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Twilight has a beard. It's, like, a really big deal for some reason.

Written for June's Pride and Positivity campaign.

Check out these fantastic charity materialists, and consider donating some yourself or participating in the campaign yourself:
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Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 9 )

Who should Twilight speak to next?

Now, depending on where in the time line of the show this is, I would suggest Lil' Cheese as a possibility in some cases.

But otherwise, probably Rainbow, Pinkie Pie, or her Parents.

Ooh lil cheese is an excellent idea!!

Was about to say, "This doesn't seem like an LGBT+ story in particular, but I'm fine with a destroying gender roles story," but then I reached the segments indicating Twilight and Shining are both nonbinary, so no edge case here. I always loved the idea of exploring unicorn beards, and Twilight and Shining's banter was nice, so this was a good story. Or start to a story, rather.

So, uh. I may have done this story first.

Except, y'know, your version is actually thoughtful and stuff, whereas mine is really, deliberately dumb.

Regardless, song time.

Oh, and obviously Twilight needs to talk to Rarity, just for more unicorny beardy bidness.

There are more songs where this came from. The Beards are pretty great.

I tend not to think to hard about gender roles.... but i could realy get behind a girl with a beard.
Well maybe not Twilight, but put a beard on Celestia and I'd hit that like a hammer baby.

Had to look it up, but that's the agender flag there.

That was another nice conversation. Looks like every pony will be a GSM? Neat. Also canon.

Love it, anticipating more of it. I think Spike would be interesting to talk to, next.

Great chapter! And yeah, that feels like a pretty Pinkie way to view things.

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