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This story is a sequel to Being Honest With Yourself

Sunset Shimmer is feeling especially bad about herself after a rough day in detention, and just when it seems like things can't get any worse, Fluttershy discovers her at her lowest and learns something about her that she'd been trying to keep secret from her friends. The worst part though? She's being so nice about it. It's far more than she feels she deserves.
Fortunately, Fluttershy's not about to let her turn down the help she needs.

Set between the first Equestria Girls movie and Rainbow Rocks. Part of a series of fics I've been working on about Sunset's early days learning how friendship works, which starts with my previous story Asking a Favor. Can absolutely be read as a standalone though.

This one deals with some slightly heavy subject matter. Nothing to warrant a rating higher than E though.

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As warm and heartfelt as the last few. :heart:

Enjoyable as always. Like the interaction between Sunset and Fluttershy.

Your first stories are in a collection I made to go back and read again. This one now joins it. I can't wait to see what you do with the remaining girls.

This was well-done. I've often enjoyed the idea of what things were like between Sunset and the girls in the time between the first movie and Rainbow Rocks - it's rich with possibilities, especially with Fluttershy, as she was (most likely) Sunset's easiest target from her bullying days. While the idea of Sunset being homeless is a common one in the fandom, it was executed well enough here, and I especially enjoyed Fluttershy's insight into kindness, and showing other options than just "if someone's mean to you, be mean right back".

Hope to see more on this little series about Sunset and her new friends. Maybe towards the end she could have a visit to Equestria and have a nice talk with Princess Celestia, once she feels the time is right... Would be a nice little addition... maybe like a summer break from school.

“More falsified paperwork that Principal Celestia thankfully didn't look into too heavily.”

I can believe it. After all, they crowned a girl Princess of the Fall Formal who, if they would have checked, they would have found to be enrolled at Crystal Prep Academy. Hey, even the most cursory check would find that she wasn't enrolled at Canterlot High at all.

I love it! Anything that deals with a tough subject matter is good. Anything with such sweetness from one of the characters is good. Combine them both, and I don't know how it could get any better.
I think the word that comes to my mind trying to describe the story is uplifting. Fluttershy's kindness it Sunset just leaves such a good feeling while reading it. This loosely reminds me of my favorite Superman fan-film, "One-on-one", in that it involves a nice character helping a troubled character out just out of the kindness of his/her heart, and for no other reason. Out of what I read of the other stories in this series, this is miles above them, although I mean that in the best possible way. Keep up the good work.
Also, I personally think this should win the Fluttershy Award for the Everfree Northwest's upcoming writing competition. I'm pretty sure it meets all of the requirements.

Have a like.:twilightsmile: And a fav.:pinkiehappy:

The smile faltered, and turned into something a little more sad. “Just because you don’t have to do something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.”

Words to live by.

Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you. Here, Fluttershy is the embodiment of this virtue.

“Hey now, you may have made some mistakes, but”

Something tells me that box doesn't belong there 🤔

Fluttershy is an excellent friend, and I'm definitely looking forward to the remaining stories in this series.

Very nice story; one little nitpick, though: a baby raccoon is called a 'kit', not a 'pup'.

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Will you make a sequel?

“You really are,” Fluttershy said with a giggle. “The world isn’t as black and white as people think it is. A bad person can become good very easily, and a good person can become bad just as easy. All it takes is one good push in the right or wrong direction. I like to push people in the right direction and hope for the best.”

The Dark Knight reference?

If I'd known that I wouldn't have read the Prequels.

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