• Published 24th May 2018
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Before the Friendship Games: Sunny Flare - CapNTilfy

Sunny Flare lives a perfect life...so why is she struggling? Book Two of The Crystal Prep Chronicles: Before the Friendship Games

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As Sunny Flare slowly regained consciousness, she heard her father's voice.

"...been happening to her ever since the-" her father cut himself off as he noticed his daughter open her eyes. He ran over to her side. "Hey, Sunny...how are you feeling?"

"Wha...what happened?" asked Sunny, her eyes bleary.

Her father sighed. "You...you blacked out, sweetie."

Sunny's eyes widened as she remembered what happened and realized where she was: the school nurse's office. "Dammit, father...you had to bring it up this morning..." she said, groaning in frustration.

"I know...and I'm sorry. Your mother and I are just so worried about you." said Stellar. "Don't you think it's time to get help? It's been over a year now and trying to avoid the issue is only going to make it worse."

"But father...you know I don't like talking about it." said Sunny.

"Obviously I do, but there are some times in life where you need to address something, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Speaking of which..." Stellar trailed off.

"Father? What's wrong?" Sunny asked.

"Sunny...we know how you've been treating the students here at Crystal Prep." said her father.

Sunny nearly gasped but kept herself in check.

"Your mother and I love you very, very, much...but that isn't who we raised you to be, Sunny Flare." said Stellar.

Sunny averted her gaze.

"We know why you're doing it, too."

"What?" said Sunny.

"Oh please, Sunny. Your mom and I may be loving parents, but we're not dumb!" said Stellar. "You're just being cruel to people to A: Distract yourself from an issue that's been getting progressively worse, and B: Make yourself feel better by tearing others down!"

"Do we really need to talk about all this here?" asked Sunny.

Stellar sighed. "Neither of us is going anywhere at the moment, so yes. We do need to talk about all this here."

Sunny frowned. "What time is it anyway?"

"Goddammit, Sunny Flare!" her father shouted, startling everyone in the room. He turned his head upwards and Sunny saw tears falling from his eyes. She put her hand to her mouth in shock. "Please...don't change the subject. You have to get help. If not yourself, do it for your mother and me...please." he shook as he began crying.

Sunny Flare felt a lump in her throat. She had never seen her father this distraught. "Okay." she said, trying to fight back tears. "I will. I promise." She hugged her father and they both wept together.


Sunny's father went back to work after she was discharged from the nurse's office. I never break promises that I give my family...but I'm glad father didn't make me promise to stop being a bitch. It's like a drug to me. She walked over to the Counselor's office and went to the appointments desk. "I'd like to make an appointment for tomorrow." she said to the receptionist.

"We have two counselors with open schedules tomorrow: Radiant Hope and Crystal Clarity."

Well I know I could use more clarity in my life than hope. thought Sunny. She made her appointment to see Crystal, and went on to her next class.


Sunny exited the classroom with a sigh. If this period was any indication, then it was probably for the best that I was unconscious for the last two. She headed for the doors, her day at school complete. She opened the doors and took a deep breath of fresh air. I guess I just needed some fresh air. I feel a little bit better. She smiled and boarded her bus. Finding her seat, she texted her boyfriend.

I don't think today's a good day for a date. - Sent by Sunny Flare

Is something wrong? - Sent by Rutherford

I had a blackout shortly late into the lunch period. I was out for a while. - Sent by Sunny Flare

Oh my god. Are you okay, hon? - Sent by Rutherford

I'm feeling fine, I'm on the bus heading home now. - Sent by Sunny Flare

Do you need or want me to come over? - Sent by Rutherford

I appreciate the gesture, but I think I just some time alone. - Sent by Sunny Flare

I understand. Keep me in the loop, okay? I'm worried about you, babe. - Sent by Rutherford

Sunny smiled.

Thank you. I promise I will. I love you. - Sent by Sunny Flare

Love you too, Sunflare. - Sent by Rutherford

Sunny blushed. She always loved it when he called her that. The bus had stopped, snapping Sunny out of her reverie. She got out of the bus and walked home.


Sunny entered her house. "Mother?" she asked.

"Oh thank god you're okay!" said her mother as she ran towards her and hugged her tightly.

"Not...for...much...longer..." said Sunny, her voice straining.

"Oh!" said Glaze, loosening her grip on her daughter. "Sorry about that. I can get carried away sometimes."

Sunny smiled and rolled her eyes. "I know." She broke the hug. "So I assume father told you what happened, then?"

Her mother nodded. "All of it. Did you seek out help?"

Sunny smiled. "Yes. I have an appointment with a counselor named Crystal Clarity tomorrow."

"That's good to hear." said her mother.

"You know I never break promises when it comes to family, mother. At least, not if I can help it." said Sunny.

Glaze smiled. "I know." Glaze's expression changed to a frown. "I just wish you were nicer to your fellow students."

Sunny sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Look. Your father and I have come to learn over the course of our lives that it pays to be a good and decent person. Isn't that how you and Rutherford met?" said her mother.

"That was different, mother. We just have a certain...chemistry about us." said Sunny.

"And how is that any different? How many terrible people do you know with boyfriends and girlfriends?"

Sunny looked her mother straight in the eyes, and earnestly said "You'd be surprised, mother...you'd be surprised."


The remainder of the day, what little was left of it, was rather uneventful...which was fine by Sunny Flare. She was drained from the days activities. Now in her room, Sunny put on her pajamas and fell asleep quickly.