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uh, just a place with stories, not really too interesting. and i reply to everything


»»————- ♡ ————-««

Twilight and Discord form this strong tension, it was new, the two have bonded closely lately over different things and interests but they stopped talking one day. Twilight is unsure of her feelings, she doesn't know what is going on with her. Though she can't help but recall Discord's feelings for Celestia, through this how will the mare overcome her undying dreams, feelings, and discover what this honestly is?

WARNING: Sexual themes are at play here, while it is not a direct clop, it hints at sex and there are some scenes that imply it. You have been warned. Most of it is fuzzy, if you have a problem with this sort of things, just skip ahead.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! As long as your comment is insightful and you're giving strong advice as to why you didn't enjoy what you read, then please be my guest. I take all comments and try to improve!

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Comments ( 20 )

Oh this is going to be fun!

Lmfao. DISCORDing Twilight's mind and make her fall in love with him in a cringe way possible... Don't you dare do that. OwO

Gotta take cover, before the shippers see this

oh my god, i never thought of this song fitting??? and i frickin' love wicked! this is great.

yeah, shippers are real scary man, including myself. you're smart to take cover

she isn't really in love with him at the moment, pretty much tension and hinted interest, love is a whole new territory 🤷

ejiouyiojk, glad you're excited, i spent a lot of time writing this so yeah. twicord isn't as popular as some other ships, it needs some love. though not my favorite ship, it's pretty good so i wrote this.

I based the decision entirely on the title.


ah, that makes sense, i didn't intend for it to be a lyric to a wicked song, but it's fine all the same.

This is absolutely amazing and well-written! Haha, I'm not a huge fan of clop or anything of the sort, I'm glad this story is going to be very light on that, I don't mind mentions and hints at it, but please do continue! I'm interested. :twilightsmile:

Nice, looking forward for more.


aaa, it means a lot to hear that, thank you!

Oh No's. Another ship i might get enthralled by


you better run before it pulls you in like it happened to me.

" Oh... well, she said she's doing a 'romance night' or whatever fancy name she gave it, it's supposed to help you and some other mares and stallions finally find some love. " Oh just great, she didn't need anymore romance, that dream was a fair share, and whomever she was in that dream wasn't her. Afterall, she did have someone. A handsome stallion who was kind stole her heart already, even if they weren't official yet.

Wait.... why is Celestia doing this event? Shoyldn’t This be Cadence’s forte?

it is, but celestia hosted it for her own reasons, in which cadence has zero clue about. you have full right to be confused, but i have my reasoning and I'll be sure to explain it in further chapters.

Looks good so far. I am intrigued! I like it XP :rainbowwild:

What in Gods name do you have planned, Tia :pinkiecrazy:

oh, thank you!! and celestia just has a few things up her non-existent sleeve, mwhahahaha. :trollestia:

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