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I started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in March 2016 when Season Six premiered.

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I think this needs a Horror Tag, maybe Thriller. I was terrified just reading this.
Poor Flash :derpyderp1::facehoof:

I loved this story! Please wright a sequel about Pinkie driving his car!

This story is great. It was a lot of fun to read. Good job!

Hope he's paid up on his insurance.

As a dad currently teaching his son to drive... I feel for you Flash! :raritydespair:

Fun fact: here in Spain the only person who can legally teach you to drive is a registered driving instructor, using an adapted school car.

At that moment, the car made a metallic groan and suddenly fell apart into a heap of scrap metal. What remained of the vehicle then unexpectedly burst into flames for inexplicable reasons.


As you do.

*giggles maniacally* fire. lots and lots of fire.:pinkiecrazy:

Well you posted this the day I went to the DMV and got my liscense

Which Spongebob reference should I make?

Next story: Derpy gets to drive Vinyl's car.

heh . be thankful you survived


1)Overall, pretty good for a first fanfic
2)Your sentences can get a bit choppy
3)Sometimes a bit repetitive
4)This is not the same person who wrote "Remind me why this was a good idea again" I proofread that story, but that was about it. This is a joint acount. We both write, but I'm working on a longer story and don't have much spare time so it will be a wile.
5)Again, good job


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I thought the radio was going to start as it burned...

"Do you at least have insurance?"
"They said they don't cover acts of Derp."
"That's a thing?"
"It is in this town."

Delightful little story of Best Human at her worst. Thank you for it.

Amazing, Flash will think twice before letting Derpy drive again :derpyderp2:

Also Derpy will definitely pass the driving test, not because she passed it, but because the teacher wouldn‘t want to control Derpy ever again.

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