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This story is a sequel to Shadowbolts Adventures: Sugarcoat's Laboratory

There aren't many good men in Crystal Prep Academy, most of them being as self-centered and prudish as most of the girls. Sour Sweet has been crushing on one of the few good ones, Braeburn, for a while, and she finally decides to go for it. She just has to get past Little Strongheart and he's all hers.

I don't know if I have to keep saying it, but thanks to Bootsy Slickmane for pre-reading and Cover Art.

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That was both sweet and hilarious. The fact that Sour managed to escalate things so quickly in one day is astounding.

I love how you briefly touched on her having regular 'manic' episodes. It seems completely believable to me, especially as someone who lives with several bipolar family members who do go into manic periods occasionally. You did a good job capturing the lack of normal rationality and forethought as well as the focused drive that often accompanies it,

It was a short life, but a good one, all in all. Especially that time in pre-school grade when her parents let her bring her big-wheel to school. So many burnouts on the pavement, laughing as her wheels ran over other students...

...Though she might need to see someone about that. She's just a liiiitle too fond of this memory... O-O

Also, Little Strongheart chasing Sour Sweet through the park with a tomahawk was amazing. I laughed the whole time. xD

BraeburnXStrongheart OTP

Exellent work as usual. Can already not wait until the next entry in this series. :pinkiehappy:

HAHHAHAHHAHA. OMG. I C A N T. :rainbowlaugh:
i was laughing and reading at the same time. this was a great story of Sour Sweet.
OMG. I just love these Shadow 5.

Oh my god my lungs...They DIED!:rainbowlaugh:

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You're welcome to leave whatever you want, but I feel like you missed the point somewhere.

Comment posted by StardustSurvivor deleted Oct 28th, 2015

This was never a story about Sour Sweet getting Braeburn as her boyfriend. It was established right from the start that he and another girl (Strongheart) were firmly a loving couple, and that Sour was destined to fail in her desire to get him as her own. This entire story was simply a comedic tale following Sour Sweet as she goes to extremes for illogical goals. She never had romantic investment in him, and he absolutely didn't in her.

In fact, this would have been a more realistic tragedy if she had gotten him to be her boyfriend somehow. Braeburn and Strongheart would have been separated, Braeburn would come to resent Sour (as would Strongheart), Sour would be stuck in a relationship that was never there and would have been crushed by the realization of her folly. That would have been a nasty slap of reality. Getting chased by a girl with a tomahawk through a park is hopefully not reality- it's just goofy.

I realize that that is your opinion, and this is mine, and that I may be overstepping some bounds here. However, I can't help but feel that your view of this story may be a little too black and white, and that you are missing the point of it- to be a silly story of a girl with a silly crush doing silly antics, who didn't really lose out in the end after all. Nothing won, nothing lost, and no hurt feelings.

I actually half expected one of the paper airplanes Strongheart threw back at Sour Sweet to land in Blueblood's lap and create an awkward moment later on, :rainbowkiss:


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If I sounded like I was ranting, then I apologize. I assure you the intent behind my words were purely informative and neutral. My only goal was to perhaps shed this story in a new light that would allow you to enjoy it more. Forcing you to change your opinion is not something I have any desire to do, nor is offending you or prying into your life. Again, I apologize if I came across as trying to do those things. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion.

For the sake of peace, I will not continue arguing about this (Hypocritical coming from the person who jumped in, I know). I will not reply to you anymore in the interest of leaving you be, and offer my sincere apologies. I also apologize to the author for starting this argument in their comment section.

-(And sorry for the deleted comment- my internet is having technical difficulties and replied to no-one)-


If I sounded like I was ranting, then I apologize. I assure you the intent behind my words were purely informative and neutral. My only goal was to perhaps shed this story in a new light that would allow you to enjoy it more.

Ranting is never a bad thing, I respect your reasons for doing so, because I tend to do it myself occasionally.

Forcing you to change your opinion is not something I have any desire to do, nor is offending you or prying into your life. Again, I apologize if I came across as trying to do those things.

I was not offended, nor were you trying to pry into my life, but most people when cornered in an argument try to play the pity card, "oh woe is me my life is horrible" and all that. I have no idea why I brought that up but whatever.

If you'll excuse me I'm going to put this all behind me and go read other stuff. Toodles!

Well, this was fun. :rainbowlaugh: The bit with Sour trying to use the intercom almost made me wake everyone up with my laughing.

I'm looking forward to a story focused on Sunny Flare; she's been the sane to offset everyone else's crazy so far, so it'll be interesting to see you get into her head.

As I was reading the part of Twilight and Sugarcoat having tea, I can see what would be going on in the background between Sour and Strongheart. Just like those classic cartoons, like Tom and Jerry.

6571392 Wow I don't think I've ever seen that many thumbs down on a comment before on this website lol.

6575046 I once managed to get 67 thumbs down on a comment within an hour. I wasn't even trying to be an asshole then.

6575081 Wow.....just....what did you say?

6575102 I think it would be best left unsaid, needless to say I'm still a little bitter about that.

6575104 Ok, that's fine. Have a nice day.

I've been following your "Shadowbolts Adventures" and I think this one is my favorite. Loved how crazy everybody got when love was on the line.

Now for what I really want to say:

BraeBurn's sexuallity is a slghtly complicated issue for me. I've pretty much accepted the idea that pony-Bareburn is gay into my headcannon, and you would think that it makes sense to apply the same concept to his human counterpart, but then I discovered this and it was so cute that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. At this point, I continue to characterize pony-Braeburn as gay, while human-Braeburn is straight. Is there anything wrong with that?


Thank you for enjoying it, I'm glad you did.

And no, it's not really weird to consider them so different. While there are certainly common traits among those of both universes, they're definitely not the exact same entity. Human Twilight is much more quiet and demure than her powerful and confident pony counterpart, Fluttershy is a lot less shy than her pony counterpart, probably due to being forced all the way through school instead of dropping out to become a hermit and friend to the animals, and Rarity has mannerisms on the human side that she has never shown as a pony ("Puh-psh-tch-pff" being among them). In general they're just slightly different due to having different life experiences.

Gotta say, first I've seen of these shadowbolt adventures, but if theirs more of the same I'm definitely marathoning them all. I love nicely paced, quick little one-shots and this certainly delivered on it! good job man.


I don't know about "the same". There are other episodes of Shadowbolts Adventures you can find in my profile, and more yet to come, I upload one every Sunday evening/Monday morning, but this one is atypically short and silly (the others are roughly double the length, 5,000-6,000 words).

Still, do feel free to let me know what you think if/when you do decide to read them.

This is probably the funniest of the Shadowbolt Adventures. I just love seeing the lengths Sour Sweet will go to just to get with BraeBurn.

Another great Shadowbolts story! I'm really enjoying these and how you flesh these characters out.

BTW, something I've really been wanting to say but which keeps skipping my mind: I really want to commend you for how you write Sour Sweet's dialogue in these stories. You're the first writer I've seen do it properly. I know I couldn't do it.

So, Sour Sweet has a romantic side? Who knew??? Lol! Shadowbolt romance fics seem very few and far between, and truth to tell, Sour Sweet doesn't seem like the romantic type; for me that would be Sunny Flare (Rarity's counterpart) or Lemon Zest (my newest waifu!!!111!!!). But it's nice to see Sour expanded to more than just the bipolar joke she was in the movie. She must be pretty strong too to wrench open Braeburn's locker (don't they have locks on them in this school? lol!).

And wow...Applejack's cousin goes to Crystal Prep! Nice to see he hasn't succumbed to the atmosphere there and become a jerk.

Again, I've really enjoyed reading these fics. Have a watch!

One of her hands snapped behind her, whipping a tomahawk from the back of her belt and swinging it expertly between her fingers on its way into position clenched in her right fist.

Little Strongheart is such an underrated character it's not funny. :ajbemused: I'm glad she got to really shine in this and more Strongburn is always welcome. {Seriously, how did that ship not take off?} This fic was all around funny and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Also, Sour Sweet is an idiot. She's a ranged unit. Those do poorly in close quarters, especially against melee units. :rainbowlaugh: So the conclusion was foreseeable but still hilarious.

I enjoyed this story greatly. Sour Sweet is an adorable schizo.

One nitpick, though. Sunny Flare should have said "Hell" instead of "Tartarus." The whole point of EG is to help the audience relate to the characters more. On Earth, they are older and humans. That's easier to relate to than ponies. So if you choose to go with the Earth settings, you gotta follow its culture too. No one says "Tartarus." Mentioning something that is not even remotely a part of our earthen culture, you break the immersion. The term "Hell" has long become a quintessential part of expression of strong emotions. Think, "go to hell," or "what the hell." And it doesn't matter if Sunny Flare is a believer or not. What counts is the term's cultural significance.


Fair points, but personally I don't see the EG world as "our" world in every respect. Tartarus in their world isn't a literal prison where bad guys are sent like in Equestria, but rather, yeah, their version of Hell. I can see how this can "break immersion" for some people, but that's how I choose to interpret their world. A reshuffled version of Equestria rather than a version of our own.

This whole series has been pretty enjoyable so far. Good stuff, even if I am reading them in reverse order. :twilightsmile:

Tartarus is the name for the Greek pantheon equivalent of Hell. Their take on the underworld was more complex than most, with several different places a soul could be sent. Tartarus was deep below the rest of it and was basically a suffering pit for evil souls. A lot of the imagery associated with Hell comes from Tartarus.

Do the teachers know Little Strongheart takes an axe to school? :pinkiegasp:

Either way, given that Sour Sweet is who I'd angle for if I wanted to date a Shadowbolt, this was kind of interesting to read. I can just imagine myself wanting to ask her out but not really wanting to get in the way of her laser-guided obsession...


Braeburn goes to crystal prep? he's TRAITOR!!!!!!!:trollestia:

also, i though this fandom hated little strongheart because she's a racist caricature


If they do hate her, it's news to me.

Also she's not really a racist caricature, the Buffalo do really nothing to specifically come off as "Native American" besides have land and have feathers in their headbands. You have to be trolling really hard, or be super easy to offend, to get mad about the way Little Strongheart was portrayed.


I dint say I was and I wasn't really expecting my comment to be taken seriously anyway :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:


...and the fact she's carrying aroud a tomahawk for no apperent reason, what is this, Street Fighter II?

and i thought Capper was bad lol:trollestia:

"Yeah, don't @%$# with Little Strongheart! She has an axe !"

I about fell out!:rainbowlaugh: And i didn't really think she was going to hurt Sour Sweet, she was just teaching her a lesson.

So was she actually gonna hurt her or what

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