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Things have been a little rough for the trio that once got everything they needed by brain-washing people. Talking on the phone with Rarity one night, Sunset hears the latest gossip on the once-feared singers, learning that Adagio Dazzle is working a job that may cost her her life.

Her first shift starts tonight.


Story inspired by the cover pic! Any understanding whatsoever of Five Nights at Freddy's not required.

Part of an ongoing series.
>You Are Here
>Fluff and Kidnapping
>Dazzle Robs a Bank
>Fluffy Fever
>Dungeons and Dazzles

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Oh joy, a FNAF and MLP: EqG: RR crossover. I'm tracking this one. I wish I could give you a cookie, but the best ones I got were burned by Mrs. Castellan. So have a mustache instead.:moustache:

Ok i can see the speed/pacing can be considered too fast, but who dislikes this?!
Wait whats that?
Oh ok I'll tell them.
I have been informed by one of my partners that the agency has been tracking one of these "Mascots" for some time now, apparently it has created a link into the internet. And it has been disliking anything to do with its home.

This has been posted for your own safety.

Hopefully the theory about foxy being a good guy is true

This is awesome. i like the fact that adagio is more then what she seemed in the movie.

I would give you a cookie, but we dont have them.
so have a moustache:moustache:

Not wishing to spoil, but kinda doing so anyway if you look at the spoiler, I can assure you that this is not a Dark fic. :)

That's two moustaches so far! :pinkiegasp:
Here's hoping the last chapter makes it a clean trio so I can start a mariachi band. :eeyup:

5640646 Well we gotta see if the final chapter is good enough for a third moustache.
One thing, WHY IS THERE NO LUNA?! we have lots of POINTLESS characters but NO luna.:rainbowhuh:

...No Luna in a mariachi band? I don't know, maybe she prefers Reggae.
If you mean why is she not in the story, it's for the same reason quite a lot of characters aren't in it, they just don't have any reason to be. :twilightsheepish:

There's probably a story out there with every single character ever, but it isn't written by me. :derpytongue2:

5640667 oh you totally misuderstood me i was talking about a luna emote. we have bubbles (*sigh* derpy) photo finish, trixie, TWIST for peats sake, and no luna.

Oh! I do that every now and then, yes. A Lunamote would be nice, but I guess they figure they've got the bases covered. A smile is already available by the others, as are frowns and rage and such. I'd go with the ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE, but we already have something to that effect with Flutteryay.

5640694 thats true, but i would thing something like two lunas with the name :thefunhasbeen2:

Pattern recognized! The last chapter's title probably won't be much of a surprise.

he could also be playing on the 'Hide and Seek' (if i remember right) theroy... were all 5 of them (counting Golden Freedy) are just playing an advance game of hide and seek, and mean no harm to the guard, other then scaring the shit out of them

"Hello. Uh, hello hellow? Uh, Well, If you are hearing this, then chances are, you've made a very poor career choice."

wait no you havent, you are short one...
oh here it is, i was told to give this to you.
-You recieved the powerstace- :moustache:


Of course all of these chapters are named after Mandopony's songs, in the order that I assume he made them. I do like Just Gold the best. And I do like how you import no theories, and no overpowered Foxies shooting lasers an' shit.

Yes, it's so perfect. Did you play both freddy games yet?

I watched a let's play of one of them and left it at that. The goal of those games confuses me. If you're supposed to get through by avoiding jump-scares, I figure you could do that just as well by not playing the game at all. Maybe look up the ending on Youtube or something. If it is the jump-scares the player wanted, they could start the game and then just sit there twiddling their thumbs until they pop up.

I don't get it, but it can make for some fun story setting. :eeyup:

5652187 Yeah when you think about it, its not very awesome but hey some good stories here about it!

That's why I don't play it either: it is ultimately predictable, but the backstory and possible plots that stem from the backstory, such as the children's' souls possessing the animatronics or the Great Bite of '87, make for great potential stories.

Also, I'm more of an SH Horror person than an FNaF Horror person.
(Things like a fetus in the bathroom sink that cries and talks with an adult man's voice honestly disturbs me more than most of the animatronics.)

I don't usually like Five Nights fics, but this little thing with Adagio and Sunset (Wrote Sonata on the first try) was just so cute. By far the best part was when Adagio turned the tables on 'who's helpless'. It figures her hair, her ridiculous screen-filling hair, would be enough to make the robots think 'this is not the endoskeleton you are looking for'. Have a like.

Well, since now I like Fnaf I decided to give it a look. I'm pleased. I want more, actually

Glad you enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

I do have a sequel in mind for these interpretations of Sunset and Adagio, but nothing to do with FNAF. Ever again, I think, as this story only even used the restaurant as a framing device. :twilightsheepish:

Everything is good with Sundagio, so yeah, doesn't really matter.

"Of course I do, I've been all over the place trying to find work! In addition to being a source of income, it's the only way the others'll quit making fun of-" She stopped, both in speech and in motion, Sunset stopping to look back at her. "I... uh... I-I mean..."

Was she going to say something about her being flat chested? If so was she say that she tries to make the rest of her body look as stunning as possible so they can stop judging her chest?

Not quite. :twilightsheepish:

If the reason she wants a job so badly is still ambiguous, I think it'll all be cleared up in the next story in the series. Coming some time in the next few weeks! :pinkiehappy:

A great start to a wonderful story.:twilightsmile: I can't wait to read more!

Oh my gosh this was amazing!:scootangel: I :heart: this crossover (My two favorite things :pinkiehappy:)

Glad you enjoyed!

I have quite a few sequels in mind for this story, but I'm afraid nothing like FNAF is ever coming up again. Hopefully the other games and game concepts I'll be fooling around with in this series, in addition to general slice-of-life silliness, will be just as entertaining. :pinkiesmile:

This is the only FNAF story I've ever read. It's the only FNAF story I will ever read.

That in itself means something, :raritywink:

I don't have much love for FNAF either, but the cover pic drove me to write. :twilightsheepish:

Glad you enjoyed! :pinkiehappy:

This is soo weird...I'm used to Adagio being badass in Sunny Days in Sunny June...she heard Bonnie coming up behind her and just fired backwards without turning around and shot Bonnie to pieces.

Still, this is a great story.

5632629 Percy Jackson reference?

5650088 why did the thought of Foxy shooting lasers make me burst out laughing?

I absolutely love that Pinkie Pie gets the jump scare in this story. it makes the whole thing a lot funnier after I've had the time to think about it
"No stranger to schadenfreude, are you?" this is a very potent observation that carries a lot of weight
see, I don't quite get why Sunset would know rumors about Fatbear's but Rarity (and Pinkie if she's still there) don't seem to
lol I love that dramatic jacket throw Sunset's suddenly so fond of... I also love Adagio taking the time to address her as a patron even though there's no reason for her to
you know, the first time (or two) I read this, I don't think I caught the initial statement that Sunset grabbed a loaded handgun and I think I extrapolated it from Adagio's response to it
you really are quite genius you know, quick to cover your tracks even this early in the story where Adagio yanks out of Sunset's grip just before The Fox activates. I approve.
I love the interruptions in dialogue to scream out a door to be closed.
sorry I keep talking about things I love, I just don't get why there aren't more comments tbh

"(five hours to go!)" this startled a laugh from me. :moustache:
the sense of conscience in Adagio is rather profound, she obviously has a good grasp of 'right' and 'wrong' but chooses to ignore it when she feels like it - it's invigorating have her be aware and not just playing the usual callous-siren-learning-emotions trend. that she's insecure, has doubts and assumptions, is as frightened as one should expect to be in her situation... it just comes off very natural (even if it is to Sunset's surprise), relatable, and endearing.
"Maybe your face." is it wrong for me to love Sunset being such a total bitch? "Sunset couldn't help her poorly-hidden snickering for the next several minutes."
how did Sunset know the gun was actually loaded then, some punks just have things to bluff with (I guess if he ran in terror... it must have at least one round)
"a short note that didn't really sound all that much like a dying cat." only kind of like a dying cat

Just something to kil-pass the time with

- I liked this too much. and that Finding Nemo parody bit was also unreasonably funny

"Yea, imagine mascots being an actual threat to any-"
She stopped dead. Neither of them wanted to talk about this anymore.

"I'm an artist, not a gun-toting barbarian!" AHAHAHAHAHA oh the irony
Adagio's tirade is really fucking good. 'bout time someone said it. and I can't get over how much I like the ending to this chapter - it's like a bittersweet... somewhat dark, slightly sad, very resigned... kind of like Adagio's tiredness in ch 1

those two repeated slamming into each other out of sheer terror is a great image
all in all it IS Sunset's fault. Adagio's cruelty is just delightful, revenge is necessary to stay sane for so long.the feeding her pizza is awesomely excessive (points for saying she fidgeted like a foal)... and teehee hipbumps are silly. as a reader who's picky about what kind of repetition is utilized, I love making someone eat their words.
the taste of negative energy is an interesting concept, I approve of the way you handled it (and that scene)
Sunset's so cute, trying to play reformed when her instincts would lead her astray - quite a vehement reaction for old food
"I wasn't proposing anything distasteful." :rainbowlaugh: oh poor Dagi, that must've been a good blow to the ego
I desperately want to know what Aria dug up on the Flim-Flam Brothers... and maybe even more desperately need Sunset to know it before me. :raritycry::raritydespair:
Silly Sunset... she calls Adagio, then ditches her phone to run across town. sigh
I love soft Adagio, she's so beautiful when she's tender (and apologetic, but that's a different story)
"Go to sleep, Sunset Shimmer." it's so much like 'go back to sleep, Sonata' but in such a better light. it's caring and compassionate, and truly mindful of the things they've done for each other in the hours they've been together
"both silently relieved to see the other still there" I squeed
part of me doesn't get why Adagio doesn't just stay at the job if she needs the money and the others to stop having power over her - she's clearly immune to animals. crappy pay is still better than weeks of no pay, and considering how low maintenance it is, she could probably bring a book or a laptop to watch movies or invite Sunset over and just be friends


I don't quite get why Sunset would know rumors about Fatbear's but Rarity (and Pinkie if she's still there) don't seem to

At the time, I was thinking normal girls wouldn't have spared a thought for that kind of thing, but the old Sunset would have kept informed on old, run-down buildings she could have used as hideouts, if necessary. Those she shook information out of might have been inclined to forget that they were paid not to say anything about what they knew. I'm not sure if that actually makes sense, in hindsight. :twilightoops:

"a short note that didn't really sound all that much like a dying cat." only kind of like a dying cat

I actually meant to establish that they can sing just fine in this series, just not to the magical, enthralling degree they used to. To save time and the need for a Deus Ex Machina out of Twilight or something, I went with the explanation that having their gems broken injured them, but didn't cripple their ability to sing for life. They'd probably be justifiably bitter and resentful otherwise, and this story would have had a very different ending. :fluttercry:

part of me doesn't get why Adagio doesn't just stay at the job if she needs the money and the others to stop having power over her - she's clearly immune to animals. crappy pay is still better than weeks of no pay, and considering how low maintenance it is, she could probably bring a book or a laptop to watch movies or invite Sunset over and just be friends

If you spend the better part of a night thinking you're about to be mangled by freakish, shrieking, robot mascots, it may or may not dampen any will you have to ever go there again, 'safe' or not. :twilightsheepish:
That, and she's smart enough to worry that while they're fooled by her hair tonight, who's to say they don't just blink and decide to maul her anyway without warning?

I love soft Adagio, she's so beautiful when she's tender

Same here! With all that fuzz, it's hard not to think she has a really big, warm, soft side. :derpytongue2:

...Actually, theory: That might be part of why she keeps so much crazy, unruly, fluffy-wuffy hair. Maybe she doesn't go for a shorter, more manageable style not just because she thinks this looks good or can't keep it down anyway, but because she likes the feeling of warm softness, which could, from a character design standpoint, signify that she keeps her 'soft side' (represented by the hair) tucked behind her, a frazzled mess that, while she doesn't know what to do with it all, she doesn't make an effort to get rid of it.

Or, maybe they just didn't have any great hair ideas when it came time to draw Adagio, so they settled for a fluffball and she's essentially just a two-dimensional Insert Threat Here sort of character so that good guys will have something to make them look good.

Time will tell, if we ever see the Dazzlings in canon again. :applejackunsure:

6267033 No no, that totally makes sense. I figured it was either Bad Sunset gleaning info, or Nerdy Sunset being interested in local urban legends. :twilightsmile:

Pardon me, I understood the implications of the dying cat sounds; I found it funny but didn't attach a proper face or 'lol' - sorry :facehoof:

...true. Trauma is trauma, isn't it?

I honestly hope to see the Dazzlings again... I sincerely wish EG3 continues with a trend of reformed baddies being their new (if tentative) friends. Honestly I don't believe it'll happen, and that's why Sunset had to have that awkwardly fast change of heart, but wishes are wishes. :pinkiecrazy:

I can only give you a mustache for this :moustache:

Wouldn't the animatronics be good enough security on their own, I mean, it's not like a human guard could safely chase down a thief with the animatronics around and they would catch the intruder anyway, so, why have a security guard? I know that you shouldn't question a game if you just want to play it but seriously, is there a backstory for this?

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