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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


When Sunset Shimmer started dating Wallflower Blush, she thought she was the one with all the surprises.

One of those was taking the human girl through the mirror to show her home - Equestria - and to introduce her to the ponies that were so important to Sunset's life. Most important of those was Princess Celestia, her teacher and mentor.

What Sunset hadn't been expecting was for Celestia to already know Wallflower. And to call her 'sister'.

Written as an Imposing Sovereigns II side story, with the prompt of Princess Wallflower Blush and The Princess Herself.

Reviewed by PresentPerfect with a rating of Recommended!

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Heck of a hook, though I fear it may do more harm than good for the story. In all, delightful bit of the craziest stuff to be found outside of a full-on crackfic. Thank you for it, and as I said before, best of luck in the judging.

So, the maid is the pony Wallflower. One way to beat your nerves. Also, I believe when referring to the Princesses it actually should be horse, not pony. But that's my opinion and might not be correct.


Yeah, I'm not 100% satisfied with it but I couldn't really find a way to tweak it better without losing something.

Sometimes the muse just demands you get an idea out and you roll with it.

You did it, you absolute maniac


So, if human Wallflower is an Alicorn, why isn't human Twilight?

Yay! That was silly and delightful and has a wonderful little twist in the tail. Nice one!

No Romance Tag?

Interesting ideas here!

Sad that Princess Wallflower is hiding even from her sisters.

Well that certainly is an interesting way about that premise!
Still not sure how I feel about it all, and some of the dialogue and actions felt more juvenile than I'd expect (but hey, their high school girls, you've got some flexibility).
The humor didn't strike home for me, but it was a fun read and I didn't guess what the question is at the ending. Actually... I thought there would be another chapter. Surprised it ended there! Glad another commenter cleared up who it was, I figured there'd be more clues than that, but it works well enough.

Maybe? Technically, the only distinction between the two is their height at the shoulder: More than 14.2 hands (about 57 inches or 144 centimeters) is a horse, less or equal is a pony. Some people argue that there are other differences to take into consideration, such a the thickness of the mane and tail, the temperament, and the body shape, but those people are wrong. Taxonomically, they are the same animal (Equus ferus caballas), in the way that the Yorkshire terrier and the Irish wolfhound are both dogs (Canis lupus familiaris).

Therefore, since the Princesses make the rules, they can be ponies if they want.

Nice little ending there. An enjoyable story :)

Author Interviewer

"Ponyshoe" is the funniest joke ever. :D I want to see alicorn Wallflower now.

And then Sunset started screaming.


In any case, what a nice, enjoyable little crack fic here :twilightsmile:

Because Twilight wasn't born an alicorn, duh.

So it’s not so much exile as it is... being in the background.

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