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The Royal Family of Feathisia spends May Day together!

A lovely gift fic written for my good friend Diceman set in the Equestria at war universe!

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Rarity Gets Stung by a Bee.

Written for Eileen's Spring Fling Contest!

Trigger warnings: A bit of Bigotry, Trypophobia, Violence, Body Horror, and some of the sweetest romance I've put to pen.

Chapters (4)

Rarity agrees to go on a date with Trixie. It goes better and worse than you think.

Tagged with 'sex' for some rather raunchy comedy, but nothing explicit.

Story includes: A vending machine date, unconventional romance, polyamory, gremlin trans Trixie, and Flash Sentry mention. Enjoy!

Proofread and edited by Fidd and Jay!
Cover by the lovely Opossum_stuff!

Chapters (2)

Sunset gives her nonverbal girlfriend, Ditzy, a new voice for her birthday.

Proofread and Edited by Flashgen
Tagged with 'Sex' for some implied naughtiness, though nothing explicit is shown.

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Rainbow Dash drives Twilight to the emergency room during a blizzard.

Proofread and edited by Seer, Flash, and Mushroom!

Couldn't have done it without them, so give their work a lot of love, they're all unspeakably talented!

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I didn’t start the fire that burned in my father’s heart, nor did I even know what set off the spark. All I knew is that he burned with fury, and scorched all he touched.

Written as a panic fiction in a Quills and Sofas contest. The prompt was 'We Didn't Start the Fire, and it was written in 25 minutes, with 5 minutes to edit, where it placed 2nd! Though, there are very minor revisions. Big thanks to Seer, Red Parade, and Snow Quill for help with the descriptions! Also, huge thanks to Snow again for drawing the amazing cover art!
CW: abuse, murder, light gore

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Princess Twilight Sparkle is at the top of the world with everything she's ever wanted... So what is that sickening feeling in her chest? And why does her reflection look so horrid?

This story was written under an hour in the Quills and Sofa's Speedwriting Group, for contest 58: Pride.
Big thanks to Seer, Dawn, Wish, Snow Quill, and Bill for their prereading of the story!

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Twilight Institutes a tax based on the cuteness of the citizen, the cuter you are, the higher your taxes.

This was part of the 49th speedwrite contest in the Quills and Sofas group. The prompt was "Cute Pony Tax" and this story was written within an hour.

Proofread by Moonshot

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