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Someone who doesn't know how to describe herself, is always struggling with debilitating depression, and won't stop hanging onto the hope that happy endings are possible.


After being framed for something she didn't do, Sunset Shimmer is is bullied, shunned, and alone. She meets three people who will almost certainly be bullied, shunned, and isolated because of something they didn't do.

Their names are Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk. They are human teenagers who don't know magic is real, this is their first time in Canterlot, and they're transferring to CHS. They have no idea what they're getting into.

At another time, Sunset might have been the one person who could convince the student body that these three were not the Dazzlings. Right now, no one will listen to her.

The four of them have each other, but being associated with Sunset marks Adagio, Aria, and Sonata as suspected cyberbullies, and being associated with them marks Sunset as an evil monster (again.)

No idea what you should expect regarding updates.

It's like this: I realized that, if I set out to write the beginning of this, I probably could. Given that my depression has been generally stopping me from writing anything, it took that opening and started writing. I wrote for five and a half hours straight. That sort of thing isn't likely to happen twice, not until my depression is under better control at least. Also, I have no plan.

Updating doesn't require a marathon writing session (or a plan), though, so it could be that I'll have an update soon. Or it could be that I stall out and it's stuck sitting where it is for ages before I manage to update.

Why This Exists OR Credit Is Given

At some point after Cojo5536 suggested that Sunset meet the human Dazzlings in a forum post, I mentioned that River Road once commented on how much Dazzling Doubles by icecreammac resembles an AaM fic and referred to Cojo's idea as "crossing the streams".

(I haven't read _Dazzling Doubles_ myself.)

After about three hours of that marinating in my head, I decided to start writing. Mostly, as noted above, because times when I can write tend to be rare.

For those who might wonder, the cover art is my own creation based on a screen capture from Rainbow Rocks,

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Hmm..... :applejackunsure: I'll track this for now.

of course there would be human versions of the sirens, everyone except spike gets a human version of themselves. the writers view spike as a pet so his role as one only makes sense.

You've got me interested, tracking.

Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Mar 17th, 2020

Nice first chapter my man, also funny trivia in the book sequel of rainbow rocks (sunset shimmers time to shine), sunset says that her evil doings was just her saltyness for Celestia for not making her an alicorn and just being power hungry, she decided to stay on human world cause her life is there and because she only mainly study on equestria, she doesn't actually miss equestria lol

As for your story everything pretty gud gud looks nice~~ wonder how you will make sunset deal with the human crusaders, will sunset be insecure? Her friendship with the human dazzlings give her some good times and don't bother hard on cleaning her image?
I'm looking to see what you do :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't call my no.1 Dazzling, Aria, a cyberbully
I'd call her a legend.

Intriguing premise, looking forward to seeing what you build out of it.

Okay, wow. This was a great first chapter. Laid down the foundation for what’s to come and why pretty nicely. I’m looking forward to reading what happens next. :pinkiesmile:

She's not actively suicidal (note the lack of tag), but if death comes to her she's not going to turn it away.

That’s being suicidal.


That’s being suicidal.

Oh, definitely. It's being passively suicidal. Well, it actually depends on how, precisely, one defines terms. Under some definitions you need to want to die to be considered passively suicidal, while under other definitions not wanting to live is sufficient. The trouble is, most people don't even know that "passively suicidal" is a thing. Sunset doesn't want to kill herself, and is therefore (by definition) not actively suicidal, and most people think that actively suicidal is the only kind of suicidal there is.

If there were a tag for "suicidal, but very definitely not active self-harm, not even thoughts of it" this story would absolutely have it. (As would my life, for whatever it's worth.)

You've made Sunset's story into something akin to Shakespearean tragedy.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

That was actually a pretty good foundation for a first chapter.

The recap of Sunset's life from being in Equestria to leaving Sugarcube Corner was very well done.

I think I got a very good idea of what poor Sunset is being falsely accused of in this story, and I hope the human counterparts of the Dazzlings can convince the whole student body and school of CHS that they're innocent and are not the same sirens that tried to enslave them.

when will you continue this amazing story?

OK, I'm intrigued.

Can't wait for the next chapter

I definitely hope it doesn't feel cheap, fake, or forced.

Doing good so far! Be looking forward to the next chapter.

Gives puppy eyes I would like some more, sir.

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