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When the girls share embarassing stories about each other, Flash cant help but chime in with his own of Sunset.

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Flash, Karma's a bitch. You should know that by now.

That is the only thing I can say that encapsulates how I feel.


I think it's safe to say we have learned that "Happy Wife, Happy Life" extends to girlfriends as well. XP

This was fantastic. :rainbowlaugh: I laughed my butt off at Flash's story - and then Sunset's is just delicious payback. XD

This was funny 😄

This was freaking awesome

nice funny story

Oh, this is funny!

Nah. Simple coincidence

This... was... great!!! I needed this. I just watched the latest this is us episode and I'm a wreck right now!

Fuckin' owned.

That was cute. This fandom needs more Flashimmer content.

This was hilarious.
You'd think Flash would know not to mess with Sunset by now

XD That was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I was waiting for someone to jump on this story after I saw the cover image on DeviantArt, and I am definitely not disappointed.

Great work man, this is now one of my official favorites.

I didn't the the "a" in "Flash, Karma's a bitch." So I thought you were saying "Flash, Karma's bitch." and simply saying that he was Karma's bitch. XD

That said, I really enjoyed this nice little slice of life, even if it was kind of mean of the girls to hang around telling stories about Sunset. Still, I don't think that Flash calling out Princess Twilight's name during sex with Sunset quite tops her neighing when she climaxed, though I suppose she does have an excuse.

Calling out someone else’s name during sex is a good reason to get a swift kick in the nards. Flash is lucky they are only laughing at him. sunset Neighing during climax is hilarious. I think I might use that in the next Suncest story.

Hilarious story as usual Dash. And of course something Wubcake said is what inspired it.

I've never been one for Flash and Shimmer ships but this was cute. I bet she has a cute neigh too.

Watch me whip, and watch me neigh neigh...

I feel like Sunset's reaction to calling out someone else's name is a bit too subdued. Like, even under all the best circumstances of interpersonal relationships, that's some stank to lay on someone.

Otherwise, fun concept.

Sunset pecked him on the cheek and patted his head as all the girls laughed at his expense. “Good boy."

> "Should I bring up the riding crop?" Flash grumbles as Sunset face blanches.
> She slowly shakes her head left and right.
> "Good girl"

Sorry, I can't help but imagine a cold war where they keep throwing embarrassing habits at each other until the other quits :rainbowlaugh:

You guys can thank Wubcake for this idea. The whole neighing while climaxing thing was her idea, and I couldn't go on and not write a story about it.

Also when did this come up, I need to see it for myself now. :derpytongue2:

Also, happy fimficiverssary! :twilightsmile:

I love the idea of Sunset having Horse-ism's like craving hay or neighing. Its adorable and hilarious.

this made me laugh. I loved it


Good one!! :rainbowlaugh:

Best part is that I can totally imagine this conversation actually happening.

I saw a ad for this story and decided to read.

That was interesting... Who was riding who?

A nice bit of short comedy, gave me a few chuckles.

I don't think a single fan fic has made me laugh as hard as this one did. I'm also surprised that this hasn't been dramatically read by Wubcake since this was originally her idea. "Neighing during sex," sounds completely like something she would come up with.

Just put neighing over Ryan's mess up and you got a perfect visual summary of this story. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:


"Did you know Pinkie can queef Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?"

*Twi adjusts glasses.* "That tune is actually called Ah! vous dirai-je, maman, dating back to the 1760s."

This has been ranked here

“I was trying to tell Rarity she had something stuck in her teeth! Of course someone just so happens to see the former horse munching down on a plastic fern when she’s trying to help her friend!” Sunset groaned, the other girls laughing at her expense.

It sure was quite the awkward moment. 🙄

“Because we’re not horse turned humans,” Dash replied, putting her feet up on the table. “ And this is payback for everything over the past three years. Karma’s a bitch.” she rolled her eyes as Applejack shooed her feet back down.

Ponies dash, not horses. :ajbemused:

Rainbow shrugged. “She's right. I won't.”

I'd hate to deal with that. 😒

There was a chorus of “Oooh" and an “Ouch” from Rainbow.

Good one sunset. :ajsmug:

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