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This story is a sequel to Patterns

It started with doubt, and despite their struggles and best efforts, Twilight and Rarity were forced to make a difficult decision. Months later, they have to confront the fallout, and maybe rebuild bridges that were broken.

Written as an entry to the second Quills and Sofas Expanding Universes contest, wherein we were given another entrant's story and wrote a sequel, prequel or related story for it. I got Undome Tinwe's wonderful Patterns.

Thank you to the entrants over at Quills and Sofas for their wonderful feedback (and sorry, there are so many of you to list!)

Thank you to applejackofalltrades for the cover art! Here are his DeviantArt and Twitter!

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I wish I had written this.

Every scene in this was beautiful, a wonderful exploration of what happens after love dies, and how that particularly affects people in Rarity and Twilight's position. The writing was heartfelt, and made me feel so many things, and it's stuck in my mind ever since. I am so happy that you were assigned my fic for the contest, and I am so honoured at this masterwork you've managed to create from it.

Also, Horse Divorce.

I think I said it during the contest but I'll say it again.

It was an absolute privilege and honour to have written this. I love the way you wrote both Rarity and Twilight and I was secretly hoping to be assigned your fic in the contest lol. I am so very glad you like it.

Horse Divorce

l wish the internet out here wasn't so bad so i can read this. (im on the Atlantic soo yhaa.)

I'm resisting the urge to comment with "Horse Divorce" as well, but it's pretty much my fault that that came about (explaination: hors d'oeuvres looks kinda like "horse divorce", and this fic has both hors d'oeurves AND an actual horse divorce, so...) Beyond that, this was a really well-written fic, and I'm so glad it's on FimFic so I can share it with my friends!

:moustache: Just like Hasbro...
:ajbemused: Who got custody?
:raritystarry::twilightoops: Oh poopy
:rainbowhuh: Duh
:pinkiegasp: Poor dragon has been through enough
:moustache: I survived on red wine and blue diamonds
:flutterrage: and boxes and boxes of Captain Crunch!
:derpytongue2: With no milk

Ouch, right in the feels :fluttercry:

Amazing job! This felt like a potential natural continuation of Patterns, and you presented the post-divorce awkwardness wonderfully. Rarity's date made exactly the sorts of boneheaded moves you'd expect from an upper class twit. I'm happy they chose to become friends again at the end.

oow, what a lovely prequel, can't wait to read the sequal


You monster

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