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Well now · 11:42pm Sep 4th, 2016

I just wanted to thank everyone who has faved my fanfic. Even if I for myself find it pretty cringe worthy what I wrote there. I know that I've been planning on writing a sequel story to it, but the thing is I never really got to it, since work and my art's "in my way". The other thing is that I'm just not really for writing. A few months ago I started writing on another story (not the sequel I've been talking about earlier) but it's still at where I left off, because I just got stuck. I don't

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1935197 nope, feel free :D

1935010 Mind if I add you? :)

You have a Skype?

1917758 No problem ::twilightsmile:
Aria's best siren :pinkiehappy:

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