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Adult blank-flank. 'Nuff said.

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Here is a list of the stories I'm currently writing, including the progress of each.

Absent, sadly, had to be cancelled. I hadn't worked on that story in several years, and I'm just not feeling that one anymore. I'm considering starting a new one, this time completely my own creation (as much as it can be while still existing within the FIM universe). This time, however, I will write at least 50%—if not the whole thing—before I release anything here. It's not fair to the readers to have huge breaks in-between chapter releases, never knowing if the story will be completed.


Guess who's getting a Chromebook. · 5:41am Jan 24th, 2015

Over the past fifteen months, I've managed to save about 200 $. :yay: I think I'm going to use it to purchase a Chromebook that I found at a local retailer. It'll allow me to use Google Drive (my preferred writing platform), and it will free me from this ancient, loaner netbook that I'm currently using.

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