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Hi all!

I'm a peace loving, 30-some year old Brony who marches to the beat of his own drum. I like to write fanfiction and write whatever strikes my fancy at the time, so I expect there'll be a variety of material as I get to it.

Peace out :)

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If you're asking me if you can send your idea, feel free :eeyup:

I did just think of a new idea to possibly send, even though it hasn't been that long

I just thought of a weird, yet sightly amusing to think about, story idea involving Buttercup.
Mind if I sent it?


Hey, thanks and sure!

What I referenced is all on here. A few of the stories are incomplete as of yet, but if you're interested Changing Seasons has had good reception, as has Their Final Cruasde, though the later is one of those incomplete ones.

Thanks for the interest :eeyup:

Sure send em my way. You stay safe too!


Thanks for the kind words. ABDL isn't for everyone, but takes on a different element in each of the stories it's featured in I've written. If you're interested I've got a number of non-ABDL stories that have themes of horror and despondency, as well.

Stay safe!

  • Viewing 46 - 55 of 55
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