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The most wonderful time of the year has returned to Canterlot High once again. The Mane 7 have their work cut out for them this holiday season with school parties, dates and secret santa's gifts. However, things this year may not go as anticipated. From new crushes to reindeer costumes to familiar foes returning in unexpected ways, this is certainly one Christmas time they won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Artwork by kencaldi

Chapters (5)
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Very nice story!

It was quite enjoyable, a nice balance in conflict and such. Not really anything directly wrong.

Good Job!

Thank you very much
I'm glad you enjoyed it

this was adorable, great job:pinkiehappy:

A wonderfuly told story, I would also love to see more on Flash and Sonata, do you have any plans on writing a story about them?

Thank you
Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you
Glad you enjoyed it
As for more flash and sonata , I'm not sure yet
I'll have to wait and see

Does Abacus Cinch appear in this story?

I feel that you're using exclamation points a bit too much when characters are talking. At one point in this chapter, you had 14 back to back character speaking sentences that all ended in exclamation points. That seems excessive to me.

Other than that, the story's been great so far!!!

Thanks for the advice
I'll fix that next chance I get
and i'm glad you're enjoying the story, hope you like the rest of it
(edit: I've just cut down on some of the exclamations on chapter 2/3/4/Epilogue)

I love scearet Santa! I love how u burght ray!!! So cute ! And the fact rarity doesnt own her own store. And the canterlot merriment club is adorable. Cant wait for more!! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it

“I’m fined, I’m fined.” Rarity struggled, “you know, it’s a hard word to say!”.

Love the reference!

Comment posted by IndefiniteHiatus deleted Feb 2nd, 2018

Thanks for noticing it
I hope you’re enjoying the story

I love apple jack granny smith and apple bloom singing days gone by. It was perfect for them! :ajhappy:

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Ooh! I love the twist at the end. Flash x Sonata shippers are gonna love this!

This story gets better with each chapter that goes by!

Thank you so much, I’m really glad you’re liking it.

The amazing ending really ties up the story and puts it in my favourites. Great job! :heart:

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it .

(Ps. there's a sequel in development so keep an eye out for that)

How to spot a British author...

Christmas Turkey with both roasted & mashed potatoes and multiple types of vegetables. There was also Gravy, Cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets, and Yorkshire puddings

Nicely added if i do say so myself

That ending scene was so romantic you really outdone yourself with this story I could already imagine the moment when Scitwi went to Sunset in the freezing blizzard😊

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it

This story still was good even after a year since I first read and I must thank procrastinationPrincess for writing this since it inspired me to write my own sciset Christmas story seen here.
So thank you so much for writing this great story and I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!!

That's incredible and I'm really flattered, I'll try and get around to reading your story at some point in the holiday season. Though I should ask, do I have to read the other stories first, or can I easily follow this one on its own? :pinkiesmile:

your decision, most people just read the first ones they decide on or encounter

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