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te amo como la luna al sol, cuando no estas ahí brillo por ti


Namaste, I am Tree Hugger. Aside from being a flower child, I’m also a fortune teller. As is the nature of my job, I receive ponies from all sorts of paths in life.
One of my customers seems to be coming quite often, though.

Should I be concerned or excited? 

Crackship between Tree Hugger and Sunshower Raindrops.
Editing done by The Red Parade, RubyDubious, Zontan, and Shaslan. Please make sure to check them out, they are amazing authors! 

Cover art by me :)

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Gosh this story is just, so good Rice. You took one of the really out there ships and made it totally believable! I especially enjoyed Treehugger's characterization and how you described the hoof reading. There really isn't much else to say than this was beautiful and amazing and I loved it.

There are two extremely strong features of this piece, and that's the incredibly detailed and captivating spiritual aspects, and the overwhelming, and searing feeling of love I feel underpinning each word, and each thought. This doesn't really feel like a story, it feels like genuine and accurate emotions dancing in my mind. It feels like I'm floating gently and calmly down a still river and the sun is warming me from above. Indeed, these are two very strong aspects that, if present in a more normal pairing, would make it extraordinary, but applied to a pair of barely seen mares, it becomes stunning!

Moreover, I will explicitly state the more subtle things, like the sink being broken, the bead curtains, the tiny actions Sunshower does. These would be standouts in a normal piece, but again, present in a rare romance like this, elevate it to a completely new height, like looking to the top of a towering, ancient tree whose loosing a cascade of flower petals. Sincerely, this is an excellent piece! Fantastic work!!

I've never really seen any ship involving Tree Hugger beyond the usual ones with Fluttershy, but I can dig this!

It's really well written and crafted in such a way I could actually feel the story and its characters, which is an important but difficult ingredient in romance stories.

Yo, this was actually a really well crafted romantic vignette.

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