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Im new At Writing, So bear with me (hah, get it bear, in staid of *nervous laugh*...BAH FUCK YOU)



IM NOT DEAD! YAY! · 8:57pm Jan 1st, 2014

So, Happy New Year. umm, I recently have been thinking and reading a lot, and personally, I think this is for the best, I am now RE WRITING this story! Not from scratch bear you, but expect a longer, more detailed version of chapter 1`to pop out...give or take...within a month, and I want YOU, the reader, to tell me whether you like the revisions or not. so look out for that. along with that, I'm also thinking of expanding into different story types (very different!) so expect some of those

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Thanks for the favourite on my story "Return to Fake Roots" ! Any suggestions ?

Thanks fer the watch and fav, pardner :eeyup:

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