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Do It For Flash Update · 4:58am Sep 26th, 2017

Alright, so a quick update on the project. In case you’re curious:

Yes, I’ve seen “Good Vibes”.

Yes, I liked it.

Yes, this project is still going regardless.

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If you have the files for the stories, that'd be great. Send them to this email: doitforflash@gmail.com

Hey, Banshee531 here. I've tried sending you an email but I've been running into technical difficulties, so i thought I'd just do this. Like you I'm a Flash Sentry supporter and haven't been happy about what the show is doing with him. I have seven stories out with Flash as the lead and would love to have one if not all of them on your drive. Might I suggest Element of Courage and its sequels. It was my first story and I've been adding to its saga since then. Hope I can help.


Hey, I'm kinda confused about something. I want to participate in the care package for Vincent, but where do I send my fanart?

2382572 You made some good points. I noticed that the whole debate between Flash and Timber pretty much boiled down to Prince Sincere vs. Prince Charming. You seemed to notice that also. That's pretty cool. I would have commented on your deviantart, but I don't have an account. Spot the reference.

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