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Luna hasn't been a princess for long. She managed to wrangle the moon, find herself coronated, and now she finds herself able to visit ponies in their dreams, something which she learns to share.

An entry into the Pillars Shipping Contest.

Thank you to Silver Mint and Sunlight Rays for proofreading and editing and for dealing with my neurotic ramblings

Cover art is edited. Original is The Milky Way over Mt Rainier by Michael Matti by Michael Matti is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

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Thanks for the submission! We look forward to reading this piece and wish you best of luck in judging!

As always, your stories are a treat to read and as usual, excellent work!

This was a really nice story! I loved the way dreams were described, and the process of Luna figuring out her powers. Her and Somnambula's interactions were sweet, and it's a neat little addition to Somnambula's power set. Nice to see them reunite at the end.

this gives me great "awwww"

This was adorable, I liked it a lot.

This was a really creative approach! I loved the dreamscape scenes and you describe them so viscerally it paints a great scene in my mind. The concept was beautiful too and I'd be down for a whole series of Somnambula teaching Luna the art of dreamwalking. I think though that the ending felt undermining when compared to everything else? It just felt like a weaker ending to a super strong start. It also felt kind of indecisive as to the dynamic between the two? At times it felt like a teacher and a student, but then Somnambula kind of wavered in indeciciveness between mysterious, an onlooker, a mentor, and a friend. Still, this was a super creative entry and I would love to see more of it! Thank you for participating!

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