Before the Friendship Games: Sunny Flare

by CapNTilfy

Final Leg of the Journey

After her parents squared things away with the police and the paramedics, they got back in the car with Sunny.

Her father had calmed down, but her mother was still sniffing.

After several minutes of uncomfortable silence, Stellar spoke up. "Sunny Flare...what were you thinking?!"

Sunny flinched at her father's emphasis on the last word of his sentence.

"We lost you once, even if only for a minute...and then there was the car crash that killed Rutherford."

Sunny flinched again, guilt slowly tightening it's grip on her.

"And just a few minutes ago, you tried to kill practically the same way your boyfriend died!" Stellar shouted.

"You think I don't already know that?!" Sunny blurted out, then put her hands to her mouth.

Her father drove the car off the road, then hit the brakes. He turned around and looked at her.

Sunny took a deep breath, then told her parents what she had experienced when she blacked out.

Her mother and father were in tears again when she finished telling them her story.

"So what you're saying is... Rutherford saved you?" Glaze said.

"I suppose that's one way to put it." said Sunny. "And yes, I plan on telling the whole same story to Crystal Clarity. That's a promise."

Silence hung in the car momentarily.

"Regardless of that," her father said, breaking the silence. "You still tried to kill yourself."

Sunny put her hand in her hands. "I know..." she sighed. "God, I'm such a mess right now."

"You'll feel better soon enough, Sunny Flare." said her mother, now in control of her emotions.

"I just wish I knew when 'soon enough' is..." Sunny said before she made a sputtering noise.

"Don't we all, Sunny...don't we all." said Stellar.

"Have we had dinner yet? All of these emotional breakdowns are making me hungry." said Sunny.

Shimmering Glaze snickered. "See? That little bit of snark right there means you're fighting. Maybe 'soon enough' might be closer than you think."

Sunny smiled slightly. "Maybe, indeed."

"Well then. Let's find a place to eat, shall we?" said Stellar.


As the family sat down with their food, Sunny was the first to speak. "You know, I suppose this little impromptu road trip might have been needed more than I thought at first."

Her parents smiled.

"I still can't believe that I tried to kill myself back there..." she said quietly so that no passers-by would give the trio questionable looks.

"Us too." Said Glaze, speaking for herself and Stellar. "But let's not talk about that right now."

"Agreed." Sunny nodded.

"Are you excited about the Friendship Games?" asked Glaze, changing the subject.

"As excited as I'll ever be, I suppose." Sunny said. "I mean, I get the whole 'We always win' and 'school spirit' thing, but sometimes it can get to be a bit much."

"From what we've heard, I'd be inclined to agree." said Stellar. "No school environment should be that hostile."

"Why, when you were in bed at the hospital, your-" Shimmering Glaze was cut off by her husband's hand to her mouth. He shook his head slowly.

Sunny blinked, but decided to pretend she didn't see what just happened.

"Anyway..." said Glaze. "How's school been?"

Sunny shrugged. "No interesting news, I'm afraid. Just your average everyday what have you and such."

"But you have been keeping your grades up?" asked her father.

Sunny nodded. "Of course I am. How often have my grades slipped over the course of my life?"

"She's got a point there." Glaze said to Stellar.

"Just asking." said Stellar.

Sunny smiled. "You know what? I think we should do this again some time."

Stellar and Glaze smiled. "Yes. Yes we should." said her mother.

"I'll drink to that!" said her father.

"But after this, I think we should go home. I'm drained, emotionally, mentally and physically." said Sunny.

"I think we all are." said Glaze.

"I'll drink to that, too!" Stellar said with a laugh.

As they got up from the table, Sunny leaned over and gave her parents a hug. "Thank you." She said. "Both of you."

Her parents smiled.

"I guess things can only get better from here." said Sunny. "There might be a few rough moments in my future, but I think the worst of it has passed."

"Don't tempt fate, Sunny." said Glaze, smiling.

"Aren't you doing so yourself simply by saying that?" Sunny said with a grin.

The trio laughed.

"Well, we should get going. It starting to get a wee bit late, and there's work and school to be had tomorrow." said Stellar.

Sunny sighed and rolled her eyes. "Can't I sleep in or something? I almost don't want to go to Crystal Prep tomorrow."

Sunny's parents gave her funny looks.

"What?" said Sunny. "I said 'almost'." she smiled.

Stellar rolled his eyes and smiled. "Let's get going then."

Stellar paid the bill in full, which Sunny and Glaze thanked him for, then they all boarded the car.

"To home, then." Said Stellar as he started the engine.

About an hour away from home, Stellar and Glaze nearly jumped from fright when they heard snoring in the back of their car.

Glaze turned around to see her daughter with her head leaning to the side, eyes closed and mouth open, slightly drooling. She held back a laugh from sight, then turned back around.

"I feel so bad for her, dear. She's been through far too much the last couple of days." Glaze said to her husband.

Stellar sighed. "I know, and as a result of that so have you and I."

"I'm sorry I almost told her know." said Glaze.

"I don't think she's on to us." said Stellar.

"Do you really believe that the Friendship Games are that important to the mission?" asked Glaze.

"The higher-ups sure seem to think so." responded Stellar. "Besides, if it gets that damned Cinch out and Cadence in, things could only get better for Crystal Prep. After all, her-"

"Shh!" Glaze said. "I think her snoring stopped."

Sunny stirred, then rubbed her eyes. "Are we home yet?" she asked, still half-asleep.

"As a matter of fact, we are." Said Stellar as he parked in the garage.

"That's good." said Sunny. "If I was asleep any longer, I'd likely have a crick in my neck." she said as she stretched, yawned and unbuckled her seatbelt. "I don't know about you two, but I'm going straight to bed."

"Us too." said Glaze.

Sunny hugged her parents goodnight. "Again... thank you. I love you both, and I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Same here, Sunny. Same here." her father said.

Sunny went up to her room, changed into her pajamas and immediately fell asleep.