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A simple, run-of-the-mill field trip. Cheerilee had been there last year (and the year before that), so bored she could fall asleep... but knowing it was her students first time was enough to perpetuate her through the trip and not just through the motions. Now that it's wrapping up...

What happens when a couple of Cheerilee's students are in trouble and she's forced to make a tough decision?

Under Teen for dark themes and mild violence.

Cover art by Smudge Proof.

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His name is Lentils and his only friend is Rice. Together they make a fine dish.

Even though his therapist is helping him, throughout his life all Lentils wanted to do was be left alone. It's not that he doesn't like others, nor is it that others don't like him, but... Rice, being his only support, gives him good ideas and bad ideas to try out:

"Pour that coffee on the flank of Cherry to get her attention," said Rice. "And if she doesn't like you for that, shave your eyebrows to make it up to her."

Sufficing to say, poor Lentils can get very confused. It doesn't help that only he can hear Rice.

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The tragic reality is that, try as she might, good ol' Derpy Hooves could never keep a job. Mail Delivery, Moving Companies, even volenteer work... nothing seems to work for her. For once, however, things are looking up for poor ol' Derpy:

She meets a shy but polite stallion at her umteenth millionth job (which is actually working out for her). He's new to Ponyville and is taken aback by her kindness, as she's much unlike their arrogant Pegasus co-workers. They're both misfits in their own way, so they hang out together.

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