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Author and Future U.S. Army National Guard. Lightning Bolt is my Co-Author and Cloudfilly is my Editor. If you have any questions, just message me.


Not gonna be a big author · 9:14pm Jan 9th, 2017

I think it's pretty obvious that me and my brother are not typing as much as we used to. We were pretty consistent with "A Dazzling Reformation", but we're not being consistent at all with "Back to School". Yes we shall continue "Back to School" and very soon. But the fact is we're just are not

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I appreciate the follow. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

1768672 Exactly. I'm glade I could show some insight :eeyup:

1768020 Don't blame the hammer for forging a faulty sword, I guess.

1767663 The U.S. Army National Guard's bases stay on American soil, unless ordered by the U.S. President otherwise. If they are ordered to go overseas they are then positioned on bases that are already there. But you shouldn't blame the 'Army Guys' for having bases on Foreign Soil, it was the U.S. President's decision to place it there, not the Soldiers'.

So, are the National Guards the army guys who don't annoy people with their bases on foreign soil?


i help my friends with editing but this will be my first time editing for someone i don't know


1725522 Yes I am. Are you an Editor or do you know of an Editor?

Are you still looking for an editor?

I'm glad you enjoyed my story Reformation Buddies. :twilightsmile:

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