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For everyone who has seen "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", and loved it!

WARNING: Not for those who haven't seen the movie yet. SPOILERS ABOUND.

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Like I said, the issue is geometrical, which is something inherent in the design. That is to say, it has nothing to do with how you use it.

Basically, if you have a normal lightsaber, the maximum reach you can gain is when holding it out in front of you pointing along your outstretched arm, and the greatest range in a cut is moving the blade in a circular motion around your body. With the double saber, you obviously can't do that since the other blade would pass through your body. It has to be held at an angle, no matter how you attack with it. which ironically means your reach is severely restricted. Also, you have no choice but to keep each blade on either side of your body at all times, which leaves you with a space right in front of you where you can't place your blade and creates a big hole your defense at the handle, which tends to end up in front of your torso - the worst place to have an opening. You can turn your body so that this opening faces away from your opponent, but that negates what little advantage the second blade offers and your reach is still severely restricted compared to a normal lightsaber.

Note that this is not a problem with ordinary polearms since you generally grip them along the lower half, can shift your grip around, and don't have to worry about the shaft touching your body.

Additionally, like most melee weapons, the lightsaber acts as a lever. This means that whenever you swing one blade away from you, the other one will want to move towards you with equal force. Thus the fighter needs to exert twice as much strength to hold it back. A savvy opponent may even try use the leverage to force the second blade to cut you.

All in all, while it is twice as much lightsaber, that just means that using it requires you to be twice as strong, twice as fast and twice as skilled as your opponent just to make up for all the disadvantages. Using it basically amount to giving your opponent a much better chance of beating you.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it being used in the movies and shows; it does tend to look cool. It's just not a weapon that works well in reality.


actually, ie seen compelling evidence as to why it is a perfectly viable choice, and they ar all here...

also, theres this...


I tend to just call them "double lightsabers", mainly out of habit.

They are actually terrible weapons when used the way we see in Phantom Menace and the TV shows, with both blades out, due to geometric limitations. They would have certain advantages when used as a regular lightsaber, though - more leverage, harder strikes and better blade presence if gripped on the lower end, and an extra emitter if your main one gets damaged.


Just so you know, by staffsabers, I mean dual bladed lightsabers.


Actually, I forgot about the yellow sabers used by the temple guards.

Really, the whole issue is a bit weird. We know all Jedi use natural kaiburr crystals from a special cave, and that they apparently only produce blue or green blades except in exceptionally rare cases. (Which says something considering the normal crystals are worth a fortune all by themselves.) Jedi guards all use yellow sabers for uniformity, so where do they get those?

Sith all use red sabers, and their crystals are supposedly synthetic. That seems a bit strange to me, though. Palpatine certainly has the resources to get a hold of authentic ones and the Sith are just as traditional and spiritual as the Jedi, only in a much more destructive and self-serving way. It would make more sense if they got their crystals from some natural source that is strong with the Dark Side.

And even though he wasn't a jedi, who could forget a certain mandalorian with his darksaber?

Until Maul "inherited" it. Kinda wonder what happened to Maul, actually. Sidious said he wouldn't kill him, but after that he just vanished off the radar. Maybe he'll show up again in Rebels?

I used to hate the idea of a black lightsaber, honestly, but I ended up really liking it. Mainly because it doesn't look or behave like a normal lightsaber, like it's some kind of ancient prototype using a different type of technology.

Also, the purple blade Windy favors kinda bugs me. I mean, the original lightsabers (or 'forceblades') were purple, but they were also made of the dark side, and using one basicly made you evil. Just saying...

Well, most of that canon is out the window anyway.

Of course, the real reason Windu has a purple lightsaber is because Sam Jackson said he wanted one*, and Lucas was like: "Okay."

*I actually remember him mentioning that in an interview after Phantom Menace came out.


Yeah, she's mostly in season 2. Last episode I saw, she had her first fight in the series and she basically dominated the bad guys. :yay:

Oh, and Captain Rex shows up as well.

406550 Ahsoka is in Rebels?! Now I really have to pick up that series! :yay:


Still waiting for the day that they have a yellow staffsaber.

Favorite Jedi would have to be Starkiller. With would be Darth Bane.

And even though he wasn't a jedi, who could forget a certain mandalorian with his darksaber?

Also, the purple blade Windy favors kinda bugs me. I mean, the original lightsabers (or 'forceblades') were purple, but they were also made of the dark side, and using one basicly made you evil. Just saying...


Never was much for the reverse ninja grip style Ahsoka has going, but she's still one of my all-time favorite Jedi, alongside Kyle Katarn and Jolee Bindo. Girl kicks all kinds of ass.

The term "shoto saber" always bugged me a bit, mainly because I find it weird to encounter a Japanese term in Star Wars. Would that make the normal ones daito sabers? I suppose they thought it sounded cooler than "short lightsaber."

Also curious that Ahsoka is one out of only two higher canon jedi with a non-standard lightsaber color, in that her shoto is a bit yellowish lime green. Kinda wonder what the story behind that is. IIRC, Mace Windu's purple crystal is supposed to be really rare and exclusive. And now Ahsoka shows up with a pair of white sabers, which is even more unusual.

Ahhh yes, Ahsoka Tano, she favors an uncommon style of light saber fighting. What with using an shoto blade (a saber with a shorter blade) alongside her standard. The style was basically a foil to the lightwhip. Fun fact, Luke used a red shoto blade on occasion in the extended universe. Of course, that was before Disney got rid of the extended universe post VI. At least the PAST extended universe is intact. Yay Darth Bane!


I'm enjoying it so far, but then you have to try very hard to make me not like Star Wars.

About the only thing I don't like about Rebels is how they made the lightsabers all narrow and rapier-like. It always bothers me when they mess up the saber aesthetic somehow. The rest is fine, though. Also, Ahsoka Tano is in it. I'd watch it for her sake alone.


I hate everything about that show...

Movie was nice looking but could've been better.

Star Wars is a shitty franchise to begin with.

As cool and useful as the trisaber is, I still have to go with the dual bladed lightsaber. Sorry Kylo Ren.

Statement: I prefer KOTOR II but this movie is great.

I'm looking forward to seeing what role Benicio Del Toro is going to play. He's a busy guy right now.

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