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Flash Sentry is a drab, flat, uninteresting guy whose very skin is bland, drab, and boring. Every day, he's surrounded by healthy, vibrant, exciting, enticing girls who bring a rainbow of fresh, fun, beautiful color into the world around them.

Flash longs, even for just a few minutes, to be as brilliant and colorful as those girls.

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Comments ( 22 )

He never can seem to get a win can he?:raritywink:

That said I really did like this. The Teenage years are really just fucked up.

Wow, Fluttershy was here this whole chapter?

No, Pinkie called her.

Aha! Reading comprehension!

I can`t really get his new colors.

You all know exactly who to blame.


There's a song I think Flash should really listen to. This.

Oh, Pinkie...

Never change.

A small ring-tailed lemur was climbing all over her long, luxurious cherry-blossom pink hair, chittering away as it watched them work.

Credit where it's due? :raritywink:

Still quite pleased with the concept. Glad you like it too. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, some makeup in this world seems like it'd be akin to house paint, at least in terms of needing to mix the colors when someone orders it. One can only imagine what they had to do in earlier eras. Probably still involved unhealthy amounts of lead.

Huh. This was certainly a fascinating exploration of a concept that could only be done in the EqG world. Imagine someone trying to pull this in our world! There's walking through a minefield, and then there's just running across a single enormous land mine...

Suffice to say, a most interesting read. Thanks for it.

Oh, there's PLENTY of people who do something equivalent to this in our real world. By which I mean "anyone who has tattoos all over every inch of their bodies"... Society still has a pretty mixed reaction to body art enthusiasts once it hits a certain level.

Glad you enjoyed it, in any case. ^_^

This was actually a really fun story. Good job.

I'd imagine this is useful to fashion designers like Rarity, which specialize in the individual touch rather than mass-produced outfits. (And come to think of it, to the Equestrian Rarity as well: as popular as that Princess Dress might have been, surely it didn't go well with quite a few Ponies' colors?)

So crossdresser/color changer/transsexual Flash is now a fimfiction Thing? Oh well, it's much less annoying than Beanis :raritydespair: is by this point.

Less a "FiMFiction thing" and more a SS&E thing that I'm messing around with. I think this one pretty much broke the recursion loop and will be the end of it, though.


We shall see. Both yourself and SS&E are popular enough writers there remains a risk of this going Full Meme.

I guess this makes some sense. In a world where people are pretty much every color of the rainbow, how would you feel if you weren't as vibrant as you wished?

Ri2 #22 · 3 weeks ago · · · Hue ·

Flash, look at it this way. No matter how bland you think you are...at least you're not Timber Spruce. Or Zephyr, who stands out for all the wrong reasons.

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