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This story is a sequel to A Chill in the Air

In an effort to learn and use the Rainbooms' own tricks against them, the Dazzlings attend a party at Sunset Shimmer's urging. While they're there, they share tales of their exploits in this world up to and beyond the Battle of the Bands.

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I bet they have some neat stories. Involving seduction. Or being accused of being witches.

Aria Blaze groaned, face-palming, "How many times have we explained the concept of metaphorical speech?"

"Two thousand seven hundred and eighty-three times?"

Aria's jaw dropped before she displayed a particularly emphatic scowl. "You don't remember what we say, but you remember the that?!"

Sonata beamed. "I just pick a random number every time you ask."

That's actually a clever idea. I gotta use that sometimes in real life.

5730228 Could have also gone a justifiable "Sonata as Rain Man" route. (note, I still haven't read the fic yet - plan to soon though)

So are you implying that 1000 Equstrian years is the equvilant of 30 human years?

:unsuresweetie: What is going on? I do love the sound of three 'teenagers' speaking Shakespearian English in the 80's. That must've went down well.

I'm implying the guy who got a wing in the library for time magic might have been good at time magic. :derpytongue2:

"By the abyssal trench," she cried, waving her upper limbs about in an attempt to stay upright, "what manner of appendages be these?!"
"Adagio," replied Aria, whose first experience with walking in heels was going a lot smoother, "how, pray tell, might we be expected to respond to thine inquiry? 'Tis as much a mystery to us as it is to thee what constitutes the laws of this realm!"
"Mine own concern," muttered Sonata, tugging on her ponytail, "be placed upon these extensions of our heads!"

My god, Elizabethan Sirens are hilarious!

"Of course," whispered Aria with a smirk, "if thou art not a klutz."
"Once more, Aria?"
"I spoke not, Adagio."
"'Tis not so taxing," offered Sonata, still wavering a bit, "once thou hast the hang of it!"


"Hail, I return from meandering!"

Shapeksperian Sonata is hilarious!

Barely containing her giggles, Sunset smiled apologetically. "Sorry, sorry, but the image of you three going bananas over an essentially non-existent danger is-"


I regret to inform that the ye olde siren-speak doesn't happen a whole lot in any of the stories I use it for. :twilightsheepish:
Still, if they were roaming about at that time, it only makes sense they'd still have the vernacular. I think.

Somehow, I'm not surprised Adagio has no issues with public nudity.

Then again, I tend to think of her with a four-letter word that shares three of its letters with the word 'slug', so yeah.

5734373 Why would call any woman a plug?

There was another awkward silence, this time broken by Pinkie attempting to start conversation. "So, how've you guys been since the batt-"
"Fine," Aria answered tersely, the Dazzlings collectively giving her a cold stare, getting a few back.

May not have been the best question to ask, Pinkie.

Rarity nodded, setting a flower vase perfectly in the center of a table, then turning it slightly for stylistic asymmetry, matching the tablecloth. "Indeed. Who knows," she said with a hopeful grin, "they may even let us give them makeovers!" She made a grasping motion in the air in front of her. "What I'd do to get my hands on their hair, especially those orange curls..."

Um, no, comment.

By the way Sonata and Aria blushed and quietly facepalmed, respectively, Sunset guessed they had more or less figured it out. A male voice from not far away cheekily spoke up. "Do you think you could show us?"

When Sonata and Adagio facepalm, you know you've screwed up- wait WHAT?!

There were some chuckles, some eyerolls, some glares, (primarily from the girls in the room) and a friendly smack upside the head directed at the speaker before Adagio replied. "Sure."

Say what?

Sunset was pretty sure her heart stopped for a split second as Adagio started undressing, Aria and Sonata trading nervous glances as if to say 'should we stop her?' As no-one else seemed to be doing much more than giggling or watching gobsmacked, Sunset started to panic, moving to politely suggest nobody undress right now.

Oh my.

"Oh? How well do you remember the Battle of the Bands? Just before you-"

That was different, removing one layer such as her leather jacket is one thing, but removing everything, nu-uh, this isn't a clopfic.

The amateur magician scowled. "Trixie wasn't going to say anything!"


Oh, that was absolutely hilarious, I can't stop laughing :rainbowlaugh:
Oh, I have not laughed that well in a long time, thank you so much.

On a more serious note, that was a good chapter, well written and nicely flowing. The Siren's story stole the show by far. Kudos for making it both extremely entertaining and in character. For that matter impressive work with the Elizabethan, it isn't without fault but it is better than most I have seen do anything similar :twilightsmile:

Thanks, but writing in my idea of Shakespeare-talk is on par with consistently writing dialogue for Zecora, (try writing every single sentence in rhyme, less fun than it sounds) so I use it pretty sparingly. :twilightsheepish:

5736174 Well, that's a synonym for the word I had in mind, in certain parts of the globe.

is getting interesting :heart:
I hope soon to be able to upload the continuation :twilightsmile:

Pattern identified, the rest of the chapter titles probably won't surprise anyone. (Yes, there is a reason. :coolphoto:)

Well, I say it's all right. *guitar riff*

"Time now for a magnificent display like none you've ever seen!"

I sense shenanigans!

Puppy Eyes. "Sunset?"


Sonata resumed respiration. She'd been starting to turn blue!

Isn't she already blue? Oh wait, that's the joke, isn't it?

Sonata's voice got her attention. "Like this?" Her cap was on right too, not at all hampered by a mass of blue hair.

How DO they do that anyway? Magic hair? *insert Tangled joke here*

"Me, Ay-Jay, and Pinkie wanted to see who could swim out the farthest and back, and I won!"


Flash smiled almost immediately. "Sure thing!"

How forgiving IS this guy?

Aria shrugged. "Kinda. She'll screw with anything if she thinks there's something in it for us."

Ohhh myy...

TV and Sonata means fun times for all. :pinkiehappy:

Yes, this is glorious. I always enjoy a good Siren backstory. :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't say any of my stories are dead yet, I just haven't had time to write much in weeks. :pinkiesick:

"I'm not giving up," said Adagio with a quiet snarl, "there must be something we can use in all this. What sense does it make to keep a broadcasting service active at all times and use it for nothing of value?!"

That's television for you Adagio.

Sonata forced a smile, opting to try an old hatchery rhyme to cheer her up. "C-c'mon, Dagi. Swim Swiminey, Swim Swiminey, Swim-Swim-Sweree; a flipper's as lucky, as lucky, can be!"

Really? Really?

To make up for this mess now here's what I'll do;
I'll hunt them all down for what they've put me through!
I'm talking about those who control all these ads,
the corporate fat-cats who sell food and fads!
I'll string them up sideways and tear out their eyes,
the rest of the pain will then come by surprise!
Like when I practice heel-kicks with my spiked shoes,
or when I stuff their mouths full of hooks, nails, and screws!

You worry me.

The eight girls and a few vaugely interested people nearby sat in silence for the better part of a minute before Applejack spoke up. "She has a psychotic episode an' yer solution is to cheerfully join in?"
"Yep," confirmed Aria, "usually works out."
"Except for when it doesn't," amended Sonata.
"Well, yea, but the tree took the fall for us that time." The two of them got some decidedly odd looks. "Don't get me started." And yet more before Aria rolled her eyes. "Look, there aren't enough hours in the day. Just know that that week ended with Adagio feeling better at the cost of a tree coming down."

VaGUely. Also, not sure how to react to that.

The members of Flashdrive, however, felt uneasy. Ringo turned to the teal-haired boy. "Y'know, some guys would try to fix it themselves, some would try to replace what was busted, some would just stick it out, come hell or high water. Our guy? Walks up to three magical psychopaths and asks their boss for a favor. Balls of steel, man."
Flash rolled his eyes. "She volunteered, and despite what they did a while back, those three really aren't that scary."
Ringo grinned. "Says the guy who dated She-Demon Shimmer "
"Shut up."

HAH! Also, Ringo, I get it!

Shocks...? And then it made sense. Adagio had been screwing with electrical equipment before she touched Sunset. While she didn't seem bothered by it, her efforts apparently hadn't been flawless. Feeling like a bigger idiot than at just about any other point in her life, Sunset was grateful the others seemed too wrapped up in Sonata's story to notice her trying to use her own hair as camouflage.

Silly Sunset.

So it will have romance between Adagio and Sunset?


With the romance tag in there, I figured there wasn't much point in being subtle. :derpytongue2:

5990988 Oh mer gurd:pinkiegasp: MITBOY I love your dev bro!!!

Curse Dazzlings and their magical hair! Now I imagine Adagio wearing a bald wig!

Stupid, catchy song won't get out of my head. Argh!

Nice rendition though. And I just realized there's a romance tag. Oh brother, what have I gotten myself into :facehoof:

First, my Beatle-brain sees the chapter titles.
Then, I'm thrown into constant giggling by the excellent comedy.
Then I decide to check your other stories and find that I'm tracking one, have read five and loves your chapters of Sunny, moony, Twily.
And now I wonder wth I'm not following you.


I don't have to wonder any more.

Pinkie beamed. "Oh, now you totally HAVE to tell us!" A few of the others nodded in agreement. Sunset Shimmer seemed to be hiding her eyes.

She's right.

Aria took her cue, pantomiming use of a console controller. "You guys play games at all?"
Pinkie snapped her fingers, drawing a few bills from her skirt pocket and passing them to Fluttershy. Everyone else just stared in perplexed silence as Fluttershy rapidly shook her head. "I-I told you Pinkie, I wasn't serious!"
"A bet's a bet, Flutter-Butter, even if it's just three bucks!" Rarity cleared her throat, which sounded a bit like 'whatcha talkin' 'bout, Pinkie?' She answered accordingly. "I bet Fluttershy that Aria would be into shutting the door and booming beats all day and she said she'd probably be a little more like AJ and Dashie, killing time by pretend-killing tons of dudes sometimes!"

I see.

He shrugged. "You look kinda steamed, girlie, so," offering her what she recognized as a quarter, he indicated a large box with five holes and a mallet on top, "maybe vent there?"

Smart guy.

After a minute or two of frantic swinging, it stopped, a number several digits long blinking where the zeroes had been. Once more, she couldn't begin to guess the meaning, but out of a slot adjacent to the coin slot came a string of colorful paper. A new form of currency? How many did they have here? She had just torn it loose for inspection when she heard the sound of applause behind her. Whipping around, she saw the backwards-hat guy and a few others clapping for her, remarking on showing those moles who was boss and getting a pretty good score, whatever that meant.
For a number of reasons, Aria grinned.

Yeah, whack a mole is awesome.

Twirling an orange lock around a finger, Adagio seemed almost abashed. "We didn't spend each and every day going out to feed on negative energy, people might have really started killing each other if we did. So, by the time we'd explored as far as we could reasonably get on foot, we'd realized that singing to those in charge of the hotel every week was slowly draining us of more power than we were getting back, leading us to invest in our own living space."


"And by then," guessed Sunset, "you decided you didn't want to start over in a new town every so often?"
"Part of it was that," Adagio answered with a nod, "part of it was not wishing to stray too far from the park we first landed in. For the first decade or so, we were convinced that if we were ever going to get home, the means to do so would be around here somewhere."


The Rainbooms collectively shared a panicked look, immediately realizing that the Dazzlings could still see them. They slowly turned as one, worry clear in all six sets of eyes..
The three collectively gave the six a tired look, Adagio the first to speak. "Oh, dear," she said in a dry monotone while crossing her arms, "I suppose you all must know a way we could have gotten back to Equestria. When we still had our magic. When it might have mattered. And doesn't anymore."


"We were banished," Aria offered with a shrug, "even if we're able to go back at all, there's no guarantee we'd be allowed to roam free. Plus, it's been like thirty years, anything we'd have had over there is gone now. Not wanting to start over, remember?"

Fair enough.

Rainbow chuckled. "Heck, even that wouldn't be-" Applejack lightly pushed her head down before she could risk opening old wounds by implying anyone enjoyed fighting with anyone else, "-wouldn't be near as nice as just havin' yall around."

Nice save.

"Trixie also doesn't mind their presence!" Her arms were crossed and her chin was haughtily raised, but she was unmistakably smiling.

Where did she come from?

Aria stage-whispered to the girls sitting across from them. "They're the only ones she's good at."


Aria's arms were crossed, but she wore what might have been a prideful smirk while nodding to Adagio. "You're looking at the girl who beat Superior Primate Spheres 2 in one sitting."

Superior Primate Spheres 2. Hm, Yeah I got nothing.

Sonata tilted her head. "Yea, but you missed a LOT of bananas."
"Woe is me," deadpanned Adagio, "banana-less."

Donkey Kong?

Adagio shook her head a little, turning back to answer Rainbow in a calm monotone. Just say it. You have nothing to lose. "Would you believe that 'winning' doesn't interest us in the slightest? That it never did? It's the not the show, not the title, not even a mark in history we ever pursued, it was the applause that came with it. What we did to your school had nothing to do with any kind of victory, per se, it was for the sake of being recognized, of being adored. I suppose our first song may have painted a different picture, but we'd have said, sang, anything to reach that end."

I see.

Aria shrugged. "For anyone we'd sung to recently, just holding a note was usually enough to warm up the spell again, as long as the feeling we were banking on was still there." The little song they threw together to snare the sisters in charge of CHS played on how much they wanted to do something good for the student body and some very sneakily-worded lyrics.


Crossing her arms, Adagio's smile faded. "Think about it, if all we had to do was sing to outright control people, would it have made sense to do more than let out a few notes of-" she sing-songed for effect, "'hey eve-ry-one, ar-gue~!' and immediately reap the rewards?"

She's got a point.

The Dazzlings collectively blinked twice, Sonata the only one to reply verbally. "For realzies?"

Sadly, yes.

Aria shrugged. "If we knew that, don't you think we'd have tried to find a way around it?"

She's right.

"I-in fact," offered Fluttershy, whose giggles said she was over it too, "I think the only ones who didn't get angry were Twilight and Sunset."

Basically, yes.

Sonata was the first to recover, smiling. "I like Japanese cartoons!"
Searching her memory, Sunset scratched her head. "The stuff with the spiky hair and giant robots?"

Sometimes if you're lucky, both!

Giggling, Sonata nodded. "Yep, it gets pretty wacky sometimes, but not all of it is really weird!"

Nah, most of it really is.

The blue girl paled, forcing a wide, sheepish smile as the rest of those seated nearby gave her curious looks. "Ah, w-well, I could go for some punch, anybody else? No? 'Kay, great bye!" And off she went to the punch bowl. She didn't know where that was, specifically, but how hard could it be to find?

Dare I ask?

This left seven girls in awkward silence until Applejack scratched her chin. "Ah think Ah get it. Confetti. Par, confet-TI. Par-ty."

Don't explain the joke.

This, might be a long night.

OOH yeah.

I hate it when I have to establish a detail in a story only for the full significance not to pay off until much later.

You mean how the Dazzlings' magic can't actually control anyone or make them do anything that they didn't (in some form) already want to do? 'Cause it did seem like you were driving that home pretty hard.

Different detail, but I'm glad that wasn't remotely ambiguous. :scootangel:

Funnily enough, that fact itself isn't super important to the story as a whole, just the means by which I hoped to establish something else, also unrelated to the unspecified important-much-later detail. I should probably stop giving pseudo-spoilers. :twilightoops:

Oh, well if it's not the explanation of their magic then it seemed to work out okay. Before I got down to the author's note I thought that part felt kinda excessive, but the other little tidbits that you slipped in flowed very nicely and didn't seem out of place at all.

What about this kind of buildup do you not like, exactly? Personally I love slipping morsels of foreshadowing and puzzle pieces into stories so that by the time things finally come together the reveal is all the sweeter, :yay:

I guess there's an art to it, but when I know I won't so much as be hinting toward something again in a way that doesn't feel forced and the payoff isn't until forever away, it's like having to wait until New Years to use your fireworks because it was rainy or something on the 4th of July, if that makes sense.

You're right, though, it'll be a hell of a show when it comes around! :pinkiehappy:

Amusingly enough, I've had a similar theory in regards to the Sirens' powers.

Drat it, I hate not being able to write quickly. Everyone else is using ideas similar to mine before I can!

Huh, this continues to be intriguing and amusing. Is the presence of the Anon-A-Miss incident in the 'canon' of this fic the small detail that comes up later?

Negatory, but with this chapter, I think I've made up for the lack of focus on it from the first story. That was supposed to be the main theme of their talk on the bench. :twilightsheepish:

Sonata paused, searching her recent memory. She pointed roughly in the direction she'd come from. "T'was a great, stone geyser spewing water over yonder, mayhap that would suffice?"
So we tried to flood the world....
We thought the fountains were wards of some sort to prevent the seas overtaking the land. So, if we could damage one enough

And favorited.

This has been sitting in my read later list for what feels like an age. Really glad I finally dug in, because this is topping out as my favourite characterization of the Dazzlings. I hope there's more to come soon. :pinkiehappy:

Ringo huh? Fits with the chapter titles. :pinkiehappy:

Of course they'd love games! Gamer rage must be delicious.

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