reason not to believe that Harmony's awareness extends beyond the Celestial Sea to the Dragonlands and Griffonstone, regardless of the extent of its roots.

That is a good point and it hadn't directly occurred to me to look at it this way. Hm. Well, have to remember that for next time, I suppose!

It was unfathomably stupid and yet so very, very pony.

This line was unfathomably obnoxious and yet so very, very Gilda.

Perhaps this one could be explained as the tree using the connection to the bearers and their own relationships to feel out problems that may exist far past the physical boundaries and limits of the tree itself. If friendship is magic, then there's a magic in any relationship, strained as it was when they were sent to gryphonstone. Relationships are the net by which harmony acts.

Fantastic story, is this a prequel to another story where gilda takes over gryphonstone? I feel like I've seen it before but hadn't gotten around to reading it yet.
Well done, very wholesome.


How do you do it?

Pulled first one way, then the other...

"Bluebird of Sappiness"...

Then, Gilda is about to claw over her heart like Alita...


I swear...we need awards for our outstanding authors.

And yes...I want to read about Gilda saving Griffonstone...


Fantastic story, is this a prequel to another story where gilda takes over gryphonstone? I feel like I've seen it before but hadn't gotten around to reading it yet.

Not one of mine, but there's a fair few that do that. And really, of named characters we've got? She's the most logical.

All I can say is that I am getting Doctor Strange flashbacks.

And my brain just went-

Wait is this a crackfic where the tree kills Gilda over and over again-

*reads the story*

Yeah, no, it's deeper than that.

The only flaw I see is this is a one shot. This deserves far more. Have a like. Tis all i can give.

Many authors, (including me) refer to the great ley lines beneath the ground. The solid structures of crystal that webs the entire planet, capturing the Magic and storing it throughout itself and the nodes where lines come together...

The Tree is the evolution of the ley lines brought to life by the Pillars...and even though it might not have roots that are that far away, the resonance of Magic is perceived by the Tree...who now has its first Agent outside of Equestria proper...

Bluebird of Sappiness is a mind-blowingly good description of Gallus from a Griffon point of view.

This was definitely a great 1 shot and like others I think it could (but doesn't NEED to) have more.

Wow this was a pretty good story so it looks like Gilda was visiting to the everfree forest to meet with the tree of Harmony to ask her for help her to bring Harmony into Griffinstone and it was cool that glida really want to help her Homeland even the tree of Harmony can see that in her and this was a pretty nice conversation between these two and I'm sure Gilda will do everything she can and it's very interesting for the tree of Harmony to be a character since she made her appearances at least being sentient this was a very awesome story keep up the good work

Edit: did I say something wrong

Could argue that it worked because Dash was one end of the problem there, so there was an anchor.

I see Eroraf has already addressed the sensor range issue. In any case, Gruff would be proud of Gilda's decision here (not that he'd ever admit it.) I do have to love how her own expectations created the test of character more than the Tree. Poor thing is still trying to figure out socialization with meat creatures that exist in linear time.

Also, interesting detail: I don't think Gilda actually took back her money. After all, she found something much more valuable.

Lovely stuff. I do love seeing people work with Treelight. Thank you for it.

You know, this makes me wonder if "Enlightened self-Interest" would work out for griffons.

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Poor thing is still trying to figure out socialization with meat creatures that exist in linear time.

Yeah, this was one of the fun parts of this story. There's two entirely separate conversations going on - Gilda desperately appealing to a nigh-divine figure to save her people, and the Tree going "HI NEW FRIEND I AM SOCIAL GOODER."


How has it taken me this long to find out there’s such an awesome name for this character?!

As has been said, I do love seeing people write about BIG FRIEND trying to understand these linear time creatures. And it’s great to see Gilda advance as a character to what some of us always thought she could be. Great stuff!

This was a really cool idea and very nicely written. Great work

Treelight: "You are of BajorEquestria. You are my Emissary. :twilightsmile:"
Gilda: "I haven't a clue of how to do that! :twilightoops:"
Treelight: "First you are reborn. Then we send your mother to meet your father. Then you die. Then you go to war with the changelings. Then you go through puberty. Then you command a city. Then you are born. Then you go to school--- :twilightsheepish:"
Benjamin Sisco: "Oh, good God! You're doing it all wrong again! How many times do I have to tell you!? I bought you a Timex! USE the DAMNED THING!! :twilightangry2:"
Treelight: "Do not listen to the Cisco. The Cisco is still stuck in linear time. :trollestia:"
Gilda: "He sounds like he's making a hell of a lot more sense than you do! :twilightoops:"

You got a visible reaction from the Tree of Harmony. That is no mean feat.

We really need to teach the tree some social skills.

This is why, the Q, for all their...antics are still more relatable as non-linear beings, because they are non-linear, they can at least remember what it is to be linear. That's the thing about the Prophets, they suck because they refuse to come down to our level to talk to us, but Q, Q, and q are perfectly willing to shoot the shit with the mortals. I mean, Q's a bit of a dick about it, and don't even get me started on q, but at least Q was a nice person...sometimes.

That's one way to replicate the success of Equestria, and a smart one at that.

...i'll be honest, i'm intrigued and would like to see more of this.

This was a lovely little story and a fascinating little character piece -- and the scene where Gilda was ready to carve out her own heart and the Tree went "oh, no, not like that" was priceless.

It's interesting how she seemed to have cause and effect mixed up, as it were -- she wanted to grow a Tree to fix Griffonstone, but the Tree itself was quite clear about how needed to fix Griffonstone to grow a new Tree.

Also, it occurs to me now that despite its, uh, visual prominence, you don't really see people doing a lot with Griffonstone's tree specifically in stories.

Good story! Strong dialogue, effective characterisation of Gilda and showing her frustration and just how tired she is with the way Griffonstone is.

There's extra irony in her wanting to grow another Tree in Griffonstone, because in outlines and early scripts for Season 5 episodes relating to the Map, Map Quest episodes ended with the camera lingering in a Tree of Harmony-like stem sprouting out of the ground in the place the two chosen Mane 6 members had been to. This was, of course, scrapped in the end (we would have also seen the return of the Rainbow Power forms - the Mane 6 would have briefly assumed them when called by the Map and when the mission was finished, rather then their cutie marks simply flashing).

I borrowed an idea from IDW--the whole Celestia has an Amulet with Changeling Magic that allowed her to disguise herself to walk among the citizens. That was sufficiently Shakespeare enough to extrapolate that when Celestia abdicated, she left the Amulet to Twilight...who then gave it to the Tree's avatar, to allow it to walk amongst the populace and learn...

Twilight has got to be discomfited by a Tree, Harmony or not, impersonating her; and would find a way to change that...

And so...Harmony came to be...a white Pegasus with goldenrod and conflower blue mane and tail...

She's actually a pretty good looking character...

Oddly both more and less frustrating to deal with than Dormammu.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few more chapters

It was unfathomably stupid and yet so very, very pony.
Gilda actually smiled a little at the idiocy of it.

And yet we love those little technicolor quadruplets.

I understand using the image of Twilight Sparkle as my avatar may be confusing but I am a tree.

:fluttershysad:: *sad pony noises*

Everything about Equestria is strong, despite how… Fluffy all of you are.

It's actually less despite and more because.

Hoarsely, Gilda laughed as she regained herself and forced herself to sit up straight again. "Some ancient pony wisdom?"
"My friend Gallus." The spirit corrected with an actual trace of cheer.

Gilda: "Close enough."

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

We're lucky it can say more than "I am Gr- harmony."

10945449 We Q do indeed like to toy with you mortals.

In ways you still haven't grasped... what with you being so linear and all. :trollestia:

Very good stuff here. Really nice character piece for Gilda. Also really liked the gryphon misunderstanding and being ready to sacrifice herself for her people.

As others have said, great job capturing the Tree's struggles with communicating with beings that aren't physical embodiments of abstract concepts. One note, though:

Not that she'd entirely believed Gallus when the Bluebird of Sappiness claimed that the Tree spoke through a translucent, sparkling image of Twilight Sparkle as a unicorn

In both "What Lies Beneath" and "Uprooted," the Tree takes the form of alicorn Twilight Sparkle. Unless the Tree has adopted a new avatar?

(That makes me wonder. As Twilight gains height in her role as princess of Equestria, would the Tree of Harmony change its projection accordingly? How do you make a sparkly mane even sparklier?)


In both "What Lies Beneath" and "Uprooted," the Tree takes the form of alicorn Twilight Sparkle.


I swear I checked that in advance. Argh, of all the little details to muck up... Right, fixing that.

Approaching, the white-headded

but I am a tree."

Wouldn't it be 'the tree'? I'm kind of nitpicking, but the tree isn't really a tree-tree, is it?

than their wallet."

'Coin purse' might be more accurate, but now I'm really nitpicking.

Also, you need to work on Gilda's 'voice.' A lot of her dialogue doesn't sound like her at all. I'll grant you, she's definitely one of the harder characters to write - trust me, I know.
I could maybe be persuaded to help in that department.

Ah, but Gilda...it's not the tree that has made Equestria great...it's what it represents.

To it's credit, the Tree understands this. Hence the seed--the seed alone will not solve the problems of the griffons, but it can serve as a tool to help the griffons to learn what will solve their problems by trying to nurture it.

There's a greater lesson being taught to Gilda here with that seed, and I appreciate the heck out of it. :twilightsmile:

(You know, in a bit of a roundabout way, I could see this same sort of scenario applying to G5--at the very least, the same lessons can stand to be taught to the G5 ponies)

Wow, that was really well written. I really enjoyed it! Great job.

This is a really good read equipped with a rather deep background and plot. I really want to see the Mane6 go and see this Griffonstone's version of the Tree of Harmony. Imagine Applejack give lecture on how to tend a tree to griffons should be amusing.

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