• Published 24th May 2018
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Before the Friendship Games: Sunny Flare - CapNTilfy

Sunny Flare lives a perfect life...so why is she struggling? Book Two of The Crystal Prep Chronicles: Before the Friendship Games

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Funeral, Part II

It had taken longer than Sunny was used to for her to put herself back together. She took it as a sign that reuniting with Rutherford's parents had led to a much-needed release of emotions. Unfortunately, she knew she still had more where that came from.

"It's good to see you again, Sunny." said Solace. "I just wish it was under better circumstances..." she trailed off, and began crying into her husband's shoulder.

Sunny sighed deeply. "You and me both, Solace. You and me both."

"I think she speaks for all of us." Sunny's father said as he and her mother walked towards them.

"Stellar Tycoon. Shimmering Glaze." Sparks said, nodding to each of them. "How have things been for the two of you?"

"A little rocky, as I'm sure you can imagine." said Stellar.

"But other than that, things have been relatively okay." said Glaze.

"We are so very sorry for your loss." Stellar said.

"We can only imagine how hard things have been for you lately." said Glaze.

Solace regained control of her emotions, then walked over to Sunny's parents, embracing them in a fairly tight hug.

"It's been very hard for us these past few days." said Solace. "But knowing our son gave up his life to protect the one he loved helps a little." Solace gave a meaningful look to Sunny, who could feel more tears slowly approaching. "He knew what he was doing." she continued. "And our offer still stands, Sunny Flare. If you ever want to do something with us, don't hesitate to give us a call."

Sunny nodded, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "I promise." she said with a sincere smile. "And I never break promises with...family." she said, feeling a lump in her throat as her voice cracked.

"You have no idea how much that means to us, Sunny." said Sparks. "You'll always be welcome in our home."

"I know." Sunny said. "I love the both of you." She said before breaking down again, hugging Sparks.

"I hate to interrupt this moment, but I think the service is starting." said Glaze.

"I think she needs a few minutes." said Sparks.

"No." said Sunny between sobs. "I need to go in there, even if I'm in the middle of crying."

"Very well, then. Let's go, shall we?" Sparks said as he took Sunny by the hand and held it tightly to show his emotional support for her.

Sunny nodded, tears still in her eyes.


As the service started, Sunny felt anxious about getting up on the podium. She sighed heavily, preparing herself for another breakdown. As if I haven't had enough of those.

"Sunny Flare."

Sunny nearly jumped in her seat as hearing her name snapped her out of her thoughts. Well...here we go. She slowly walked up to the podium, sighing heavily. "My name is Sunny Flare, and I...I was Rutherford's girlfriend." she started. "Rutherford and I met in a park by sheer chance. We started up a conversation, exchanged phone numbers...started a relationship..." she choked up a little. "I loved Rutherford so very much. More than anything or anyone." She steeled herself for what was to come. She took a deep breath and exhaled, shuddering. You can do this, Sunny Flare. You have to do this. If not for yourself... Sunny began tearing up. Do it for your Prince.

Sunny took another deep breath and exhaled. She looked around the crowd of gathered friends and family members. She found her parents and Rutherford's parents, who nodded in support and approval. Sunny clenched her hands into fists and forced herself to focus. She sighed heavily. "In my Sophomore year at Crystal Prep Academy...I found out I was pregnant." She winced inwardly as she heard murmurs in the crowd. Don't let their opinions bother you, Sunny Flare. Just keep going! she encouraged herself.

She stifled a sob as she continued. "The baby didn't make it past the third month." She heard more murmurs. "I suffered intense physical, mental and emotional trauma that day. Presently, I suffer from an aftereffect." she fought her hardest to keep her emotions in check, which was slowly becoming a losing battle. "Every now and then, I'll have sharp pains in my abdomen. Sometimes the pain becomes so intense it makes me black out...so starting tonight, after this funeral, I'm going to start taking a medication to block or at the very least dull the pain." her voice cracked and her breathing began to hitch.

Barely able to keep it together, Sunny decided to wrap things up. "But despite all of that...I would do it all again. Because on the day of the..." she felt like she would break at any given moment, but continued her desperate struggle. "On the day of the miscarriage, Rutherford ran to me with tears in his eyes...and he said to me 'It's going to be okay, Sunny. I love you so very much, and we will get through this together. I will always be here for you...always...'" Sunny Flare pushed herself beyond the limit for a few more words. "He gave up his life to save mine...and if that isn't true love...I don't know what is. I miss him so much..." she trailed off, then finally broke.

Overcome with grief and loss, Sunny Flare's knees buckled and she collapsed onto the floor. She covered her head with her hands and let out a wail that immediately sent her and Rutherford's parents to rush to her side, giving her the tightest hug they could muster without hurting her.

"We're all so very proud of you, Sunny Flare." said Stellar Tycoon.

"That took a great deal of courage, sweetie." said Shimmering Glaze.

"I believe I speak for Solace and myself when I say Rutherford would be proud as well." said Glistening Sparks.

"It's okay, dear. It's okay. We're here for you. Just let it all out." Steadfast Solace said soothingly.

Sunny Flare had heard all of their encouraging words, if only just barely, as she bawled uncontrollably just inches away from the podium.