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call me SB for short! have a colorful time here. 💜

who i am!

i am an author, who loves supporting other authors, so always give me a message if you want a dedicated reader, i'll message back if i'm interested!

i have wrote a couple stories, feel free to check them out. a good follow would be nice to, but don't force yourself. haha, anyway!

you can call me SB, and my best friends are pop and cammie, love them with my entire soul!

favorite horses are luna and twi, but i love me some discord too.

ty for viewing my page, have a good one. all the love,

- SB ❤


co-writers would be cool. · 11:31am Jul 4th, 2019

i procrastinate, a lot. :facehoof:

it's almost kind of sad, i say 'i'll do this later', but don't. as many of us do, so i'm like hoping someone might help me out a little and might help me write some stories? make a new friend perhaps? that'd be great! haha. i doubt i'll find anyone, that's not low self esteem talking, that's just i don't really want to take time out of anyone's day.

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Still banned, account and story will be reinstated when the ban is up.

Hey everyone who's wondering about the story Mommy Nightmare! It got taken down when SaturatedBubble got temp banned for reasons outside of her control. I know you mean well, but every single message sent to her sets off an alert in her email, and it's starting to bother her! Please refrain from adding to the spam and her frustration.

I've been in contact with SaturatedBubble. She said that some friends of hers that she had over took advantage of her computers availability to start stirring up trouble.

From our correspondence:

nice to meet you too, yeah it's me, saturated bubbles. look, yesterday i wrote mommy nightmare, right? well, i had many friends over since it was the 4th of july tomorrow, family too. i showed them my story, they liked it, and it was all good. they messed with the story a bit while i was falling asleep by putting little things like 'frisk' in there, instead of twilight. it was fine, i would've just changed it, but here's the thing. they all decided to play a big prank on me, they hacked into my account, messed with more of my stories

and made many many accounts, and they won't tell me what they did, only my good friend 'honeymoon' would be honest with me, i tried to make a new account to explain to people what happened, but they not only ip banned me, they banned me for 4 weeks and destroy any account ( including my boyfriend's and sister's ) that's logged onto this IP, and i'm really upset.

so i was hacked by my friends, my story was messed with and edited without my permission, and it got taken down just because i made a new account to tell friends what happened. they're being strict and tracking my every move. i emailed them, but i know they won't respond till 2 days later.

it's a big misunderstanding, and i'm really upset since i can't talk to my friends anymore that are on there since they don't have discord or anything. yeah, sorry for the ramble but yeah. the moderators won't listen either, my sister logged into his account on my computer, and got banned too, it's upsetting me


In the 7 years I've been here, no one has genuinely been hacked.

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might read later after i sleep