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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: The Real Friendship Games

One cold snowy night, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle chance upon three faces from Sunset Shimmer's past who have lost their way.

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Why do I feel like Sunset's job is AT the shelter? Oh well, still a good story, though.

The difference between a righteous person and a good person is that a good person will even extend a hand of sisterhood and friendship to their worst enemy when they're in need.

The really hard part of repentance is to choose to turn your back on evil acts that made you feel very, very good.

this would make a great episode of eg! nicely done excellent story telling! well done!

Good job.

Catch a confident upvote, man (woman?). Great storytelling as always.

I gotta say, at first I wasn't buying the premise one bit. Adagio is too resourceful to let herself sink that deep. And if we talk tragic, Aria would sooner kill herself then become a bum. But by the end of it, you won me over. Still, realistically speaking, I think they'd continue to do music. You don't have to have a voice to make amazing tracks. That's what rap and dubstep are for.

Is there going to be a continuation?


The Shadowbolts Adventures is absolutely still ongoing, but as for when/if the Sirens will appear again, only time will tell. Thank you for enjoying it.

6729064 Exactly what I thought. 'Cept I thought of the Disturbed version.

Great story.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Bravo, bravo. Simply excellent.:heart::scootangel:

You win a :moustache:.
Look forward to reading the rest of these.

So did I. :raritywink: Disturbed is an awesome band.

(Well, I thought of the original song and the Disturbed cover)

Even though I was hesitant to accept the Dazzlings as hobos, the way you wrote it and the pay off were well done and very well executed.

I loved the way you described the Sirens not speaking because of how they think they sound now. Which is a path no one's done before, to my knowledge. I'd love to see them again in the series or a story for them separate to this canon. The psychological aspect of the Sirens was brilliant and the back story was interesting. The whole 'we weren't controlled' aspect has been explored and so has the corrupted angle but this one shows that it's not just evil they regret but one that they loved, almost like an addict dealing with an addiction, something I haven't seen but I enjoyed a lot.

The personalities of the Dazzlings was clear, even if we never hear dialogue from them and the fact Adagio is giving them their self appointed sentence was a nice touch.

Overall, an interesting story with a great outcome though maybe a little muddled with description here or there still a great read and a welcome addition to the Shadowbolts Adventures.... though seriously what is Sunset's job? It's bugging me not to know.

Not bad; not bad at all, :moustache:
... Also, now I want a tuna burger, :eeyup:

A touching, heartwarming little tale that's perfectly in tune with the spirit of the season of giving. I really liked this...

But I do have some nitpicks.

"Metabo..." Sunset trailed off and shook her head. "How should I know? They don't have that kind of medical science there."

Calling bullshit on that.


Metabolism has been an established scientific fact since the Middle Ages. Ponies have modern medical technology such as X-rays and EKGs in canon. They also have concepts such as carbo-loading. So yes, pony medical science is aware of the concept of metabolism.

I'm also calling massive, unbelievable bullshit on Sunset Shimmer having lived in the human world for several YEARS at this point and not being familiar with the concept of homeless people.


Sunset Shimmer was in the process of teasing Twilight by fabricating facts about Equestria.

Sunset didn't exactly spend those years studying humans. She was laser-focused on CHS, and CHS, by all accounts, is located in a suburb outside of the city proper.

Thank you for enjoying the story.

6730316 In the interest of preserving the spirit of the holidays and because the story was otherwise excellent, I'll swallow that. :raritywink:

"Honestly?" Sunset Shimmer scratched the side of her head in confusion. "Her voice hasn't changed. It's the same as it was when they invaded CHS."
"Oh..." Twilight looked back at the door worriedly again. "Do you think they'll ever realize...?"
"I hope so. I can try to convince them, but it's really up to them if they ever accept that their voices are perfectly fine."

Umm. maybe I'm dumb but I don't really understand what are you trying to say there.

I love it.
Holy crap do I love this one.
There have been plenty of Siren Redemption stories, but this 'willful muteness' twist is good, and your handling of the subject pretty darn great.

Interesting headcannon for the sirens. My own is a little darker and much more complex, but your's is probably closer to the canon version. Either way, this was such a sweet and heartwarming story. I hope to see more of this is the future.

Also, what the heck is up with Sunset's job? Just another reason for me to keep following this series.

Wow, the sirens using the pendants because they hated their voices would have been good enough, but then you went and made it so that they never lost their voice in the first place? That was amazing. Bravo.

The Dazzlings believe their voices are so ugly that they refuse to even speak. They couldn't hold a tone after Rainbow Rocks, but as it turns out here, that's not because their voices themselves are bad. Maybe they were so convinced they couldn't sing that they actually couldn't once their gems were broken.

Which makes me wonder: That very first concert, where ponies told them they're horrible—was that because they were truly bad? Or was it because they were seaponies? The 'stay in the water' comment is kinda suspicious.

Hmm. Does that mean that their voices now are just fine or amazing as they used to be? An interesting thing to explore.

Love this headcanon. Very nice.:D

Out of curiosity, whenever I finally get to my own fic, would it be alright to utilize an altered version of this headcanon that this fic showed for the sirens?^^


I wouldn't mind at all. Ideas are to be shared, not hoarded. Thank you for enjoying the story so much.

6732603 No prob.^^ In fact, it helped flesh out my ideas for the sirens' backstories.:D

I'm in the process of writing a Sunset-and-Twilight-find-and-befriend-the-homeless-sirens story. :rainbowlaugh: Yours is amazing! :rainbowkiss:

Hmmm.... since I said you inspired my concept involving the Dazzlings in regards to my fic I'll later make, would you like to hear what I have in mind for such? Or at least the Dazzling portion at least?^^

Feels like parts were missing and why would they even be homeless????.. Like where did they stay before they invaded CHS in the first place? Wouldn't they have had time to make a home for themselves having been there for some time???.. Also.. The ponies do have med science; I often seen their tech as more practical than ours.. In other words if it wasn't needed or useful or entertaining they never developed it or are behind it.. for sample.. Why would they need cars when as ponies they could run faster and further than a human???

Also we have not seen that much of the world.. it could be that somewhere a pony is watching a T.V. series about some strange creatures called humans.. Can see the title now..

My little Human : Friendship is a slice of life... lol...:rainbowlaugh:

But it was interesting for what it is and does bring up the subject of their fate...:twilightsmile:

Very interesting, I think is a clever and creative take on the fate of the Dazzlings, though now I can't help but be curious about Sunsets job, and for that matter her living situation since apparently she's been sheltered enough to have never seen the homeless.

The Sirens probably used their hypnotic powers to get hotel rooms or avoid paying rent, or to steal the money needed to do those things. Also the technology in the show is typically far behind ours and often rather clunky.

As a point of trivia, humans have crazy high endurance compared to most other species on the land. Modern life has downplayed that, but back in the day it was not unheard of to just keep chasing an animal until died of exhaustion. This is apparently how horses were originally domesticated.

Also I like how I feel sorry for sirens the most not when they are found on streets or that they can't sing, but rather when Adagio wrote "I still want it!"

6731722 or maybe they have lovely speaking voices but are vocally tone-deaf. I know at least two people with that same issue

6734704 Maybe but by the same token they could've used their powers until they were rich enough to afford to stay where they pleased before hand and they said themselves that they could only do so much and they would have to think ahead to get anywhere. So while I think they could end up homeless because of lack of powers they still could've developed enough skills to get others to depart with their money before they lost their powers but I have to admit it explains their disappearance better than most...

As for human endurance.. That is true but a horse is no slouch in the running department themselves and they are a herding animal which means they would stick together for safety which would make them more dangerous in a group and they are not above defending themselves which makes them dangerous.. They more likely set a trap for horses nearby and picked on the really young ones to start taming them..

Twilight's heart skipped a beat when she pulled Sunset Shimmer's face close to her own, but her lips veered away from the face to her ear, and Twilight could hear something barely audible pass between them.

Is that foreshadowing of future romance or am I just over analysing?:rainbowhuh:

6745586 Nah Twilight is definitely falling for Sunset.

6747862 Do I spy another story plot?
'Shadowbolt Adventures: SunLight Confirmed' anyone? :ajsmug:


You may want to read the next story in the series before confirming anything.

6757355 If there was a Shadowbolt Adventures which made Sci Twi and Sunset Shimmer a couple I would love that!! And I'd probably be jumping up and down.

6757491 Forget jumping up and down, I'd throw a party!!! ( Pinkie's rubbing of on me):pinkiehappy:
6757442 I've read it but now I think Sci-Twi should have thought it over a bit more and realised she has fallen for Sunset.(Mabe a future storyline, hmmm? )

wow this was awesome and I hope to see more of it! :twilightsmile:

This was a really interesting take on the Dazzlings, I like it :pinkiehappy:

This is an interesting take on the Dazzles! Refusing to speak because they hated their own voices due to jerks (seriously! Some Ponies!).
I have a feeling this won't be the last we see of them. And Sunset's refusal to state her job is rather ominous. And my mind is going to very...gutter-y places. Too much clip-a-clop.

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