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Celestia has reached the eldest age for an alicorn, and in order to continue lifting the sun for Equestria, she has no choice but to transform herself back into a filly.

She's left herself, and Luna some very detailed notes on what to do next.

*Breaks away from canon events happening in Season Nine. For example, Cozy Glow is still trapped within Tartarus.*

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I suppose there's no spell to "save" memories somewhere and "upload" them to her brain again once the regression was complete?

If there was, then they'd probably do it to everypony, and then everyone would be all knowing I think. lol

It’s a nice idea, and definitely not something I’ve seen before. It just feels like it was written too fast. Like I dont even remember the moment she walked into the pool(I’m assuming it’s a fountain of youth thing). One minute Celestia’s there and the next she’s not. It just felt like it missed a few heartstrings you could have hit.
I feel like the entire point is because the memories become too numerous. If you bring them along you’d just accelerate the aging process.

This is such a unique story! I am glad I decided to read it! Can't wait to read what happens next! :twilightsmile:

If I were Twilight I would be pissed, if I were in their employ I would resign.

Wonder if anypony will be angry over Celestia’s cowardice.

Let's just hope is not a trollestia, acting like a filly or having her memories saved somewhere...

This story, while positively grand in almost every structure given, only serves as further, irrefutable proof that MY LIFE IS A LIE.

True, this definitely implies there was little warning about what she was going to do for the rest of the kingdom. I'm sure there were some preparations as said but perhaps the secrecy is meant to give interlopers as little time to prepare as possible and I feel this was a little bit early to start making assumptions.

Wow don't even tell your student about you being reborn?

This is a great story. The reactions seem so genuine. But so different from what you would expect. It's only a de-ageing right? Well, with every one of her friends with her, and with the help of magic, she should be able to get back a good portion of her memories in what? a hundred years? Maybe sooner? But then again, This is Princess Celestia we are talking about. Maybe she just wants a while to be that child she lost so long ago.

That is true unless it's a spell that's only accessible by the pony that made it. So others wouldn't be able to access it. So kinda like a pensieve that's only able to be viewed by the person who put the memories in there.

I'm torn about how I feel about this one. On the one hand, it's a great setup to examine the loss of a loved one, even while they're still technically alive. On the other hand, the emotional beats are rushed and the writer is frequently switching to future tense for no clear reason. This story is in desperate need of a good editor

I’m saying from my perspective Celestia is cowardly for not letting others know what was going to happen. I can understand the desire to not be surrounded by sorrow but she basically created a terrible scenario for the people who are closest to her and denied them any chance of closure.

You know what, screw it. Good enough for the watchlist.

Think about it this way. would you want to be aware of that your loved one is slowly dying of cancer?

Or suddenly found out that He/she simply died peacefully in their sleep.

I’d prefer to know. Bad enough to lose someone without second guessing everything leading up to that moment. Then again I am something of a sociopath. I fully admit that my values are heavily skewed from the norm, so this may be a scenario where that applies.

In a manner of speaking, such things really do exist in admittedly imperfect forms. You are using one of them right now.

(What are books &c. but ways of recording memories for later upload?)

I agree with Demented, I would rather know that someone close to me could die very soon. But someone has to be pretty old to just die in their sleep, so you would still see it coming. But with Celestia, pretty much everypony besides Luna believes her to be immortal. So it's not really a fair comparison.

At one point Doctor Who featured an immortal with a memory that only reached back a normal lifespan: She kept a whole bookcase of diaries for the memories she no longer held in her head. Writing things down is a perfectly reasonable solution to memory loss.

This is...different. Fun, but different.

If there was a way to do so, the basis of the story would be missing.

I surprisingly have never seen this.:twilightoops:
Welp, don't wanna go around being an idea thief. Time to delete!:twilightsheepish:

The exposition in the first chapter is a little awkward to read. It's always off when you have a character talk aloud to themselves. Maybe have it as internal dialogue instead.

*Note, no threats are meant to be implied from this photo. This is for joke value only.

Damn, this is certainly a tear-jerker if ever I've seen one.

Damn, hit me right in the feels, why dontcha?

I feel so bad for Luna. I wish I could give her a hug.

Interesting premise. Look forward to more

These upload times...


This caused Twilight to squeeze the bridge of her nose in frustration,

How does one squeeze something with a hoof?

I think I've seen Twilight do it on the show before.:pinkiesmile:
Also, how do ponies in the show constantly pick things up, and grab things with their hooves?:rainbowderp:

Poor Spike he is going to have his mind blown when he is finally told the truth. Then again so will most of Ponyville.

complicated answer: they have a thin invisible malleable barrier over their hooves that allow them to pick things up as if they had hands
pinkie pie answer: just like anyone else silly filly

Before I read this, I must know: Why can't Luna, Cadence, or Twilight raise the sun in Celestia's place?

They can and do. The problem is... It is as if a gardener has been tasked with painting by the painter, and given a few lessons to the effect, but their heart will never be entirely in it.

Plus, those aren't permenant solutions.

Pretty much what 9449644 said. Luna took the responsibility.

Tiny Celestia x Spike ship :trollestia:


The biggest question on my mind is if twilight and
cadence will go through the cycle now or is it just luna and celestia

Just Luna and Celestia becomes fillies. More will be explained as more chapters are added.


Wait... Is Luna really going to jump into the lake soon just to start over?

Luna... If Twilight takes over everypony will be organize, reshelf and more crazy Twilight Shanaghans we ever seen... :rainbowderp:

Luna won't become a filly for a good while. Reread the chapters I've posted. Luna has about three thousand more years to go before becoming a filly. It happens to them once every ten thousand years. So, by then, Celestia will theoretically be back at Canterlot as ruler.

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