• Published 3rd Nov 2015
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The Early Years of Sunset Shimmer - SamRose

An Equestria Girls prequel fic, focusing on what happened when Sunset Shimmer came to the human world.

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Setting a Plan in Motion

Sunset stood outside of Luna's door, going over the conversation in her head. She had come up with all of her talking points well before she had stepped in front of that door, but the anxiety of stand there was causing her thoughts to rush out of her head. She couldn't help but notice that all of her confident bravado liked to come and go at the strangest of times .

She took another deep breath to steel her nerves and knocked on the door. It was now or never, all she had to do was convince Luna to help her get her own place so that she'd be out of their hair for good, how hard could that be?

Something in the back of her mind was telling her this was all a terrible idea, that she should accept living with the two of them until the portal re-opened, that she'd have a perfectly fine life with them. So far they had treated her kindly, given her clothes and food, and in a strange way she was starting to feel like part of their family.

Though, that was precisely the problem. She was sitting here not getting any closer to her goal of over-throwing Princess Celestia. If all she did while here was adapt to being human, she was never going to have the power to be a Princess herself.

She had to make progress on her own.

“Come in.” Luna's voice called back through the door. Accepting the invite, Sunset entered Luna's room.

The dark blue room came into view once more. Luna liked to keep her room dark while she was using it, a fairly stark contrast to Celestia's. The windows had the curtains drawn, the bed and furniture matched the dark colors of the wall, and the ceiling had stars painted that glowed in the dark. Luna sat at her desk, pressing her fingers rapidly against a rectangular board with buttons as she watched the TV in front of her. Sunset wasn't entirely certain of what she was doing. Luna tapped the board one more time before turning to look at Sunset, surprised at the teen girl's presence.

“Sunset? What brings you to my room?” Luna asked, swiveling her chair to face the teen.

“I need to talk to you, are you busy?” Sunset asked, wanting to make sure she talked to Luna in the right mood. When asking big favors, even she understood the importance of timing.

“Not particularly, I was getting some work done but it isn't anything so important that I can't take a break from it. Tell me what's on your mind. After all it's rare for you to come to me for advice.” Luna studied Sunset carefully, trying to guess the nature of the conversation.

“I guess there really isn't much need to beat around the bush, is there?” Sunset shook her head, taking a deep breathe and readied herself to explain. “I appreciate everything you and Celestia have done for me, but I can't stay here forever. So, I want you to help me get a place of my own in this world.” Straight forward and to the point. Sunset always preferred it that way, though she wasn't sure how Luna would take it.

“Sunset...” Luna's brow furrowed, lacing her fingers together and placing them in her lap, “You are aware that you just turned 14 a week ago, correct?”

“I'm not exactly going to forget that day for a long time.” Sunset grumbled, crossing her arms. She certainly wished she could forget waking up in a pool of her own blood though.

“I'm not sure what you're expecting I can do for you here. You are considered a minor for 4 more years, and as such you won't be given adult consideration for any apartments or housing. Not only that, you have no documentation what-so-ever that would allow you to own anything, let alone a place of your own.” Luna closed her eyes shaking her head, “Your best option right now, all things considered, is to just continue to live here, under our hospitality.”

Sunset grit her teeth and squeezed her arm. That wasn't the answer she was looking to hear. There had been absolutely no problem in her having a place to herself when she was Princess Celestia's "prized" student. Celestia had just walked up to an empty building in Canterlot Castle and said it belonged to Sunset now, and that had been it.

“...However, you don't look like you like that plan, do you?” Luna raised an eyebrow curiously at the teen girl.

“...There's... Something I have to do.” Sunset explained, uncrossing her arms and looking Luna in the eye, the ferocity of her desire showing through. “And to do that, I need a place of my own. If I talked to Celestia about this, she'd most likely just refuse me outright, but since I've been here you haven't approved of me living here. So now I just want to get out of your hair, but I need your help to do it.”

Luna pursed her lips as she watched the young girl, thinking it over.

“While it is true that you not living here would likely be beneficial to us both legally and financially, if either of those things were a true concern we would have set you up in alternate housing when we met you.” Luna shook her head, “However, for the last month you've barely been able to understand the basic fundamentals of living, let alone on your own. Even if I talked to my sister I doubt she would just agree to letting you leave for a place of your own.”

“Look... I just...” Sunset gripped her fists tight, unsure of what to do. She stared at the ground as her anger began to bubble. She was trying so hard to make this work and it felt like Luna was just opposing her now.

Luna grew quiet for a moment, closing her eyes in thought but keeping her stance rigid. It had to have been no longer than a minute, though to Sunset it felt like an eternity, before Luna spoke up again.

“However, it may be possible to convince her to let you have your own place if you can prove that you are able to be independent.” Sunset looked up hopeful at Luna's words, though the dark haired woman didn't change her expression.

“Alright, I'll do it! How do I prove I can be independent?” Sunset demanded, a clear goal in mind for her now. It was true that up until now she had only been adapting, rolling with the punches life threw at her one by one, but she was certain she was over the worst of it by now. It couldn't possibly get worse than last week, and she had come out of that feeling like she could accomplish anything in comparison. She just needed a goal now.

“There will be a few conditions that will need to be met.” Luna lifted her hand and raising a single finger. “The first will be that you'll have to agree to go to school after summer ends. CHS is in it's last two weeks of school now, but after summer break is over you will need to sign up as an official student.”

“I was planning to do that already though.” Sunset crossed her arms a little confused, “Celestia told me to wait for the next year to start and then she'd enter me into the system herself.” Celestia had told her that because of her lack of documentation she would have to be manually registered into the system, but Sunset had every intention of going to CHS. After all, that was where the portal resided. “What are the other conditions?”

“The second condition,” Luna raised a second finger to join the first, “Is that you will have to get a job. However, as you are a minor and without documentation, there will be no places willing to hire you as you are right now.”

“Then how am I supposed to do that!?” Sunset demanded, stomping her foot. “I don't care if I have to do some manual labor, as long as I can get my own place!”

“I can arrange for you to get a job. Depending on who I can get in contact with however, it might be under the table. We'll have to wait and see on that one.” Luna explained, before raising a third finger, “The third condition is that you'll be getting the job because you will be paying the bills for yourself. Celestia and I are willing to give you lodging here, but we own this house. We've done our time paying for property. I can likely get you a very discounted place, but you will still have to be the one to pay for rent and food.”

“Alright, if I have a job that shouldn't be too difficult...” Sunset crossed her arms again, thinking this all over. “Are those the only conditions?”

Luna paused for a moment of thought, before raising a fourth finger, “The final condition will be that you will need to get your drivers license as well.”

“Drivers... License?” Sunset asked confused, “Is that a license that allows you to drive cars?”

“Indeed.” Luna lowered her hand back to her lap, “Legal licenses can be given out when you turn 16, but given the circumstances we won't be able to obtain one that way. This doesn't mean that I'll let you just be handed a license though. For this condition, I will administer a driving test of my own, and if you can pass it I'll get you a license.” Luna stood up from her chair finally, crossing her arms one more time, “Now... These are merely the conditions you must meet in order for me to agree to help you with your plan. There is still the possibility that all of this will be shot down by Celestia. Are you going to agree anyway?”

“...Honestly?” Sunset shook her head and looked at Luna with a smirk, “It sounds like those are all things I'm going to have to do here at some point or another anyway. Might as well get a head start on them, whether Celestia agrees or not right?”

“I do admire your spirit Sunset.” Luna smiled back, walking over to Sunset and placing her hand on her shoulder, “My sister has a lot of faith and trust in you. I do hope you understand that and won't do anything to harm that trust.”

“I told you already, I'm not some monster come here to hurt either of you,” she definitely put an emphasize on that word for a reason, “I just need a place of my own right now. I have a goal in mind, and I can't accomplish it at the rate I'm going now.”

“And if you don't mind me asking, what exactly is that goal?” Luna raised an eyebrow curiously. Sunset couldn't help but smirk and look the older woman in the eye.

“I have to show someone who used to be close to me, that I'm worth a damn.” Sunset explained confidently.

“Hm... A noble ambition, but I would be careful that your desire to accomplish it doesn't consume your desire for everything else in life.” Luna shook her head, before stepping out of the room, “When you are ready let me know, and then we'll talk to my sister about your plans.” With that, Luna disappeared down the hallway, clearly headed for the kitchen.

Sunset Shimmer stood there in thought, crossing her arms again. The conversation had gone better than she thought it would, but at the same time there was still a lot left up in the air. This world obviously had a lot stricter rules than Equestria did, which was going to make this all the more difficult.

However, with Luna actually willing to go along with her plan, she felt some of her confidence finally returning. She was finally starting to feel like her old self. Even with a human body, she was still Sunset Shimmer after all.

“I don't like it.” Celestia expressed her feelings, crossing her arms as she considered the proposal.

“Yeah, that's not too surprising.” Sunset sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. The three of them were seated in the living room now, having just finished giving a run-down of the plan to Celestia.

“Sunset, I just don't think you're ready to live on your own yet. It's been hard enough for you to be living here.” Celestia explained, looking at the teen girl very seriously.

“That's just it though. Part of the problem with me living here is I really don't feel like I'm living here. Most days I'm just sitting around watching TV or trying to read, but that's not at all why I came here in the first place. School is still two months away at least, so why not spend that time actually doing something that will help me? And working towards this goal is probably the best thing for me right now.” Sunset explained better than even she thought she could.

“I'm just worried that it's too much too soon Sunset.” Celestia shook her head, a frown still visible on her face, “You're still so young. You should be out making friends, having fun, meeting people, having a home. Getting a job, living on your own, they're such heavy responsibilities for someone your age.”

Sunset let out a groaning sigh. It seemed even in this world she wasn't going to escape the stupid friendship lectures of her old mentor. Friends didn't matter, and she knew that. They only got in the way of her accomplishing her goals. That was especially true in this world.

There was no power for her to gain in making friends.

“I understand your concerns Celestia, but I tend to agree that I think this is best for Sunset as well.” Luna spoke up next, looking at Sunset then back to Celestia, “As it is right now, she's merely hiding here in the house. You are correct in that she should be out making friends and enjoying life at her age, but she won't be able to do that if she's not only living here, but secluded from the world. Getting a job means that she'll be getting out of the house and meeting people. She'll also be securing her own money for her to do with as she pleases. And if she got her own place to live, then she could invite her friends over and not have to worry about what they'll think about having us as guardians.” Luna explained every point sufficiently. Sunset had to admit she was impressed by the speech.

Celestia's brow furrowed in frustration, still unsatisfied with the idea of Sunset being off on her own when she wasn't ready for it. Luna seemed convinced that this was a good idea, but she wasn't ready to let the teen go just yet.

“Look, if it makes you feel better we don't have to do everything all at once.” Sunset explained, “What's probably most important right now is for me to get a job. Once I've got the hang of working and getting a paycheck I can worry about housing then.” Taking things one step at a time was how she'd been doing it so far, might as well do it with this plan.

Celestia still looked unsatisfied, her hands fidgeting and moving between relaxed and curled together, before she finally let out a bit of a defeated sigh. “Alright, very well. I'll allow you to get at least a job for the summer Sunset.” Celestia relented, Sunset's pride swelling with the feel of a victory, “But you have to promise me one thing Sunset.”

“And what's that?” Sunset asked curiously.

“If at any point this plan of yours becomes too much for you to handle, be it having a job or owning your own place... I want you to tell me, and then you'll come back to live here for at least a while longer.” Celestia expressed very seriously, looking Sunset in the eyes.

“Wow, already having zero faith in me.” Sunset rolled her eyes, crossing her arms and turning away. At least this Celestia kept that personality trait from the Princess.

“It's not having zero faith in you Sunset, it's making sure you don't get in over your head out there. I just want you to be safe.” Celestia's concern was apparent by the tone of her voice.

“And I have no intention of letting myself get into harms way while I'm here. I need you to trust me on this Celestia, alright?” Sunset demanded, glaring at the older woman who was questioning her ability to handle herself.

“...Very well Sunset. I will trust you for now.” Celestia solemnly nodded before getting up and walking deeper into the house. Sunset blinked at that. She had been ready to get into a fight with the older woman, having fully expected her to fight her about that issue till the very end. Instead she had just gotten up and walked away.

Well, guess there really wasn't much point in complaining about it, at least she'd gotten what she wanted.

“That went better than I expected it to.” Luna said, a little surprised herself. She turned to the teen with a smile, placing a hand on her shoulder, “I'll make some calls tonight and get things ready for you, and if it goes well you might have a job interview tomorrow.”

“You're straight forward and to the point Luna, I like that.” Sunset smirked, finally feeling good about her place in this world.

“My sister has a habit of doing what's right, but also trying to let the person who she is helping find out on her own why it's in their best interest. I however, feel it's better to be more direct about the situation. If I did not feel like these steps in your life would help you, then I would not agree with your plan.” Luna explained straight forward, “You should make sure you are ready for tomorrow. You'll be seeing a different side of the world than you have been up until now. I hope you are prepared.”

With that, Luna got up from her spot in the living room and wandered back into the depths of the house as well. Sunset was now alone in the living room, left to ponder her thoughts.

Luna's warning made her hesitate for a moment, but her pride and confidence pushed those troubling thoughts aside.

At this point she was certain she had faced the worst that humans really had to offer. After what happened on her birthday, she could handle anything. Of that she was certain.

Driving with Luna was a bit of an odd experience for Sunset. Not that there was anything wrong with her driving skills, if anything Luna seemed more aware of the road than even Celestia was while driving. No, what felt weird was just this sense of isolation while driving with Luna. Celestia either tried to open up with some conversation or at least leave the air open for them, but Luna felt off putting and cold towards conversations while driving.

It was unnerving, like having a magic golem as your travel partner.

It hadn't been a long drive, but when they finally pulled into the parking lot of their destination Sunset felt like they had been driving for hours. She hopped out of the car first, Luna quickly following as Sunset looked around. It was a small back alley parking lot that lead to quite a few small businesses before them. The main road was on the other side, but even from here it was hard to hear the cars driving by.

“Over here.” Luna waved at Sunset as she walked towards the back entrance of one of the buildings. Sunset was getting a bit of a creeped out feeling from all this, like she wasn't supposed to be back here. Luna walked up to the non-descript white door and rapped her hand against it several times before stopping. The two of them sat there for a moment, Sunset fidgeting in place before a voice called out from through the door.

“State your business.” A very gruff man's voice said through the door. The very sound of it sent a creeped out shiver down Sunset's back.

“It's your favorite fallen raven 'Kingsly', open the door.” Luna spoke almost whimsically, as if she found the situation amusing. Sunset was creeped out by that tone as well.

The door's bolts were turned loudly before slowly slipping open, a large cloud of smoke pouring out as the door opened. Being hit with the cloud of noxious gas, Sunset couldn't help but gag and cough, stepping away from the door for a bit and trying to get some fresh air. Luna looked unphased though, as if she was used to it.

Sunset lifted her shirt over her mouth as she gagged and coughed, opening her watery eyes to look up at the figure that had appeared at the door. It was a tall middle-aged man with a fairly muscular build and a dark gray skin tone. His hair was black and greasy, but slicked back. His eyes looked sickly, but the pupils were glaringly red and intimidating despite that. He was wearing a black and gray suit that clung tight to his body and he was dragging heavily on a cigarette hanging from his mouth.

“Well well, if it isn't my old fling Luna. You said you'd be coming by, but I didn't actually expect to see you today.” The older male chuckled darkly, grabbing the cigarette and tapping it, “You didn't really tell me what you needed over the phone either. I wouldn't happen to be getting a lucky booty call now, would I?” He gave a wink as he showed off a smug grin.

This man made Sunset want to gag.

“If only you were so fortunate.” Luna smirked back at the man, before turning to face Sunset, who was still taking deep breathes through her shirt, “However, my business today involves this young lady here.”

The man Luna had referred to as 'Kingsly' set his sight on Sunset, making the girl nauseous as she watched his eyes look her up and down, sizing her up like a piece of meat. Sunset wishes she could will herself to vomit from just being looked at that way by the man, but her body was not feeling cooperative.

“Well, I've never really been much into the young ones, usually I prefer a bit more experience to my women, but I mean, if you're offering I don't mind. She's not half-bad.” The man chuckled not breaking his smug grin.

Okay, now Sunset could actually vomit.

“Now Kingsly, you know I don't care what it is you do with your business or who you make passes at. But touch a hair on her head and I will personally guarantee you will be spending the rest of your days regretting it. Understand?” Sunset didn't directly see the look Luna had given Kingsly, but from her tone and the way he reacted, she was glad it hadn't been directed at her.

“Hey, Lighten up sweet cheeks, I'm just joking.” Kingsly shook his head with a chuckle, “Both of you come inside and we can discuss business.” He took one last drag from his cigarette before flicking it off into the parking lot. Luna gave Sunset a reassuring nod before walking into the building first.

“Note to self, never start smoking.” Sunset grumbled to herself as she followed Luna inside.

She closed the door behind her and looked around the dark shop. There was just enough light to see, coming from a dimmed light over head, but Sunset couldn't tell what exactly it was Kingsly did back here. There were several shelves filled with a large variety of mechanical junk, a couch and table with a TV near the middle, at least two desks that looked like they had various projects going on at once, and several posters plastered on the walls.

What got her the most was the overwhelming scent of thick smoke in the air, and the unbearable atmosphere that this wasn't a place that decent folk should be. Luna didn't seem disturbed by this at all. If Sunset had questioned Celestia's story about her sister before, she was willing to believe it now.

“So what brings two ladies such as yourselves to my workshop this day? You've made it very clear this is not a pleasure trip.” Kingsly shook his head before flopping into a chair before one of the desks. He grabbed a loose carton of cigarettes, shifting one out, biting it out, then pulling a lighter out of his pocket to light it.

“I'll go ahead and cut straight to the point then.” Luna said, lifting one hand to gesture towards Sunset, “This young lady needs a fake ID.”

“An illegal immigrant? Gotta say Luna, that's a little mundane and unlike you.” Kingsly said, letting out a puff of smoke as he turned to inspect Sunset again. Sunset turned away from him with a scowl on her face. “Where'd you pick up the little firecracker anyway? She certainly looks like she was born here.”

“I was not the one who found her, my sister was.” Luna shook her head, “As for where she is from I do not know. All I know is that she has no documentation and needs at least the bare minimum, and that is why we're here today.”

“Huh, never thought she'd be the law breaking kind. How's she doing these days anyway?” Kingsly asked with a hint of genuine curiosity to his voice.

“She is fine. She would probably desire to strangle you if she knew I was meeting you again, but she handles life one day at a time, the same as the rest of us.” Luna shrugged, “But I don't much care to reminisce about old times, will you help us or not?”

“Heh, cold as ever Lulu.” Kingsly chuckled, tapping his cigarette against an ash tray, “Yeah, I'll help you. Won't be free though.”

“I was expecting a price. I hope you understand not to make the price too extravagant.” Luna placed a hand on her hip, looking at Kingsly seriously.

“I'm pretty sure I know what I want.” Kingsly said with a smug grin, putting the cigarette into the ash tray. He stood up from his chair and walked over to Luna, wrapping his arms around her and looking her in the eyes. Sunset hadn't noticed that he towered a full head over Luna before, it was disconcerting for her to see their height different now.

“I want to hear you say my name again. In that special voice I used to love hearing so much.” Sombra growled, his hands gripping her back and pulling her close. Sunset couldn't help but feel a blush form on her cheeks watching such an intimate embrace, even if it was from such a vile man.

“Oh, it has been far too long for that. I don't think I can anymore.” Luna softly chuckled, shaking her head.

“Come on, I know you've got it in you.” Kingsly let his words linger, pulling Luna in even closer. His hands caressed her back before pressing down, going further and further down her back until-

Sunset turned around her face flushing red, no longer wishing to see this display.

“Oh, very well.” Luna's reluctant but wispy voice came from behind Sunset, “I need this ID very badly. Please Somby, do it for me.”

The voice Sunset heard must've been some alien that took over Luna's body. She refused to believe that the same person that had driven her here with that cold aura around her had said such a thing in such a sultry tone.

“Mmph, now that's what I needed to hear.” Kingsly shuddered, making Sunset's stomach flip. “Alright kid, follow me, I need to take your picture.”

Sunset blinked and turned around, noticing the older man was heading into a different room now.

“Go ahead,” Luna said nodding her head in his direction, “He won't bite. Be a little crude, but if he does anything to you, he knows I won't forgive him.”

“Comforting.” Sunset shuddered, trying to get the mental image of Kingsly groping Luna out of her mind. She quickly followed into the next room where she was surprised to find a fairly sophisticated camera set up in the room. It looked fairly out of place compared to the rest of the building they were.

“Stand there and give a good smile.” Kingsly pointed towards the hanging white curtain in front of the camera. Sunset nodded and quickly took her place. Kingsly got behind the camera and adjusted some settings, “There'll be a bright flash, so don't blink.” He explained quickly. Sunset nodded and put on her best smile.

Sunset struggled to keep her eyes open for a full second after the flash had gone off before squeezing her eyes shut and rubbing them. She had hated taking photos even in Equestria, it was good to know they were just as bad in this world.

“Alright, that's all I need from you.” Kingsly shook his head back to the other room, “You can go back in there, Luna will give me the rest.”

Sunset just nodded, not wanting to be in his vicinity for any longer than necessary and walked back out. Luna walked into the room after her and she could hear the two of them beginning to talk about the information needed for the ID, but she'd had enough of this. She opened the back door and stepped outside, taking in a deep breathe of fresh air, thankful to be out of the smoke filled hole of a building.

She walked over to Luna's car and leaned against it, crossing her arms in frustration as she waited outside. She appreciated what Luna was doing for her here, but that didn't make the process any less nauseating or frustrating. Kingsly had said that she wasn't needed now, so hopefully she could just sit out here until Luna was finished.

Sunset found herself fortunate that she had at least brought a book with her for the ride, now reading it while she waited for their business to be finished here. Several minutes passed, Sunset getting quite far into her book when the door to the building finally opened once more. Looking up she could see Luna exiting, closing the door behind her as she walked up to Sunset.

“Here you are Sunset, one ID that should fool most anyone.” Luna held out the ID for her. Sunset took the rectangular card and examined it. Her smiling was in the upper left corner, with various information written on the surface. It was glossy and shined in the sun, but as far as she could tell it certainly looked official.

“Well, thank you Luna.” Sunset nodded her appreciation, before pocketing the ID and maneuvering around to the passanger side of the car. Strapping in as Luna started the car again. Luna pulled out of the parking lot and starting heading to their next destination. “He didn't... do anything to you while I was waiting for you, did he?” Sunset asked a little apprehensive about the answer.

“Would you really want to know if he did?” Luna asked with a bit of a smirk, as they came to a stop at a light. The image of that vulgar, greasy man slowly removing his clothes entered her mind and she quickly shook her head to get it out, not wanting to hurl her lunch all over Luna's car.

“No no, you're right, whatever you do with him is none of my business.” Sunset shuddered in disgust, the car moving forward as the light changed.

“You're a bit predictable sometimes, Sunset.” Luna chuckled at her response, “Though I would appreciate it if you didn't mention who I got the ID from to my sister. Just tell her that you managed to get one, alright?”

“That shouldn't be too hard.” Sunset shrugged, “I do owe you for getting it for me after all.”

“Well, now that you have that, we can go to our second appointment for the day. It won't exactly be a big job, but it should be one even someone your age can handle.” Luna smiled, turning the corner onto the next street. “If your interview goes well enough, you could even have a job as early as tomorrow.”

“By tomorrow? Wow. Where exactly did you get me signed up for anyway?” Sunset asked curiously.

Sunset let out a sigh as she watched another human walk into the store. She reminded herself to put on a smile for them and put on the best fake smile she could muster. She adjusted the dumb red and yellow hat on her head, and ran a hand down her matching apron as they approached.

“Hi! Welcome to Station Burgers, can I take your order?” Her fake smile twitched a little as she stood behind the register waiting to put his order in.