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When Sunset Shimmer lost her position as Princess Celestia's personal protege, she set forth with a plan to become stronger than Celestia could ever imagine. This plan involved traveling through a mirror, that took her to a land far different than she could have ever expected. This is the story of the years she spent in this new world.

An Equestria Girls prequel fic, focusing on what happened when Sunset Shimmer came to the human world. Where she lived, how she handled it, how she adjusted, and how she became who she was by the time Equestria Girls came to be.

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Y'know... this is actually captivating. :twilightsmile: You got my attention. A shout out to, "A strange new world"

I'm really enjoying this so far. Can't wait to see what happens next!

I love how to Principal Celestia, Sunset probably sounds hopeful when asking for hay. Which would insinuate that she typically eats far worse.

If, say, griffons can exist, it doesn't make a lot of sense to be screaming in horror at the idea of a sapient being eating meat.

I don't think horse-lions eat their veggies much.

Gotta love culture shock. It looks like Sunset will have to endure a heavy amount in one day.

I was listening to Way Back Home from the Fallout 3 soundtrack when I read this chapter.


Sunset Shimmer wasn't a Gryphon though, she was a horse who isn't used to eating meat. She's not shocked that there are creatures that eat meat, she's shocked that she's a creature that eats meat in this world.

Can't say I've come across many fics that tackle, ahem, that particular issue. What I can say is that all the ones I have come across, I really enjoyed.

It was blood.

It was her blood.

The scream that echoed through the house was so sincere and terrified that anyone hearing it would've sworn someone was being murdered.

pure genius. 5/5

"Kingsly"? Who the fuck is that? There's no... Oh fuck. No. No. NO NO YES NO! GAAAH!

I want back story on that.

Sunset Shudder. We both did Sunny.

Given Luna wasn't like "Oh no nothing happened." But rather "Do you wanna know?" I feel something happened. I'm shuddering at the thought.

Now excuse me whilst I laugh at Sunny! Ha! Enjoy your job!

Fat Sombra gives me the creeps.


He's fat? I thought he was just muscular.

Kingsley?! HAHA I see what you did there!

Melikes. Have a fav and a like.

Learning the first time is always a shocker.

How many bodies did Luna have to catch that renter burying to have enough leverage to make them rent a place like that to Sunset Shimmer at a part time fast food wage compatible rate?! :applejackconfused:

Hah, Nice Undertale meme in your author's note, SamRose.

I realy enjoy this story.
I await the next chapter. Welcome to school.

Now we just need to get her a tank to ride in on.

6599506 I was listening to The Gypsy Bard while reading this


Principal Celestia: Sunset! This isn't the time to use that!

Oh man I love how you used that Sombra's 'name'. (Love that ask blog, just like I love yours hehe).

I found the part where Sunset Shimmer was trying to walk around on all fours just hilarious.

"With a deep breathe she focused on her balance"

"With several deep breathes"

"Breathe" is the action of breathing. "Breath" is the thing that comes out of you when you breathe. You cannot take a breathe.

"She mumbled to herself reading the flier out loud to herself"

This isn't a typo, but it is redundant.


I hope you don't plan on pointing out every single error in every single chapter. That would get very frustrating very fast.

I'm getting déjà vu again reading this. Have you ever gotten déjà vu? Anyway, when you're writing a sentence that has 2 independent clauses, joining them with just a comma and no conjunction is grammatically incorrect. You need to use a semicolon. This sentence:

"She had no one in this world, she was completely alone."

Should be:

"She had no one in this world; she was completely alone."

Oh, God, this chapter is hilarious.

I find it a little odd that Sunset didn't know or at least suspect who Luna was in Equestria after meeting her in the human world. We're introduced to the backstory of Nightmare Moon in the first episode, and then we see in Luna Eclipsed that everyone knew about the legend. Yeah, no one thought it was real, but they still had knowledge about Luna. So I think Sunset Shimmer should have put it together and been like "Oh, if Celestia has a sister here, then the legend must be true, and the Luna here is Nightmare Moon in my world!" But I haven't finished reading this, so maybe that will occur to her later.

I don't get why Sunset was put off by the guest bedroom. Celestia told her ahead of time what it was, so she should've been expecting it to be like that. Her feelings about it are as if Celestia never said it was a guest bedroom and she had to figure that out on her own.

Okay, the part where Sunset Shimmer tried to pull down Celestia's pants was funny, but it doesn't make sense. There are tons of sentient creatures in Equestria that don't have cutie marks, so the concept of humans not having one should not have been that surprising to her. Even without that, it still shouldn't have been that surprising to her because this is an alternate, alien dimension where everything is different.

6650256 Hey, I was just trying to help you. Usually, writers appreciate that I found errors they missed and when I tell them what they did wrong so they can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. But if it bothers you, I'll stop. I already did because I looked back at the first chapter, and the errors were still there, so I assumed you didn't care.

Hey Sam I was wondering if I have permission to use your Motherly Scootalo characters


A bit odd to be asking that in the comment section of this story, but yeah you can. I love fanart, so if you want to do a fanfic I count that as fanart.

>> SamRose
OMG u replied I love your work don't worry I'll give u full credit of your characters and ideas and respect your character has best I can luv u ;)

That was hilariously awkward, and I love you for it.

Getting a period is always a bloody dissapointment.

You know Sunset?

A wicked guitar solo while taking over the world does sound cool! :pinkiehappy:

I hate to be a bother asking those kind of questions... but, do you have an idea of when you may work again on this fic ? I absolutely love it. ^^

Since I'm commenting, I like the Starlight of Motherly Scootaloo. ^^

Hah, awesome.

I'd love to see more though if you ever plan to return to this, it's a great exploration and build up to first movie Shimmer while not ignoring things we know about her from the most recent movies. The 'I'm going to conquer Equestria' point seems a bit driven home, but not to an excessive degree, so that's not a big deal, just me being nit-picky, really.

Anyway, great story, I had fun reading it, so thank you for writing it. ^^

I wonder if Somby deals in Crystal.

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Additional to typos mentioned in the first post:

She could clearly see the ripples going across it's surface
A large building towered in front of her, it's outline
her body doing most of the work on it's own.
The arch ways that made it's stand


It was pure white, a site that made Sunset uncomfortable.


Taking a deep breathe and steeling her nerves,


With a dark, reflective surface on it, she could see a faint outline of herself and the living room on it's surface.


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