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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Music To Our Ears

One cold and dark Nightmare Night, Lemon Zest, Sugarcoat, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, and Sour Sweet get together at Lemon's house to celebrate the holiday with a slumber party. But things take a terrifying turn when a long-hidden secret is revealed about one of their members...

I'd like to thank Bootsy Slickmane for not only pre-reading, but also being a terrific brainstorming partner, and providing cover art. What a guy.

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Okay, that was pretty fun.

I had a nice little grin throughout the story.

This would make a great series of misadventures.

I love Lemon. She's just so zesty.
I hope to see more about these girls before too long.

Ok, I didnt quite see this coming. Although this is starting to get serious.

:twilightoops: Jeez!

(Your characterization has been spot on, so far! :rainbowkiss:)

"Turquoise taco

Sonata Dusk. :duck::rainbowlaugh:

This is getting spooky!

Super cute! :rainbowkiss:

We can tie them to the flagpole outside, and if they don't explode when the sun hits them, they're telling the truth."

Faulty logic on Indigo's part. Sugarcoat has been outside loads of times, and never exploded. :derpyderp2:

"Then who was flickering the lights?"

I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I Can't stop laughing!!!!

:twilightoops: Damn, man...Good Job. :pinkiehappy:

Loving sugar coat. The best stories are ones that make you question reality.

Ha, wonderful! I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention!

Sour Sweet was perfect! That was spot on!

Shadowbolt six are go! This was totally awesome.

My money's on this being some kind of prank, and Twilight's in on it.

"We're going to the gym... isn't that where they keep the archery gear?"

Oh no. :facehoof:

"It wouldn't be the first time I was tied to that flagpole anyway..."

Aw, poor Twi. :fluttercry:

Ooooh, that I did not expect!

One minor nitpick:

The room was deathly silent

It is "deadly." :raritywink:

This goes to my read later folder, and then to my favorite

Girls... GRAB HER! Quick! Someone get some garlic-flavour chips and force them in her mouth!!!

TWILIGHT: "Twenty-five bits, on the dot on Monday, Sugarcoat, or I'm volunteering you for Fluttershy's shelter!"

SUGARCOAT: "You are thoroughly evil, Sparkle. Why did you leave Crystal Prep again?"

Personally, if I were Twilight, I would have added my own little touch. "Yes, you can trust me. You know, the girl who had a psychotic episode and nearly destroyed the universe to satisfy her curiosity? The one who allegedly got saved, although no-one knows how, by a girl who once wanted to turn everyone into mind-controlled zombies? Yes... Yes, you should trust me."

It just goes to show that, sometimes, you can be too convincing an actor. 'Overly convincing' being sort of Sugarcoat's primary oeuvre.

This is utterly hilarious. The personalities of the Shadowbolts are well represented and fleshed out a lot. I am liking these a lot.

One minor nitpick though: If you're going to delve into detail on a character's attire, do it at the beginning of the story. Mentioning Sunny's gown color at this point seemed like an afterthought.

I'll finish reading this later. I'm really liking this story.

Amusing story, and a big improvement over the preceding one. I'm definitely interested in more of these.

The room was deathly silent

It is "deadly." :raritywink:

Actually, no, it is deathly.

But it's 'steaks', not 'stakes' Wood is not juicy.

"Oh yeah?" Indigo snickered. "Then why is Lemon Zest still freaking out?"
"She's choking to death on a popcorn kernel," Sugarcoat pointed out flatly.
There was a moment of silence, aside from Lemon's gasping and wheezing, before Sunny leapt from the carpet to the couch behind her and wrapped her arms around her stomach, giving her the Heimlich maneuver until a single popcorn came shooting out of her throat to land right in the middle of the group.


There was a moment of silence, aside from Lemon's gasping and wheezing, before Sunny leapt from the carpet to the couch behind her and wrapped her arms around her stomach, giving her the Heimlich maneuver until a single popcorn came shooting out of her throat to land right in the middle of the group.

"Gaaahhh...!" Lemon Zest gasped for air. "Oh man that is so much better. Thanks Sunny!"

"Don't mention it." Sunny jumped from the couch back to her pillow in the girl-circle.

Aww. :twilightsmile:

Me and my irrelevant shipping aside, this was a rather interesting opening. I love how you've handled the characterization for each of the Shadowbolts; Sour Sweet in particular seeming to be spot-on. :twilightsmile:

"Yeah, Twilight, thanks." Sour Sweet sat down on the chair beside the sofa. She blinked when she realized everyone was staring at her expectantly. "What? I mean it. Sheesh. You people."

This was glorious.

6517242 Yeah, I'm inclined to think so as well. Still hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

"Let God sort 'em out."

Can I just say that I love how you've written Sour Sweet in this?

"You know, I've never been tied up before." Lemon Zest jerked at the ropes. "It's actually kinda-"

Lemon Zest is still the best, of course. :rainbowlaugh:

Come on, I know I'm knew to this 'friendship' thing, but you'll have to do better than that to get me with a Nightmare Night prank.


This was glorious in its entirety. I loved it even more than the previous entries in this series of yours, and I am looking forward to more shadowbolts hilarity. :pinkiehappy:

Sour Sweet's hand on her string almost looked like it was itching to let loose. "Let God sort 'em out."

Okay, that settles it. You can do no wrong, writer. You can do no wrong. That has got to be one of the best lines and moments I've seen in fiction. It was so epic that I can't put it into words how epic this was. You do the best Sour Sweet.

You really know how to make these characters feel alive. There were two things I loved about this that shook it up. Lemon Zest wanting to be a vampire was rather funny and it's always nice to see at least one person freak out the monsters, or in this case, prankers by just going along with it. As before with Starswirl, changing up how it goes was brilliant.

A lot of horror movies don't get how humans can readily arm themselves if given the chance and be deadly, especially vampire movies. Having it turn on Sugarcoat and the others like that was brilliantly comedic and I'm glad I've read this story. I am definitely keeping an eye on this series because this is comedy and character gold. :heart:

This story was a lot of fun--especially Lemon Zest (I guess she's going to be my favorite Shadowbolt).

The only problem I have is how the managed to get into their school at night. I doubt it would have been left unlocked.

Still don't know who flicked off the lights.:trixieshiftleft:

6562476 The profile pic completes the correction.


Hey there, lemme first says that Im a big fan of your take on the Shadowbolts crew. This story right here is another example of how well you did it.
That being said, Is it okay for me to write a short "alternate universe" take of this story? In which Sugarcoat was actually a vampire? Its going to be rather dark and bleak. Possibly with what people would've called as "Bad Ending" sorta thing.


I certainly have no objection, just let me know when it's complete so I can read it. I'm quite interested.

The screams split the air in unison as the four girls scrambled to get out of the living room through the darkness. "Everyone, get out! Run!" Sunny Flare shouted.

"Women and children first!" Indigo Zap screamed.

Sour Sweet growled back, "we're all women and we're all the same age!"

"Then Indigos and Zaps first!"

I'm dead. You killed me. :rainbowlaugh:

"Sugarcoat's a vampire!" Indigo exclaimed.

"And Indigo won't let me become one!" Lemon pouted, having regained her senses on the walk over.

"A vampire?" Twilight hid her lips behind one hand for a moment. "Did she come from Uranus by any chance?"

*SPITTAKE* DUUUUUDE! :rainbowlaugh:

This was way too much fun to read. I can see this as an episode of an Equestria Girls cartoon.

Can I borrow some money? I need a new pair of sides XD Great story!

She was wearing a full-body set of purple pajamas, complete with attached footsies.

Oh, my God, that would've made an adorable fanart.

Because no name is more innocuous and unassuming than "Vlad Impaler." Guy could've been named Leechy Mosquito von Bitenstein and it would've been less obvious. She only has herself to blame for that one.


I am going to use Leechy Bitenstein for my next vampire character.

Somewhat predictable, given the description. The question is, is Sugarcoat really a vampire, or is this some sort of really elaborate prank? Maybe it's something else altogether? Maybe I'm overthinking it and this is exactly what it seems. Anyway, next chapter!

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