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One morning, Flash Sentry wakes up in bed next to Sonata Dusk.

Something very clearly happened between them.

But he's not really sure how or why. And he's kind of freaking out.

In a panic, he turns to the one person he thinks can help him...

His ex.

Good plan, right?

(Inspired by the cover art.)

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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.:pinkiesmile: Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

Oh boy. This is a fun little start. I do wonder what's gonna happen next though. No hurries.

To be fair, barring every backstory from this context, this situation isn't any better. Dude woke up from a night he doesn't remember, and the girl who is basically a complete stranger is now stuck to him like glue? Yikes.

This is gonna end in tears, and I'm gonna enjoy drinking in all of them.

This, this right here is the, pardon my language but, is the shizzle frizzle.

Hmm... Intrigued... Will watch... And use many ellipses... Because I like ellipses...

Oh when Sunset comes round, Flash better be prepared for what happens next.

Sunset becoming alarmed after a late night.

This is gonna get interesting.

Flash, dude... You were doomed the moment you gave SONATA breakfast TACOS.

6761268 The "pile of shame" refers to the massive number of unpublished/unwritten stories I have sitting around doing nothing when I already have several dozen stories that need attention. :raritydespair:

Bruh XD You messed up Flash now... Pay up :pinkiecrazy:

Well that took a turn I wasn't expecting. For a second I was thinking "this isn't... too bad. It could be worse."


You're mine now, Flash Sentry. Or else.

And I thought to myself "Well he's screwed. Nice knowing ya."

I do hope we see more of this. I'm going to be following this story.

Flash has dunged his own grave.

Flash frowned suddenly. "Oh yeah. I forgot. You're evil."

"Well, yeah," Sonata said. "That doesn't mean we can't be friends though, right?" She smiled hopefully.

She doesn't seem that evil, does she..?

Sonata's smile widened into a dangerous Cheshire grin. "You're mine now, Flash Sentry. Or else."

There we go! Well, you're screwed.

Well. This is intriguing. And now I can't help but think of one of my stories currently languishing in unpublished limbo. Poor, poor Flash...

But that's neither here nor there. It should be quite interesting to see where this goes from here. I look forward to finding out. I'm predicting at least a thirty percent chance of someone getting punched in the face.

He does realize that not only did he slept with Sonata but she slept with many, and I mean many, many guys for centuries along with her sisters Aria and Adagio?

6761415 That is a massive and insubstantiable inference. Also not something Flash would really stop to think about in this situation.

Consider my stocking stuffed! Thanks for the Holiday treat.

At first you had my interest. Now you have my attention. Yet another master piece in the making. As posted by Serefin, up there, dis gon b gud.

F*ck reading, thumps up anyway

Flash just can't catch a break.

First Flash fuck porny princess now he fuck siren and became her boyfriend lol

There are so many ways this can go wrong and I love it

He had better hope he doesn't catch something else.

You know Flash, you done banged an evil whore (not that I have anything against whores...) you might as well double down and enjoy the ride.


Are the other sirens going to be involved? I'm not sure if Adaggio would try to convince Sonata to forget about Flash, or if she would take the opportunity for some petty revenge against Twilight.

6761742 We'll have to wait and see.

Oh this is going to be fucking epic.

Even without her magic, I feel she might just kill him and eat his soul or something if he tries to break up or leave her. Flash should just hold on till she gets bored, it's the safest bet.

I'm honestly interested in seeing where this is going.

Oh Flash. You're in way over your head now. Sirens are infamously possessive.

Thank you for making sonata threatening.

Ohhhhh Flash you are so Fucked!!

It's easy to forget Sonata is evil like the other Dazzlings, fan favorite or not. Let's see just how possessive she can be. I wish Flash the best of luck, he's going to need it.


Sonata: " Honestly, I was expecting this to be a one night stand... but after making breakfast with tacos for me? No way! Bringing food to a potential mate is a cultural thing for us sirens"
Brad: "(Thank you very much, Sunset)" :twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

I think she's far more interesting when the writers remember that, air-headedness aside, she IS Evil.

Also - though my familarity the with whole subject is akin to that of abrick's with dentistry, is there not sometimes A Thing for the evil females...? Guess it sort of depends where Flash's preferences lie...

(And that's the yearly quota for Bleakbane Makes A Suggestive Remark used up; mark it well ladies and gentlemcolts, it doesn't happen very often...)


My thoughts exactly!

well, that's what you get for sleeping with a magical creature....

Also, nice waifu-stealing from the waifu-stealer

Run, dude.
Run far, far away.

Flash, buddy, pal...*Sigh* I don't know how to tell you this more kindly... You're fucked... In both meanings of the word.

Ah yes! Lest we forget the quirky little fan favorite is in fact EVIL!
Flash is in a lot of trouble methinks. :pinkiecrazy:

In the moment I finished reading the description, My first thought was "Oh...Flash. There is a LINE of girls who are gonna kill you dead."

Well, I can't saythis is my cup of tea, but it's nice to see a fic with Flash Sentry as a main character get a place in the Featured box (the only other one that I know of is my own, for aboit three hours). What the hell, I'll keep an eye on this story and see where it goes.

In a panic, he turns to the one person he thinks can help him...
His ex.

Can't imagine how awkward that conversation would be.

6761238 you would make a perfect villain ever considered the career

I like you

"Great!" Sonata said cheerfully. "Because you have to be my boyfriend now." She gave him a wide-eyed, innocent stare. "That's not gonna be a problem, is it?"/quote]

Twily gonna be mad:twilightangry2:

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