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I've always been a lover and writer of fanfiction, but it wasn't until I got into MLP that I really found something I loved writing about. Hope you all enjoy.


A housing for all my One-Shots involving Flash Sentry. Includes events from the EQG shorts and maybe some original ideas. Has no set updating schedule and will be updated whenever I have the time to write in it.

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Not a bad one shot. I wonder where it will lead? :ajsmug:

Really great one shot. Just the two bonding during a drive to school. I don’t know if you are planning a sequel to this but I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

before disappearing back into fine air.

I think you mean “thin”.

Though she didn't know his guy all that well, she did know he wasn't someone bad.


Aww, this is cute! I wish this could've happened. I mean, Flash is definitely a misunderstood character. Maybe the writers and fans just need to give him another chance. Like they did with so many others.

Please make a sequel :)

I wish they would. Maybe someday...

Nice one shot. It was short, but still very sweet.

Really enjoyed it. It was simple but it worked and like the rest i would love to see a sequel. heck I belive(not alone in this) that Timber is actually dating multiple girls at the same time.

Honestly that wouldn’t surprise me. The guy is a major asshole and he flirted with one of his clients, an underage girl at that. I can totally see him doing what he did to Twi constantly and cheating on girls.

Gee. I noticed that a lot of Flash fans, myself included, have the headcanon that he's in a single-parent family. Gee, what is it about Flash that gives people that idea?

Recently the name Makoto Ito comes to mind when i think of Timber.

His aggressive flirting only adds to that impression.

In my case I wanted to create a scenario where he would be required to take on a bit more responsibility than what is typical for a boy his age. Plus his grudge against his dad for walking out on his family helps bring more color into his character.

bravo. i dont typically read flashlight stories, im more of a twidash guy. But this was really well written.

i thought this would be sunlight based on the tags meh

This is so simple, and yet it's great just like the show.... It feels like it could happen. This is going to be with the rest of my favourites

I can't stop reading this. This may be my fourth time reading this story. It's everything that I was hoping for from canon but never got. :fluttercry: Now, my FlashLight-loving heart won't stop exploding. :raritycry:

"Nope," Flash said, "just last year she had a case where all the evidence pointed to the guy she was defending, but she was able to get him off. Three weeks later the real criminal was caught and sent down, but he would have gotten away if my mom hadn't been on the case."

What, was his mom Mia Fey or something?

Is this a Happy Meal? Because, I'm loving it.

Wow, nice to see more one-shots from you. This was really fun and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

My friend Micro Chips suggested I think of the two of you as identical siblings who names their parents liked so much, they gave it to both kids.

Was that a Gravity Falls reference to Stan and Stan? Their father wasn’t expecting twins so he shrugged and named them both Stan.

Unfortunately, as much as she loved Canterlot High, the school only had science based clubs.

I think you meant to include “two” between “had” and “science.”

The first is that this girl was actually allowed in a chemistry lab, despite the fact she had somehow caused a noncombustible liquid explode.

I think you mean “to explode” at the end.

"I see," Twilight said, feeling sorry for th guy.


The placed both trays on the table and began distributing stuff on them onto the table.


Rarity gave Twilight a thumbs up, before the glasses walked over to where Flash was standing.

I think you forgot something there because glasses don’t walk.

"Oh pish posh," Rarity told her as she started pushing the glasses wearing teen towards the door. "You have nothing to worry about darling. I'm sure our members will love having you around."

I don't know if you noticed, but Rarity often makes this sound that sounds like a cross between a sputter, a raspberry, and beatboxing whenever she dismisses stuff, but I guess "pish posh" was easier to describe.
Okay, are all these one-shots going to be more or less self-contained and maybe a little AU? They seem a little discontinuous with canon, which I expected, but they are also discontinuous with each other.
This turned out great. I don't know why, but I think we need more of matchmaker Rarity. :rainbowlaugh:

8662734 So far the one-shots will all be stand alones. If one chapter does have a connection to a previous one, I'll mention that in the AN.

Luckily, OTP-related heart explosions can't kill people. Otherwise, you would have killed me 3-4 times already if not more times than that.

Great oneshot! I hope these are the kind of conversations that Twilight and Flash would have since they're in the same club together. Honestly, that made me really happy to see that in Queen of Clubs it gave more to Flash's character and a common interest between him and Twilight. And your explanation as why he would be the club makes so much sense! I remember that EG short about the Canterlot High Yearbook saying that Flash would most likely be a detective when he leaves school, so good thinking on your part! Hope to see more of these in the future, it's just too bad this doesn't happen in the canonverse.

Would you do some were he interacts with other characters outside the human 7?

8664038 Maybe, if I get an idea for it.

Cute chapter. I wouldn’t mind seeing one shots of pony Flash.

The two were so reoccupied with whatever they were talking about, they had not noticed him. Flash wanted nothing more then the rush over to her and talk, but had a feeling he would be interrupting something private.

preoccupied; also “to” rush, not the rush

I need a heart transplant, "sigh" again. :ajbemused::heart: You need to stop making my heart blow up with these stories. :ajsmug: Or, maybe I should stop reading them, but they're just so good. :scootangel:
By the way, if you want to write about pony Flash, yeah, write about pony Flash. I just hope you can afford my medical bill when you're done. :rainbowlaugh:

Yes to more Pony Flash! We really need to see him back on the show, but fanfiction is a close second. And good oneshot! :yay:

Awww, cute chapter.

Seriously why didn't they entertain the idea of Flash being an option in the 'choose your ending'?

Why they didn't take this golden opportunity to have Sunset get help from an established and experienced driver is beyond me. Heck other videos gave choices for endings outside of the main characters so why not this one? Good job and congratulations on getting your license.

Closing his locket, Flash watched as Sunset stared at her friends while trying to decide which one to go with.


We need more Flash and Sunset friendship moments in canon and fanfiction. Sure, they run the risk of being shippy, but hey, they don't have to let their dating history define their current relationship. Besides, this still turned out better than Derpy's driving lesson. :raritywink:

Actually, the US does have roundabouts. In some regions they're called traffic circles though. As far as I'm aware the only major difference from some other countries is that we drive on the right and the standard age for a driver's license is 16.

So plans to tackle the Forgotten Friendship special?

8795324 Not really. He doesn't really appear in it.

Hey, Banshee, does this collection qualify as an anthology? FIMfiction has Anthology tags now. Just letting you know.

8823953 I tried but it wouldn't let me change it. Too many tags apparently.

Hmm, yeah, I don't think you're allowed more than three genre tags.

Mostly it's a relatively easy way to add depth to his character.

"I'll have you know there's no such thing as over organised," Twilight replied, "without being organised, life would be nothing but havoc and chaos."

Why does this feel like some sort of shout-out to your Power Rangers series? :ajsmug:

Hold on. If this is in the same continuity as "Need a Lift," isn't Twilight still in a relationship with Timber? I mean, I don't particularly like the guy, but I dislike the idea of Twilight being a cheater even more. I might be making a bit of a big deal about a kiss on the cheek, but if Twilight is starting to feel THAT way about Flash, what in the world is she still doing with Timber? :ajbemused:

P.S. Happy birthday. :pinkiesmile:

This was a great chapter. Great surprise for Flash. I like how Flash's mom told Twilight about his birthday, though I almost would have thought Sunset would already know it since she dated Flash before, but then again given how she was back then she might have never bothered to learn it. Plus Flash got a kiss on the cheek from Twilight! He's right best birthday ever! I kinda hope they officially become a couple in one of these shorts eventually. Well happy birthday to you and thank you for a fun chapter!

"Of course you have," she told her. "Imagine how your mom would have felt after you dad died, if you hadn't been there for her?"

Change her to "him" and you to "your".

Flash sighed as his head dropped. "Oh course she did."


Happy birthday.
I was kind of expecting something else when Sunset asked if Twilight was ready for the afternoon, but then I remembered the rating. That's all I will say, you can infer what you will.

But it was nice for Flash to have some love.

I love this chapter! I wish it was a kiss on the lips instead but close enough :twilightsheepish:

By the way have you heard about Ro994 on YouTube? She's a hardcore Flashlight shipper and she's doing something called a Flashlight Week in June to promote more Flashlight in the fandom. She's looking for budding artists and writers to make this happen, check out her channel for more details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIss_UQQweo

Again great job and I hope for more Flashlight stories in the future!

Feliz cumpleaños amigo.

Really nice chapter. I really enjoy these small slice of life stories and I think it's the only Flash Sci-Twi story that is in that. Which i could see more development for the story and have more chapters.

Although I am a silent follower of your stories I just had to leave a comment and say that I loved this chapter and happy (belated) birthday!! :pinkiehappy:

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