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Who am I? Why, I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider... Got it memorized?


Ever wondered what Sunset does for a job? Mechanic, maybe? Computer analyst, perhaps? How about a waitress at a sushi bar?

Wait... what was that last one?

Silly little thing I came up with after the reveal of the "Sunset Sushi" Mini (which is utterly adorable!}

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okami reference, yeah!

I knew somebody was going to use the EG Mini for a fic, it was only a matter of time.

What does the mini look like?:rainbowhuh:

So yeah.....the MLP community exploded upon seeing Sunset Sushi. :derpytongue2: Between this and the brief allusion that began Otakushy.....well I wouldn't mind seeing an Equestrian take on Japanese culture, pop or otherwise.

What exactly is this "Sunset Sushi" Mini?

This is really nice! Thank you for with this!

7979178 Yeah bacon sushi!

I could see rainbow stumbling upon sunset at this place because sushi is a healthy food. Rainbow and sports. So it would be funny if sunset challenge rainbow she couldn't handle it. And rainbow will always take the bait.

Sunset should put insoles inside her work socks to help with her feet

Rarity does realized that is how Japanese clothes are. They wear different kinds of socks with wooden sandals, it's normal.

7979212 That sounds good to eat, but doesn't really mix well with sushi in general.

7979108 It'll be a while, but the Sunset Mini is proof that Canterlot City DOES have an Asian community. It's real-world location is ambiguous, though. On that note, there's a scene in a Nightmare Night episode with the various anime cutouts, so Otakushy and "Honorary Japanese" Fluttershy are things. I've also read fics where she's a mangaka of all things... at least on the mirror side, though.

7979178 why isn't there any Chryslalis minis :fluttercry:

Wai! Kawaii desu ne! Sugoi desu!:pinkiehappy::raritywink:


Well done.

7979605 I may be wrong, but I think you can actually get special order tabi-socks with extra padding on the soles either for wearing as a replacement for shoes, or to wear with geta to make them more comfortable... Sunset has disposable income now, so she should probably look into seeing where she can get some.

7979685 I doubt it's any worse than Spam Sushi. That's a thing in Hawaii.

Okami, in my fanfic? It's more likely than you think! Or, your fanfic I guess. One part love letter to Hamilton and the other part sushi advert. I'm okay with all of these things.

Edit: That story art, tho :D

Sunset Shimmer looks adorable in that little uniform. And that is also nice to see her actually fitting into human society, without all of the other unfortunate implications that other fics have given her. :twilightblush:

Some people may call me a wimp for preferring Tempura Shrimp in a sushi place. But truth be told it's just that I'm a bit paranoid with cold dishes ever since a near death experience in Peru. But it isn't like I can't enjoy other Japanese dishes, like Chashu Pork Ramen.


And Tempura Shrimp.


Fluffy and cute. I love it! :yay:

A fun, fluffy slice-of life story; a very enjoyable light read. Thank you! :twilightsmile:


I now want this to actually happen in one of the specials. Iwant to see Sunset Shimmer at a sushi resturant.

By the way, awesome Okami reference!!!

Sunset does look good in a kimono.

This is 100% what I needed. Also, the fact that bronies all love Sunset Shimmer should be a warning. :pinkiehappy:

everyone give it up for america's favourite fighting frenchman

7979864 You mean musubi? As long as it doesn't have teriyaki spam, then I'm fine with it.

7980372 A warning for what? Being a Mary Sue?

7980429 Actually yes. I meant because it's too easy to let bullies teach you to be a bully, but you are also right.

Turns out having every villain find redemption might have been a good thing. I never would have guessed.

7980449 There's that, but not everyone can be redeemed. Like Chrysalis, Sombra or Tirek. While the other two are complete monsters, Chrysalis is a little worse than Starlight Glimmer in that she's hoarding all the love to herself and the other drones are given barely enough love to survive. Star only became Twi's student after she tried to mess with freakin' time! I mean, messing with one of the laws of the universe is bound to have serious consequences... right?

7980423 Who's America's fighting frenchman?

7980465 My greatest fear is the redemption of someone who has proven they cannot deserve it.

This is why I'm a bad brony, but I'm trying. :pinkiehappy:

このとてもかわいかったですね. In case anyone was wondering, for those of you who don't speak Japanese ("That was very cute.") But yeah, I liked the story. It was cute and not super depressing like I first thought it would be. A little nice breather from all the depressing, sad, or violent stories out there. :rainbowlaugh:

Nice Okami reference!

Damn, a 3:20 like-view ratio? Gotta read this. Plus the cover art is kawaii as fuck.

Headcanon acquired. :twilightsmile:

Hehe gotta say like all the others who mentioned it love the Okami reference. I absolutely LOVE that game and own a digital copy on the PS3 which I have the Platinum Trophy for. This story was a fun read, and I wouldnt mind seeing more. maybe you could write a story which leads up to her actually getting the job as a Sushi Waitress?

Sunset :heart: + a kimono :heart: + sushi :heart: = this fic is perfect :heart: :heart: :heart:

Comment posted by FrostingOrb1766 deleted Feb 26th, 2017

This was the alternative. Pick your poison. :pinkiehappy:

7980995 That seems like a personal problems for you. I'd bet most people would see it as cute as opposed to flirty, and any it's entirely possible to be both flirty and E rated.

7981084 What was the alternative? The only other one I've seen with Sunset wearing the sushi outfit is the one by Uotapo.

Link to the Sunset Sushi mini, please.

7980352 I'm not sure that's a kimono, but I know very little about Japanese culture. My view of a kimono is the very traditional dress that people usually think of when they think "Japanese Dress."

7981251 It's probably not a very authentic Kimono or Japanese outfit. Much like how Sushi Rolls in general aren't really Traditional Japanese, ESPECIALLY the fancy kind. Honestly her outfit seems kind of fetishy in order to attract customers, rather than any sort of traditional outfit.



Lupin III?

7980995 This kind of art is perfectly acceptible for an E rating, which is really more of a G-PG type thing from what I remember on this site. Hell just look at the movie Aladin by Disney and go look up Princess Jasmine's outfit. That is FAR more Sexy and less G rated than what Sunset is wearing. I mean it's a little high up, but then again the outfit in EG are more sexy like that. Hell it doesn't even show cleavage so...<.<;

Rarity, you must really learn to have respect for other cultures. :P

7980426 It's been about 20 years since I had it, so sorry if I got it wrong.

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